The First Series
First 6 The Return
By : Lady Sirona
Rated NC17 [Buffy/Angel] M/F consensual sex, oral and anal sex, blood
play, BDSM, roleplay
Spoilers: Up to Bad Eggs then the universe splits off from there

The Return
[~ denotes speech in Romanian ]

Jenny Calendar answered the phone which disturbed her late afternoon nap. She received few phone calls, so this one alarmed her. She was surprised to hear the rough coarse voice of her father
~ Janna? This is your father. We need you at home, now.~

Fear filled her. Her father would not call except in the gravest of emergencies.
~ What's wrong father?~

He took a moment and then sighed. ~ The Pack... they have declared war on the tribe. We killed one of them, and they have vowed to exterminate the tribe. You will come home now. We will pick you up at the airport in town. Your role as Angelus' watcher, it will wait. The tribe comes first.~ She was stunned as he disconnected, leaving her alone with her thoughts. The pack was the local vampire cadre. They were seeking to exterminate her tribe? Hadn't they learned from Angelus?

In the Sunnydale High School Library
Giles, Angel and Buffy were waiting in the library at Jenny's request. Angel and Buffy had come straight to the library from their trip in LA. Jenny walked into the library looking very nervous. Angel thought she looked far too tense.

Giles looked at the woman who had stolen his heart. She had snuck in and before he knew it, they were an 'item'. He knew that Buffy knew if he wasn't home, he was spending the night at Jenny's. Too many nights Jenny made tea as Buffy did her reports following patrol. She was now part of the team. "What's wrong Jenny?"

Jenny looked around the table at the faces of the friends she now would have to admit to deceiving. She felt sick and smiled weakly. "Thanks for coming. I have something to say and you're not going to like it, in fact Angel, you're going to hate it." Angel just looked at her raising an eyebrow as she continued. "My names not Jenny calendar, it's Janna. I am a Romanian Gypsy that was sent here by my tribe to watch Angel."

The others looked surprised, but Angel never batted and eyelash. "So what? You took over after that old man died of a heart attack. I know, so what is the big deal? I have known of every "watcher" the tribe sent after me since the curse." Angel told her much to her surprise.

She swallowed. All this time and he had known? The thought that if the curse ever slipped, the Watcher of Angelus would have died and the tribe never would have known. "You knew? I didn't know you knew. But that is past. I need your guys help…" She glanced at Giles who looked stunned. She realized her relationship with Giles was going to take some work. "My tribe is under attack by the pack, a local vampire cadre that live in the local mountains. The pack is going to wipe them out unless I can save them."

Angel sighed. "Or unless *we* can save them." He added softly but they all heard him. ...

"I know I can't do it without your help." She nodded at Angel, not gracing to answer the obvious. She was looking at Giles wondering how he was taking it. "I have been summoned home. I am going to arrive in Europe tomorrow evening."

Angel looked at her with a steady gaze, appearing calm and collected, but he knew Buffy could feel the agony though the bond that just the mental thought of going back to the Gypsy territory made in him. "How does the tribe feel about us... or I should say, ME coming to the rescue?"

Jenny stopped and thought. "They don't know, and I know they wouldn't like it, but I need you as back up. I want to know if your willing to be there in case I need you."

Angel grimaced. "So not only do I get to go back to where I was cursed, I have to do it incognito? I'll go. I will stay away where you can activate me for any help. But if I help, they will damn well know *who* I am... understood..?" Buffy realized that Angel and Angelus had switched and it was Angelus who was talking.

Buffy nodded agreement trying to divert the potential argument. "I will go too. I have never been to Europe. I can't wait to go." She stroked Angelus' arm, feeling the anger and the distress warring with the deep burning desire for revenge. "Are you sure Angel? I know you don't have fond memories of the Gypsies. You can show me the sites while we are there."

Angelus leaned into her and whispered. "How about the stars?" His anger evaporating into the lust that the thought having her on her back under him in the open under the stars invoked.

Jenny relaxed. Of all the people in the room, it was Buffy she truly wanted. Now that Buffy agreed to go, she knew Angel and Rupert would follow. "Thank you, I am glad you will come. I appreciate you willing to stay away unless truly needed. The tribe would never forgive me otherwise."

Angel nodded and avoided her eyes. "I would prefer to avoid them too. Their memories are not any fonder of me than mine are of them."

Jenny nodded accepting his position. Giles was another matter. "Rupert, Rupert are you OK with this?"

Giles nodded. He was still stunned. "I guess it should be interesting... I could add to the records on Angelus." He glanced at Angel who frowned at the thought of him adding to the information o him, and then to Jenny who looked relieved.

Buffy snickered. "I have to read that one day."

"NO!" Angel started and looked quite unhappy with the thought.

Buffy smiled at him and ran her hand over his arm. "Why not, learn all your darkest secrets..."

Angel frowned and looked at her not sure if she was kidding or not. "No, I don't want you to read…" he stops knowing there was no way he could stop her. He wasn't happy. He never wanted her to really know the demon and his actions. "No... If we end up in the tribe, we will have our faces rubbed in it." he frowned at the thought of Buffy around those thrice damned Gypsies.

Buffy stroked his arm gently enjoying the rippling muscles under her fingertip. "It's all right Angel, I'm kidding, your past is exactly that, your past, I won't read it, and no one will tell it to me." he visibly relaxed under her gentle touch and assurances.

Jenny looked. "I know it is summer but will you be allowed to do this?"

Buffy laughed. "Sure I can, it's summer and I will just tell mom the truth. What a new thought, telling her I am going slaying. As for the Gypsy's telling me your history Angel, we'll deal, and if they really annoy us Angelus can deal."

Angel thought a moment and then shook his head. "Uh uh, no. I don't want Angelus dealing at all with the tribe... the last time he did, it had a pretty high body count."

Buffy nodded. "Well he can deal with words, I can control Angelus very easily, just threaten to withhold stuff, got him round my little finger." She smiled a smug grin that made the rest wonder just what she withheld that would get him to obey. Giles blushed.

Angelus laughed. "Well it should be should be interesting to the tribe, having the Slayer and her pet vampire..."

Jenny nodded, "We'll have to leave tomorrow after dark, Angel, and you'll be OK traveling with us?"

Angel nodded. "Yes, I will go but I cannot fly with you. If we leave at night, we would arrive in day. I can't risk it. I will arrange my transport, I'll meet you there. Sorry Buffy... as much as I would love to fly over with you... dust at delivery will ruin our plans."

Jenny nodded. "All right, we'll be met at the airport. If not we will be at the hotel in town, there is only one near the Compound. Hopefully we won't even need you that much and you and Buffy can just relax."

Angel nodded. "I will have my cell phone; I will be within 15 minutes of the tribe main compound. I plan to ship myself on the same airplane as you guys, but as a dead body and have you guys claim my body, if that's OK." They all nodded.

They then planned deep into the night …


Giles stood in the small airport looking around. He knew he will be in a peculiar position with the tribe as Jenny's "boyfriend..." and being unexpected. The airport is small primitive and reminded him of the small airports of the 1960's. Buffy was looking around distracted hoping the Angel's casket was transferred to the small plane that brought them to this tiny airport. He didn't want them to know he knew the language so he avoided looking at Karl who had walked up annoyed his daughter wasn't alone.

Karl Cavendash walked up to see his daughter with a man? ~ Janna? ~ He looked disapprovingly at Buffy and Giles. Her man has a child and one who dresses inappropriately!

Jenny looked at her father guessing at his disapproval. ~They're here to help us father ~

Karl looked at him; neither looked very impressive although the girl was pretty in an American skinny sort of way. ~ You told outsiders of our plight? ~

Jenny sighed. ~ Father, we need help, and they can give it, only the man will stay the girl shall be elsewhere. ~

A customs man walked up and handed Buffy an envelope. "I am sorry about your loss…" he told her in broken English. Buffy looked down and saw it was a release for a dead body and the ticket for a casket on the flight- Angel.

Buffy smiled and hugged the ticket to her. "Mmmm I got to go get something. I'll catch up to you both later; ring me if you need me... We have a room at the hotel." Giles nodded and Buffy walked away as Karl led them to the van.

Jenny was exasperated with her father's attitude and rudeness. ~ Father will you at least talk to him?~

Karl opened the door looking at his black sheep child. Figure she would bring a lover home to watch the family being destroyed. ~ Why should I talk to him? What is he to me?" Giles climbed into the van and shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

Jenny snapped at her father. ~ Someone that can save your life, and the man I share my life with."

Before Karl can respond Giles decided to take it out of her hands. ~ I am the man your daughter loves... It may be a lot in the future. ~

Karl twisted on the leather seat to look at him. ~ You speak Romanian? ~ Giles just nodded. Karl frowned first at Giles, and then broke into a big grin. ~ Leave it to Janna to come home with a man with surprises! ~ She smiled at him.

Giles nodded acceptance. ~ I am a long-term student of the Occult and I am a specialist in Vampires. ~ Karl silently nodded accepting the new man. Jenny was pleased.

The motel
Buffy arrived in the hotel room which was old European. She had been shown the shared bathroom and then to the large room with one bed. The room was full of well used antiques and she realized here this was what was used, not for affect. The bus boys annoyingly dropped the casket, thinking she was far too extravagant to be dragging a dead body up a flight of stairs. She paid them a healthy tip and they withdrew making snotty comments in Romanian of another American with a Dracula fetish.

She went about the room making it sun proof as Angelus opened the casket. He was irritable and restless after the long shipment and confinement. "Is it clear to get out?"

She smiled at him all rumpled and fussed. "Yes, good morning to you too."

Angel extracted his long body from the casket and stretched. "Oh god it is midnight to me. I hate shipping myself that way... it makes me feel so..." He shuddered and looked at his watch only to notice he didn't rest the time and it told him the time: in California.

Buffy went and sat by him on the bed her hand on his arm with concern in her eyes. "I hate seeing you in there, you OK?"

"Yeah. I just dislike being shipped and checked as a dead body." He rubbed his eyes.

Buffy noticed a mark on the alabaster white skin. It looked like small pin pricks under his eye. "What's that?" she asked gently her hand coming to stroke his cheek softly.

"Customs. To prove to non-medical personnel the body is truly a dead body... they often insert a 3 inch pin into the eye socket, to see if there is any nervous response. Even a comatose person will make some response to that trick... I got checked.. twice"

Buffy felt her tummy flip she had been light headed and tired as of late, but this made her absolutely green. "Oh god. Angel... you poor thing..." she bent down and kissed his offended eye softly.

"Sorry.. Let me relax a bit will you? I hate being shipped as cargo when I am such, I am at anyone's whim." He took a deep breath he didn't need and tried to change the subject. " I want to take you out tonight while we wait for Jenny and Giles to scope the tribe and the situation." The thought of helping the Gypsies made him growl.

She stayed by him on the bed enjoying in company. "I'd like that. Angel are you really all right helping them?"

Angel sighed and looked at her. "Really? NO. Their whole reason to curse me with my soul was to make my life an unending hell... and it worked... for over 100 years. Now I am supposed to bail them out of a problem they asked for?"

She bit her lip. "But you're doing it... You're doing it for me aren't you? You're still helping them."

Angel relaxed to her gentle massage. "Yeah, I know the pack. I know the damage they can do. I should know, I taught them." Angel leaned sideways until he was laying on the bed his head in her lap as she gently stroked and petted him "The people alive now, which are dying now, had nothing to do with the tribe that existed when I ran the pack."

Buffy smiled. "I'm glad you know that... will you be able to stop them?"

"By myself? Maybe. I used to run the pack and I could possible stop them with just that, or I could fight for ruler ship and end it that way. With you at my side I could fight them all and wipe it out if that's what it takes. We will have to see what Giles comes up with."

"Does the pack know about your curse?" she asked softly still keeping up the contact soothing him. "So Angelus will fight them?"

"No, no one knew I was cursed. When I was cursed, I lost it. I went back to the catacombs grabbed some clothes, money and split. I left Europe and went to the New World. None of them knew what happened to me. As for Angelus, I don't think… I don't know if he will Buffy. This was his family, some were his lovers. I don't know if he will fight them at all, especially not for the gypsies."

"Lovers?" she raised eyebrow, jealousy in her voice.

"Yeah. Buffy, Angelus was around for over 150 years. He had lovers..."

She avoided his eyes so he couldn't see the jealously in her eyes. "Well, Angel, I'm afraid we may need him, you're a great fighter, but..." She trailed off leaving the obvious unsaid. Angelus was the real fighter.

"Against Angelus, I am a wuss, yeah I know. But I am sure he sure as hell won't do it for the gypsies... but I know who he will do it for; you."

She sighed and nodded, "You're right... I hate asking him to do things he hates though; it's like asking you to kill in cold blood."

"I know you do, but he is easier about the cold blood part. Do you want to know which the lovers were, or do you not want to know?" He was looking away feeling uncomfortable.

"Yeah as much as I hate it, I get the feeling I should know who his lovers were; else they may throw it in my face to put me off the fight." She smiled wanly and kissed his forehead softly.

"Antonia, the probable leader now, she was always a pushy bitch. And Dominique..." Angel said softly. The occasional trysts were going unsaid. They both knew vampires had the sexual promiscuity of a cat in heat.

"So Antonia was a bitch. Dominique, what is she like?" she asked trying to stay impersonal.

"HE is the tall gentle blonde..." Angel answered drifting off knowing this wasn't going to go over well.


"Yeah. HE. He, Dominique, or also known as Dominic. Oh is this payback for me finally? Angelus never bothered to tell you he is bisexual?" Angelus stomach turned wondering if she would flip out on him.

She looked at him a little pale. "You're?" She was not even able to voice it. Unable to take it in she just shook her head.

"NO I'm straight, I like my women, actually my woman. Angelus is Bisexual. He swings either way." Angel was wishing he was on the surface of the sun, anywhere but here, explaining vampire sexuality to a near virgin. "Well it is a moot point now... he is bonded to you."

"Angelus... oh my god... oh ewww, he never told me.. I hate it when you two keep things from me. I'll have to talk to him about this when I ask him for help, but you're right it doesn't matter. Well, you're going to have to start telling me more." She didn't know if she wanted to throw up or cry.

"Buffy... I am 254 years old. I am two distinct personalities, with two separate lives for 150+ years and 100 year receptively. There is always going to be something I "didn't" tell you just simply because it never came up before. When you're as long lived as I am, you learn to live by an association memory. I will tell you stuff as it comes up, but I am not going to go into some kind of confession mode. It will be too long. I mean some will not make any sense. Do you really care that I know how to make Panache in the Basque style? But if we are in the Basque region of France and it becomes useful... then I'll tell you... as an example..." he knew he was flailing in the wind but the look of pain in her eyes was more than he wanted to deal with.

"No, I guess you're right, as long as I know most of the important stuff it's all right, and I don't want to know half the stuff Angelus did." She kissed him quickly to hide her pain. Or so she thought

"Hell *I* don't want to know half the stuff Angelus did. I just get the memories of doing it." he kissed her back. "Let's sleep baby, we have a long night ahead of us."

"Speaking of Angelus, I better get this over with, can you kick him out here, sometime soon?" she asked as she was moving so she was laying with him, head on his chest. "The longer he has to think about this the better."

"I'll try... he is going to be pissed... he has been fuming since we left" Angel said softly as he stroked her shoulder. Angel dropped his head back and called to Angelus -*Angelus...*

Angelus snarled deep in the recesses of his mind. *What choirboy?* he snarled.

Angel just sighed and stated the obvious. Angelus would have known. *Buffy wants you*

Angelus snarled back fury in his every word. *I just bet... she wants to play with Gypsies, she can do it... without me!*

Angelus snarled back at the demon teeming inside of him. *You want her to go after the pack alone... without your back up? You want out of the bonding that much?*

*Fuck you choir boy.* Bastard fought dirty. As he opened his eyes Angelus felt her head on his chest. "I can't believe you dragged me back here..."

She was gently stroking his chest attempting a soothing manner. "I'm sorry but we had no choice about it... we need you for this..."

"Am I your extermination service now? Am I supposed to kill my friends for your watcher's damned gypsies?"

"NO!" She sat up pulling away from him feeling hurt, and guilty.

"Hell if they weren't related to my fucking watcher... they would have been wiped
out and you would never had heard anything about it..." he saw her tears and pulled her to him. "Come here baby.." Imagine him, a demon, and he couldn't stand to see his mate cry.

"Angelus PLEASE, I need you here, you're then only one that can stop this from happening, don't do it for the gypsies, do it for me. I honestly hate asking you to kill people that were your friends, and lovers... but I have no choice, I can't beat them alone and neither can Angel, we have no choice." She looked at him with sad eyes as she moved to his side cupping his cheek.

He was confused then stared at her in shock. "Who told you about the lovers? Well I'll be dammed; Choir boy finally zinged me back!"

Buffy stroked him. "Angel told me all about them. Did he say all or do you have some secrets hidden there still? Hmmm?"

"ALL?" he was amazed she was hugging him instead of staking him. "Secrets, probably, but you get the gift of discovery." He gave her is wry smile, "I will help under one condition." He looked at her and she nodded for him to continue. This was more than she hopped for. "I am allowed Dominic the right to leave untouched if he agrees to the terms."

Jealously flared in her. "Why Dominic?"

"I'd rather not get into it..." he looked a the look in her eyes and knew a look of the slayer no vampire or demon in his right mind would cross. "You're going to make me aren't you?"

Feeling jealousy running through her body she nodded. "Yeah I am"

"Dom was the closest thing to a friend I have ever had. He was always there for me... He was always the backup I needed. A friend a companion far beyond Dru and Spike. Even better than Darla. Drusilla was an obsession in the destruction of purity. Spike was example of what lust can do to you... neither were ever friends... they were childer. When Antonia was being a bitch Dom was always supportive."

Buffy frowned trying to think of a vampire without a soul as a friend. "Poor Dru, this Dom, how evil is he?"

"Dom... Believe it or not, he is as far from evil as you could get. My terms: he leaves. Doesn't assist anyone, just leaves and doesn't look back. That is all the conditions I will place. Dom and I used to have philosophical arguments of good versus evil. Imagine that, and now I learn he was right…"

Buffy nodded slowly, knowing this meant a lot to him. She looked him in the eye. "All right, it's a deal, I'll say I never even saw him if asked, or he was staked, I know you want this so I'll give it to you.. It's such a small thing." She gave him a small smile and kissed his cheek and lays back down listening.

"NO... no need to lie. Just that he gets away and leaves the area. Dom is a cold feeder, always has been. He doesn't hunt human. If he has to kill he feeds off the animals. He tends to have pets; humans he watches and involves himself with, like personal soap opera."

She nodded pleased with what she was hearing. "In that case it'll be easier for me to let him go. All right, you should know, you only have to ask and something's yours." She snuggled against him. "Angelus, you sure about this, we can try it another way if you wish... "

"Try what another way?" She realized he really is distracted with being there, he is clueless "I know what is going to happen Buffy. Jenny and Giles are going to get involved and we are going to get called in to rescue them. The pack is going for extermination... and to really demoralize you capture and hold hostages and kill them slowly while the others sweat. So they will be picking the tribe off and holding them in the pens in the catacombs..."

It made her blood crawl; to hear him speak so matter of factly of terrorizing. She had to remember this was Angelus, he would do and had done it. "So we'll take them out there, you remember the way around there? Angelus, if they don't know about the curse, they won't expect you to attack?"

"I should... I planned it... I ran the pack when they set up in the catacombs. I made the rules and I made the layout. They shouldn't have a clue although Antonia will be a bit miffed at me waltzing in." Angelus snuggle in the bed settling her in his strong arms. "But as much as I would love to ravish you, we will need out sleep and our power. I know we will have to come up with a plan, and I plan to work on that while sleeping..." He purred as he snuggled her into him closely.

She relaxed into his cool embrace. "Thank you Angelus."

"Anytime Slayer."

main compound

They arrived at the Gypsies main compound which was like a small town surrounding a central square. There was a main house where the leaders of the clan lived and this was where they were taken. Giles walked in the house following Karl and Jenny. He distinctly felt like he was on display to the gypsies who gathered to see the Watcher of Angelus and the American.

Jenny whispered at Giles. "Relax England"

Giles whispered back. "When am I ever relaxed?" She chuckled.

An older woman came up and hugged Jenny. She was heavier set than Jenny but the likeness was obvious. Giles stepped back as the family greeted her. She held a position of respect in the tribe as Watcher of Angelus and it was easy to see she was well loved. It must have been hard for her to be so far from the clan.

~ Janna I am so glad you are back. And who is this man you brought with you?~ She looked at Giles as if he was a prime race horse. ~ Janna, you have a man?~

Jenny smiled at her mother and pulled Giles up to be introduced. ~ Mother this is Rupert Giles, my other half…~ Giles shifted uncomfortably. He knew the implication of the woman bringing the man home to such a family. What alarmed him more was he found he liked the idea and planned to make the most of it.

He mother looked at him shocked. ~Other half? You married without telling us?~

~No mother. I did not marry, he is my companion, my other half to life... we are life partners though, he came to help.~ She prayed that Giles would go along. They would be chaperoned if the family knew they were just dating.

M -look s sad... ~Oh I was hoping~ She knew that the task of Watcher of Angelus was a dangerous and lonely position and she had prayed her daughter would find a companion who accepted her calling..

Karl snorted. ~Enough talk of companions. We need to discuss how to save the tribe from the pack. Such niceties can await another day!~

[ All communication in the compound is in Romanian no more ~ used ]

Karl recapped what happened to them. "The vampires attacked some of our young people at a local dance at the other compound. The young men killed three of the vampires, and apparently one of them was a favorite of the pack. The pack then vowed to exterminate the tribe after they first torture us. Since then they have taken several of our people. One they sent back to us drained... in pieces.".

Giles went cold. This sounded worse than he thought. The pack on a rampage was one thing; an enraged, vindictive, revenge seeking pack was another. "Who was the vampire that was killed that angered them so much?"

Karl looked at him like he was fool to focus on that, it was meaningless. What was important was the Tribe was dying. "We don't know.. a small young blond girl."

Giles sat down on the offered chair. "Oh dear god." He looked up at Karl. "Was she young looking, about 14. Long blonde hair, about 5 feet tall?" He winced when Karl nodded his assent. "What I feared. It was Angelique, an old vampire from 1600, she stayed with the pack since the time of Angelus. She was the one that mellowed him and kept him in line as well as anyone could. She was a cold hunter. She wasn't a human killer. She probably went on the hunt to keep the younger ones in line. Keep them from being lost in blood lust. A human killing her must have been a fluke."

Jenny bit her lip. Contacting and appealing to Angelique had been their plan. "Rupert, should I tell Buffy? This changes all our plans. She'll need to know or else it could go very wrong."

Giles nodded. "Yes, update Buffy. The pack will be mean and twisted without her calming influence. I was hoping we could approach her to call the pack off. We are going to have to go for total extermination now."

Karl stared at Giles. He talked of speaking to vampires like he talked to neighbors. "You know this much of the vampires? Just who are you?"

Giles figured the best plan was being truthful. "I am The Watcher to the Vampire Slayer. That is who Jenny is calling and updating; the girl you saw at the airport. I hoped we would not have to call them in. But if Angelique is dead we have lost any chance to negotiate and we will have to go for extermination. They will be beyond rational thought."

Karl stared in shock. "The Slayer...!" She was not just a myth, the tribe knew of her since one of their own had once served as the slayer.

At the hotel

The ringing phone woke an irritated Angelus. "Better be good. Yes... sorry, you woke me up."

Jenny was taken aback by the rough voice in angel but then she had never woke him during the day. "Ohh sorry, we have a big problem we found out why the pack is attacking... the tribe killed a favorite of the pack..."

Angel stopped cold. There was only one vampire that would enrage the pack by their death. Only one who was a 'favorite'. "Don't tell... please. Not Angelique..."

Jenny was taken aback at the pain in Angel's voice. "Yes, I'm sorry Angel..."

"Shit." He hung up the phone and threw it down on the bed as he erupted out of the bed and paced around the room as Buffy watched bleary eyed from the bed. He was ranting in Gaelic he paced like a caged tiger his eyes yellow, the ridges prominent on his brow. "The fucking gypsies killed Angelique. That is what is wrong... shit... no wonder the pack is exterminating them... Who the hell did Angelique hurt? She was a cold hunter!" He stopped and looked at Buffy the pain of losing an old friend plain in his face.

Buffy shut her eyes to the pain. "Oh god I'm sorry Angelus, they couldn't have known!"

"The vampire the tribe killed was Angelique, the old one. She was a cold hunter. She was kind, and sweet and they fucking killed her! Hell she is the one who always stopped the bloodlust battles, slowed the young ones. She tempered even me! Hell, if they did it when I ran the pack. I would have done the same thing Antonia is doing, but a lot swifter. You want me to protect the tribe NOW?" He demanded.

Buffy was slightly fearful of Angelus this close to his rage. "Angelus please... they couldn't have known, they would have seen the vamps attacking and reacted." She approached him gently not wanting to startle him. She put a hand on his chest and looked up into his feral yellow eyes. "Angelus... come on please... I'm sorry, but we need you. I need you. We can't afford for you to back out now. Please."

Angel threw himself on the bed and rolled over hiding his face in his arms. Buffy went to his side and stoked his back. He suddenly rolled back and burrowed into her hiding his face. She could feel his anger and his rage thought the link amazed he felt such passion over this. Underneath the anger was his loss. In his own way Angelus had loved Angelique.

"Angelus, I'm so sorry, I really am. Is there anything I can do?" she reached out and shared his pain. He held her to him tightly as she kissed the top of his head. Her heart was breaking to see him this way. "Stay here tonight Angelus... you don't have to do this, I will do it alone. I will let Dom go. It's my task to fight them not yours." She sat sill stroking his head lightly.

"It isn't fair... what have you done to me Buffy?" he asked her.

"I made you change Angelus. I made you choose between me and them Angelus... I can't stand see you like this… "

"No that's not what I mean. It was so simple... I lived, I existed... I didn't hurt like this! No... Buffy the pack is not your usual vampires... I will not let you face them alone..." she felt the protectiveness of her override the anger at the gypsies.

"But you said yourself you'll be protecting people that killed someone you love." She was trying to give him an out to end the horrible pain in him that ate at the edges of her heart through the bond.

"God it hurts. I am not doing it for them... I am doing it for you!" he lay there a mass of contradictory emotions ranging from rage and hate to protectiveness and love. "It's unfair..." he said in a small voice lost in the emotional maelstrom. Tears forming in her eyes. "Hold me?" he asked in a small voice, a broken hearted plea.

Buffy started crying slightly for him, and for his loss. "Always Angelus, always." She tightened her holds on him laying her head against his hair. She realized that with the blending of Angel with Angelus, Angelus was growing emotionally and is now experiencing emotions beyond anger and rage that he has no idea how to deal with...

main compound

Karl looked at Jenny as she walked back in from the room with the phone. "Will your Slayer help us?"

Jenny nodded. "I think that killing her may have been a very, very big mistake. Rupert, he swore hung up, I'm hoping Buffy can calm him down."

Giles sighed and took his glasses off to polish them. "He didn't take it well either? I don't know, the killing of Angelique will necessitate going to our back up plan. I don't like it, but the backup plan stays, he'll do it, just to keep Buffy alive.."

Karl was concerned with the way he spoke. "What is your back up plan?"

Giles sighed. "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer is not here alone. She is here with her vampire consort."

Karl was stunned. "VAMPIRE CONSORT?"

"Yes my Slayers consort is an ensouled Vampire. She is in love with the vampire, and he with her. He has been endlessly helpful in keeping her alive as well as the rest of us." Giles spoke mater of factly and his tone allowed no argument.

Jenny's mother stared at him and her eyes got wide, the reality was dawning. "Her consort is Angelus?" Karl stood his face red and he was almost beyond speech as he sputtered.

Jenny nodded. "Angel, as Angelus is called now, came to help us even after what we did to him. He'll still help you, even after the death of his friend just to keep Buffy alive."

Karl was all but frothing at the mouth. "You mean to tell me you brought that bastard demon Angelus with you? You brought that monster to our soil!" his wife was feebly trying to soothe her raging husband who was beyond calming.

Giles looked the man in the eyes. "Yes. Yes I did. We need him, there was no other option. He is part of the team. He's proven himself to me many a time and Buffy would not be alive if he wasn't around…"

"And most our family would be!" Karl snarled

"It was 100 years ago father. If he doesn't help tonight the rest will die! You have no choice in this father, if he doesn't help we will die and so will The Slayer. Angel loves Buffy and will die before harming her, he'll kill his old friends for her. He killed his Sire Darla for her..."

Giles stood and slammed his hands down on the old oak table. He addressed the stunned group in cold Ripper tones. "That is quite enough. I brought the Vampire Slayer and her bonded Consort to your place to save you from the vampires that are out to exterminate your tribe. You want the Slayer, you will take her husband. You will treat him with respect and with courtesy; or you can take us back to the airport now and deal with the vampires on your own. Chose now and stop fucking around with old grudges! That injury from Angelus was done over a hundred years ago and the last injury done was done to Angelus from your tribe... his 'punishment' has lasted longer than the people he killed were supposed to live. He is capable to put his grudge aside to come save the lives of the ones living now, can you say the same? What will it be?"

There was silence. Karl just stared in shock and the others stood waiting for what the headman would decide. Jenny whispered in his ear. "I'm impressed." Jenny looked at her father. "Rupert is right father, shall we go, or stay?"

Karl swallowed. He had to weigh the living's needs against the dead's memories. There was no competition. "Stay."

Jenny's mother retreated into being courteous. "You're both tired. I will show you your room."

Giles was surprised it was to one room, and decided to push the envelope on what he needed. "I will need on for Buffy and Angel also." Jenny Mother nodded as she led them to a spare room with one big bed. It was a subtle statement of their acceptance of their relationship.

Giles was explaining to a frustrated Karl who followed them. He looked ready to have a heart attack. "We will have to bring them here. We need to plan and can't do it apart. Jenny, call them and tell them to get in here. Yes I know Angel is going to hate this."

Jenny nodded. "All right, I will ring them and tell them to come. We will send the covered truck for Angel."

the hotel...
Buffy was laying on the bed holding Angelus who had drifted back to sleep when the phone rang. She answered it this time. "Hello?"

Giles spoke gently to his Slayer. "We need you two to come to the compound now. I am aware Angel is probably upset about Angelique, I didn't foresee that. But we need to plan and we need to be ready to move at dusk. The Gypsies know about him now and with Angelique gone, my original plan is gone also. We will have to go for the second plan: extermination. I do not see any other option. We are sending the covered van for you and Angel."

Buffy sighed. She knew he was awake and with his vampiric hearing was following the conversation. It could be good he wasn't screaming right now. "All right, but Giles, they were very close. He's not going to like it. He's doing this for me now, not them. So make sure they don't say anything to him. The tension will be thick enough here to cut with a sword."

"Neither does the headman Karl. Take a moment to think about it. Angelus massacred in their tribe, here Angelus was a real bogeyman to these people and now I am making them call him guest?"

Buffy just sighed. We'll be ready when the truck gets here Giles." She hung up. "Angelus, honey, you listened to the whole thing?"

Angelus rolls over and looked at Buffy. "I got good hearing. So we get to go to the Gypsy compound eh? We better get ready... and I'll get into my travel crate." He snarled with the thought.

She looked at him "Why are you doing that? They are sending a covered truck for us."

"Yeah and how do you think I am going to get *to* the van? They will have to carry me into the van and out of the van into the house." He knew he could have done it with wrapping himself in a heavy blanket, which they didn't have. The hotel wouldn't appreciate them taking one of theirs. They had to move the casket, and he was being perverse and wanted to make their skins crawl when he arrived.

Angelus got up and started to dress as Buffy also dressed and finished re-packing her bags. He dressed in the classic leather pants, velveteen shirt with requisite leather jacket before he laid himself out in the casket.

Buffy watched him. "I'm sorry Angelus; this is almost as hard for me as you."

Angelus chuckled. "Don't sweat it. You think after 245 years, I'd be used to it." He closed the lid with a slam as she looked over at the casket flinching, hurt and angry with him for his rudeness. She could feel the self-loathing in him for the situation.

It was about 20 minutes later after she checked out, Jenny knocked on the door with 6 strong virile young men from the compound. Buffy nodded and motioned them in. Two immediately grabbed the bags leaving the remaining four to carry the casket containing Angelus. They went to it with raw terror on their faces as they picked it up. They held it as if it was full of nitroglycerin. If it had been it wouldn't have been carried any more gently.

Buffy felt wicked. "You guys drop that and you'll be in trouble."

Jenny sighed. "Don't bother. They don't speak English. Don't worry, they know it." She told Buffy as they slide the casket into the covered truck. They helped Buffy into the truck which she didn't need. They spread themselves around the casket. The only place to really sit except the floor was on the casket, so while the gypsies tried to avoid touching the casket Buffy and Jenny sat on it like a bench.

Jenny tried to update Buffy. "Giles told my father that Angelus was your husband."

Buffy shrugged. "Well we're bonded so I guess that's close enough...

"We will leave him in the casket, because we can't guarantee he won't be hit by sun in transit otherwise. How do we tell him? I don' want to open it up and tell him…"

Angelus's voice was heard from inside the casket. "Don't bother, I heard..." The men nearly leaped from the moving truck with sound of his voice.

Buffy chuckled. "That good hearing again huh?" She was rewarded with a thump from the casket from the inside. "You OK with being my husband then?" she asked him teasingly, lying on the casket as she drummed her fingers on it. She was rewarded with a thump.

main compound
Giles looked up as the truck drove up. The entire clan seemed to have turned up for their arrival. He wasn't sure if it was out of respect of the Famous Vampire Slayer or the fact that the infamous Angelus consorted her. Giles looked at the crowd, realizing their willingness to be there showed they trusted Angelus not to hurt them, or the Slayer to protect them. It said a lot.

Buffy looked at the gathering in the main green of the compound cluttered with gypsies. "Show time, you ready there lover?" She could hear Angelus inside muttering in response in languages she couldn't even recognize.

The six men slide the casket out and carried it into the main room in the main
house. It was almost like an old fashioned meeting room. They quickly dispersed into the crowd upon setting it down. Buffy followed them into the room quickly not wanting to leave Angelus alone for a minute. The Gypsies seemed to be watching and waiting. *Man he's going to be pissed* She thought as she opened the lid. She could feel the Gypsies holding their breath. "All clear, come on let's play nice. I'll make it up to you later."

Angelus was lying on his back looking quite annoyed. He grabbed the sides of the casket and brought himself out. The crowed stepped back in unison. He looked around the crowd and his skin crawled the press of frightened humanity put his nerves on edge. These were the assholes that cursed him with his soul. He should be laying waste to them NOT helping them! "You better." He whispered to her.

She watched as he got out of the casket completely and then stepped behind her where he stood tall behind Buffy facing the headman. The gypsies just stared at him in shock. Here was the Scourge of Europe whose tales of death and destruction was still told to terrify Gypsy children and adults. Buffy took his hand and lead him to Karl who looked at the approaching vampire with increasing fear that Angelus could almost taste. She squeezed his hand. She could tell the press of humanity was making him nervous.

Jenny was talking and Angelus finally focused on her words. "…Father this is the Vampire Slayer Buffy, and her husband Angelus."

Karl nodded. Angelus could smell the terror in the room, as the gypsies' fear blossomed with his appearance. The fear and terror in the room was putting his teeth on edge and stirred his hunger and bloodlust. He knew that it was so obvious, even Giles and Jenny could see it. Buffy could feel the blood lust building in him. She squeezed his hand tightly, warning him.

Angelus addressed them in Romanian. ~I apologize for being rude... this is not a good time of the day for me... can we be shown our quarters now? It might be best if we take this up with Giles and Jenny in our room... ~

Buffy looked at him confused as to what he said but she was feeling his lust and anger. He didn't like being here. She saw Giles nod so she nodded also.

Karl nodded and signaled to a woman to show them. Angel surprised Buffy with snapping out something in Romanian. ~ Pick another woman to show us the room... NOW!~ Karl nodded at another woman who scampered in fear as she led them to their room. Giles and Jenny followed.

Buffy was curious what was going on and was critically aware she was the only person present who didn't speak Romanian. "Going to tell me?" She asked in a low whisper that she knew that only he could hear as they walked up the narrow stairs in a long line. She could feel he has a fine control of the blood lust. She was nervous. He was right on the edge. "Angelus, have you had anything to drink yet?" he shook his head no.

They arrive at the bedroom to find the windows had been painted black. She looked around. Filled with well-worn furniture she realized someone had surrendered their room for them to stay. In a way it made her feel good. It would do and it was well protected against sun. "Let me get rid of Giles and Jenny for a minute. You have to feed. Even if it's just a little."

Angel turned to the woman escorting them who had made sure to keep the Slayer between her and Angelus. ~Thank you~ he told her and she left stunned to have had Angelus talk to her. "Jenny, the woman with the green dress that they would have had led us here; have them send her to the doctor. She is not having normal periods she is hemorrhaging badly. She probably had uterine cancer."

Jenny looked shocked for a minute then nodded. "All right" she turned and left to relay the message.

Buffy closed her eye. The smell of the blood must have nearly driven him insane, as hungry as he was. Buffy looked at her Watcher. "Giles do you know the numbers we're expecting?"

Giles sighed leaning against the dresser. "Is that what caused your problem downstairs?" Angel nodded. Giles cleaned his glasses, which were spotless as usual. "I am not sure of the numbers, somewhere between 6 and 14 with any fledglings. I am going downstairs you two need to relax for tonight" He headed out the door leaving Buffy to soothe Angel.

Angelus snorted. "The fledglings don't worry me. It is the older vampires that worry me. When dusk falls, I can go scope out the specifics."

Buffy was concerned with the burning hunger she felt in Angelus. "Angelus, drink from me or do I get Giles to find something? What will make you stronger..?"

Angelus shrugged and dismissed it. "I'll grab a bite on the way out tonight. You need your blood and your strength. This area is still farmland and no vampire will ever starve to death in farmland. Be bored to death yes, I will seek out Dominic... get the info and give my ultimatum."

Buffy nodded. "OK, all right, will it be enough? Do you think he'll go for it?"

"Yes, yes I do. Especially when I tell him he was always right." Angelus looked at her with a wry smile. "I can't believe I am here in the daylight with these... Why were all those gypsies there when I got here?

She smiled at Angelus. "I know, think of what this means... I would never had thought you could do this... it's amazing, and you're safe here... kisses him on the cheek, I'm proud of you, they wanted to see you and show that you are their guest.."

Angelus growled his displeasure at the whole situation. "I felt like I was on display…"

Buffy chuckled. "I guess you were. Thanks for this Angelus... I owe you big time..." She let the thanks drift off hoping to 'distract' him.

"I will expect a reward out of you... big time. But right now, I need to sleep; it is going to be a long night. Join me?" he asked as he removed his clothes and climbed into the bed and opened his arm to her invitation.

"You name it and you'll get it. We both need rest." She quickly stripped and slid into bed curling up next to him. She looked up into his sleep filled eyes. "Today is the first time I've been in bed with you to actually sleep!"

"First time for everything…" he said as he curled into her and fell asleep mid-sentence. She realized he was really tired.

Jenny looked at Giles as he came down to the gathering of the Elders in the living room. "That went well for now. I am, glad we have Angel, or else we wouldn't have to worry about the pack. They will fight tonight?

Giles looked up at the ceiling as if he could see into their room. He nodded. "Yes they will fight tonight, to save the prisoners."

Karl looked at them. "She can really control him? I mean to have Angelus in the house..." he looked as if he was going to have a heart attack.

Jenny sighed distressed to have her father so upset. She knew he had the thought of the tribe in his mind. "Buffy could control Angelus in a pure rage I think. He would die for her, and she for him. We're safe as long as Buffy is all right. He will go against the pack for her."

Her mother bit her lip. "She holds that much control over him? He will kill the pack with her?" Jenny nodded. Karl absorbed that and realized he didn't look forward to life if the Slayer fell in the battle.

Later that evening as the night darkened Angelus rolled over and looked at Buffy who was still sleeping. She was so beautiful and the possessiveness he felt filled him. He poked her gently. "Wake up. We got a fight to do. I'm hungry Buffy... I NEED to feed." He growled with the need his eyes a light yellow. "I haven't fed since before we left Sunnydale." She could feel that he ached with his need for a good feed.

She stirred softly opening her eyes, "Just a little longer…" she woke up realizing where she was. "Oh heck, all right let me get dressed and we'll go…"

"No I'll go alone." He told her as he quickly slid into his clothes.

"But Angelus, you need the back up!" she spouted as she slide into her fighting clothes.

It took his hunger-ridden brain a moment to realize what she was talking about. "I need help against a cow? Buffy I can take a cow. Trust me... Afterwards I will see who I can find and pump them for information. Hey, I am Angelus! I do what I want and go where I want. But if I show up with a slayer in tow I am in deep Kimchee. I will come back, I want to see if I can find Dominic before we attack the catacombs."

She sighed and nodded. "All right... just be careful please? I don't like it Angelus. I don't like you going off alone." Her manner said danger, her essence leaked jealously like bad Jell-O through the leak.

Part of him enjoyed the feeling of jealously in her. That she would be jealous and possessive pleased his demonic soul. The waiting would be killing her, and he knew it was unlikely she would wait as he asked. "I will"

He hissed her and in a flash moving with supernatural vampiric speed he dressed quickly, dropped out the window and was gone. He glanced back to see her watching out the second story window frowning.

He moved through the woods quickly and silently. He could still feel her shift of emotions and just knew she was following him. He smiled she was so transparent at times. As long as she thought he didn't know, she should stay far enough back out of his way and out of trouble. He knew Buffy was following him silently using all her skills.

He knew he would have no problem feeding in front of her. Not like choirboy. He finally stopped at a field filled with cows. He walked out into the field and picking out a large placid cow. He knelt at the neck and mesmerizing the cow with soft words and touch he fed. He pulled away from the cow and went to another one to finish his feed. They would be slightly anemic for a while, but not dead. He missed the adrenaline rush of the kill and he knew Buffy felt his dissatisfaction with the feed. He clamped down on the emotional need to the kill.

Angelus stood and looked around getting his bearings. Time had passed for him but he still remembered the basic layout of the area. He knew where it was most likely Dominic would be in the town in the cafes. He left knowing she was following him making sure he couldn't see her. He smiled at the hunter hunting the hunter.

He walked into the small town looking for Dominic. The town was larger than he remembered with more of a cosmopolitan feel. It was almost a city, which amazed him. He could feel Buffy walking behind him as he walked in the row of cafe's. He could feel her watching and feeling nervous about seeing this friend, no seeing a lover of Angelus'. The underlying emotion from her was a deep jealously.

Angelus finally found him sitting in the last café's outer part, out on the sidewalk where he could watch both the café and the life in the town. Even after all these years, Dominic took his unneeded breath away.

A tall man at nearly 6 feet, he still reminded Angelus of the stories of the fey. He was a golden sandy blonde with long straight silken hair with mica tints, which blew in the wind and invited ones fingers to play with it. His body was long and sinewy which was a perfect complement to his easygoing nature.

But what Angelus had loved most about Dominic was his eyes. They were wide spaced in his beautiful face, a deep hazel with golden flecks making him think of the fey of the lands of his birth. The overall package was one of sensuality with possession of self. Angelus shook his thoughts away. They were not appropriate for a bonded male, and if she felt them Buffy would kill him!

Angelus walked up and then made himself known to Dom. He sat without invitation at the table. "Good evening... long time no see."

Dominic had felt his old friend and looked up as he sat. He addressed him without missing a beat. "Hello Angelus."

Angelus smiled. "Hello Dom. What have you been up to?" He asked as if a hundred years could be covered in a casual café conversation.

Dom smiled. "The same as always; pissing the rest of the Pack off with my view of the world and my watching my pets. What about you?"

"If I told you, I doubt you would believe me Dom. Well let's just say, I have found out you were right, and leave it at that. Dom, I need you to leave tonight. Don't ask why, just leave and don't look back." Angelus spoke seriously and in a tone he knew that Dom would understand.

Dom was confused. Angelus had been gone over a hundred years and shows up to tell him this? "I believe most things Angelus, you should know that." He saw a woman young blonde woman watching Angelus and him closely and was more confused. "I never thought I would hear you say I was right."

"There is a first time for everything" Angelus felt her get closer. He turned and looked at her trying so hard not to be seen but looking at the vampire he was talking to. He rolled his eyes. He hung his head and motioned for her to come into them she might as well be with him since she looked so out of place she attracted attention anyway in this rustic place. *Dammit* "Buffy... get over here."

Dom chuckled. "You seem to have your own pet now..."

Buffy looked up and groaned and then slowly walked over to him. She could feel his irritation and anger. She had done what he didn't want her to do. Angel pulled her to him tucked her under his arm and looked at Dom. "Dominic, meet Buffy, my consort." Buffy was looking at him, nervous and a little scared of what Angelus would do later.

Dominic stared. "Consort? Angelus you have a HUMAN consort? I see you went a bit beyond pet eh?"

Angelus chuckled. "I told you wouldn't believe it. I have been a cold feeder since I left here." He took perverse pleasure in Dominic's jaw dropping.

Buffy found her voice. "It's a new thing, a lot of vamps have that reaction to it though." She put a hand on Angelus's shoulder, both seeking some comfort and showing her mark on him to Dominic. A move not lost on the other vampire who was used to subtle body messages. She was making it plain, Angelus was hers.

"I bet. Jeez Angelus, a human? Why Angelus? It isn't your style... I realize that something is up, I won't tell but I need to know." Dominic asked quietly.

Angelus shrugged and put his arm around her. "What we were saying? Oh yes, I need you to leave, go and don't look back." Buffy was staying silent letting Angelus deal. "I am going to exterminate the pack Dom, I want you safe and I want you out of there. You stay you'll die."

Dominic was amazed. He looked at Angelus and then at his consort a small frail looking girl. "Going soft on the humans now that you have a consort? I thought that was my job. How the hell do you plan to kill Antonia or Roger? You could never beat them together in a fight. They'll kill you before you get 10 feet in the catacombs. Unless you plan to pull The Slayer out of your ass... your dust."

Angelus chuckled. "That's the plan, so I won't be alone." Buffy was looking at Dominic with a small knowing smile as Angelus chuckled. Dominic looked at Buffy then his eyes got wide, he reached out with his senses: The SLAYER!

Dominic whistled his appreciation for Angelus's balls or stupidity. He wasn't sure which. "I know you liked you women dangerous, but Angelus, your consort is the Slayer?"

Buffy saw recognition in his eyes. She reached a hand out to Dominic. "Hi I'm Buffy, glad to meet you. Somebody had to put up with him." He absent-mindedly shakes her hand as Angelus smiled.

Dominic shook her hand amazed at both the warmth and the fact he was touching a Slayer. "I know what you mean. I did it for 40 years. I wish you luck."

"Ohh I think I'm pretty much used to him. I got him right where I want him." Buffy chuckled. Dominic was nice, pleasant and nothing she expected. Angelus just growled at the two of them. He was getting irritated that his lover and past lover were bonding over their tolerating him.

Dominic nodded. "Angelus, I am willing to back you up... I owe you for what you did for me. Did he tell you what he did for me?" he asked Buffy suspecting he hadn't.

She shook her head no. "We need to get you out of here. No he didn't tell me but sometimes he doesn't tell me much. But I don't listen much either, so it works out." She grinned as she looked at Angelus.

"I had a pet. A human I followed and watched. She was a gypsy healer. She got into a magickal war with another witch and the witch threw a curse at her." he stopped in pain and Buffy glanced at him, then moved over and carefully sat on Angelus's lap allowing him the space to continue. "I don't know how her enemy knew I was watching her, or if she knew at all, but the hex drove me into a bloodlust, and I killed her and her entire family. Angelus knew it was more than I could bear, and so he took the blame. He let it be known HE killed her and her family, and let me off the hook. So he was the one they cursed."

Buffy stared. "YOU killed the gypsy's family?" She looked at Angelus with understanding sinking in. "Angelus, you were innocent?"

Angelus shrugged. "No good deed goes unpunished, that's for sure. I am a lot of things Buffy, innocent isn't one of them. No, I ironically, didn't do the killings that got me cursed."

Dominic sighed. "I killed the gypsy healer and her family of the tribe."

Buffy looked at Angelus. "The pack, they still don't know do they? She was trying to take it in as she leaned her head on his shoulder. "Did you know Dominic what the curse was?" She felt jealous thinking Angelus must have been really in love with Dom to make such a deed.

Angelus grimaced. "No and they won't. Dom already has more soul than most humans... cursing him with a soul would just make life rough, and be a study in futility. I didn't even tell him. I just left. I gathered some clothes and money and left."

Dominic looked sad. "You never even said goodbye."

"I had a reputation and an attitude with a big ego. I didn't care if the gypsies thought I killed their own. What could they do to me? It made me look tough to the other vampires, because only the strongest messed with the gypsies. Dom was devastated he had hot hunted and killed his pets." Buffy nodded not completely believing him but letting it slide for now while he continued. "If the pack knew he hot hunted they would have undermined his attempts to get his bloodlust under control."

Dominic looked at Buffy. "What was the curse?"

Angel sighed. "They cursed me with my soul Dom. I got back my birth soul."

Dominic's mouth dropped. "Holy shit Angelus!"

"Like that irony? You never lost yours completely. Dom is an aberration Buffy, an imperfect vampire, who by our standards is faulty. The demon never completely evicted his soul. They two are always a war. Well Dom, I got the reverse problem. I have my soul as an overlay over the demon. In Dom's case, the soul usually wins until some witch throws a curse at him."

"So now you know Dom. I am now consort to the Slayer. We are bonded. Her battles are my battles and Antonia has unfortunately decided to go after the Gypsy tribe which is also the tribe of my watcher, and the tribe of Buffy's Watchers woman. This is making it damn personal. Antonia will be irrational and I know won't back down. We are going to go for extermination of the tribe. I want you gone... walk away now. Come back in 24 hours and take what you want" Buffy snuggled against Angelus feeling safe, knowing she was going to be in trouble for following him, but needed the contact knowing the battle that would follow.

Dominic watched her snuggle him. "God Angelus, only you would turn the Slayer into a consort. Shit. I thought you were insane for dangerous women with Diabolique... but this one takes the cake."

"Dom, knowing what you're like now. Even if you ever showed up in Sunnydale to say hi to Angelus you'll be a friend and safe." Buffy inserted. Curiosity burning in her who was Diabolique?

Dominic's jaw dropped. "You guys are at Sunnydale? The Hellmouth? Isn't that where..." He look s at Buffy his eyes wide... she is the one who killed the master?" Angelus nodded pride filing him or her prowess.

She smiled as she looked up at Angelus. "God people really focus on the master. Personally I thought Lothos was better. I'm only friendly when I choose. Karl found that out. I knew he wasn't going to say it but yeah we are... can give you his number if you like."

Dominic smiled at her not believing the Slayer was inviting him to visit his old lover.
"LOTHOS you killed Lothos? Friendly little thing isn't she?"

Angelus laughed with the incongruity of it all. "Yeah she did... in her first month as slayer... with a pencil. Friendly, you have no idea"

Buffy chuckled. "We need to stay here I have absolutely no reputation here..."

Dominic laughed not believing he was TALKING to a Slayer. "I will leave or I can help you... what do you want?

Angel thought. "I planned for you to leave. You're a cold killer. It's not fair for you to stay for this. But if you want to stay, what we can do is leave you at base camp as backup in case they attack while we are going to the catacombs, to protect the women and children.

Buffy nodded happily. "That'll work great... you happy with that Dom?" she looked at Angel pain in her eyes. He winced seeing it coming. "I know you had a lover, Diabolique, but who is she, and how dangerous, like Dru? "

Dominic had no desire to be involved in this fight. "No problem... I'll meet you at the tree." He left with Angelus shooting him dirty looks.

"Diabolique was a vampire bitch that Darla knew. Darla "gave" me to her as a gift for the time of one year about 3 years after I was turned." He spoke quietly and very controlled.

"And you liked her... as a gift?" she was curious. Pain filled her how many lovers had he had?

"I didn't like her at all. In fact I eventually killed her." Buffy started with that. And he continued. "But for 6 months I was her slave. She was the dangerous scariest bitch I have ever met. Makes Dru look like the nun she was trying to be."

Buffy recoiled back away from the anger in him only to almost fall off his lap. She then instead snuggled close hiding her face in his chest. *Her slave?*

Angelus continued. "She was a cruel and inhuman creature that should never have crawled out of hell. Darla owed her for something, big time and she canceled Darla's obligation in exchange for 12 months of my "service"." Buffy could only whimper at the thought of the hell Angelus had gone through...

"You know that scar I have on my lower right abdomen? That was a gift from her. Do you have any idea what it takes to scar a vampire?" she could only shudder. "No it took me 60 years, but the payback was worth the wait. Let's leave it at that."

Buffy was nauseous with the thought, tears forming in her eyes as she hugged against him. "Angelus...please!"

"I promised you Buffy, no more lies, no more hidden things. You ask a question, you best be ready for the answer." She was still shuddering at what he must have gone through, feeling his emotions still unresolved after this time. The betrayals from Darla for giving him to her, anger hate rage at Diabolique for horrors he wouldn't think about. Guilt at his enjoyment of her death.

"Good God Angelus. No wonder you hate slaves. It tells me much more about you, about your anger, the things you did... how did you kill her?"

"Do you really want to know?" She led him close and nodded. "About 60 years after her treatment of me, I found where she was staying. I located her lair. Killed her sentries, and her enos. I fed on her minions, everyone. I glutted myself on the blood from the vampires she made, increasing my strength. Enos are human slaves to vampires. Also known as thralls: he explained when he saw her confusion at the term. "Then I took her one on one, I won. Then I gave her a payback. It lasted a week."

"I chained her and revisited every torture I remembered her doing to me, on her with interest. At the end, I drew and quartered her, and leaving her conscious, I staked her out for the sun. That was the last time anyone sought to dominate me. If anyone ever treated me or tortured me that way I'd kill them too and enjoy it." She could feel he was a mass of unresolved anger and rage. "Now can we go back and get on with this? I really have a hankering to kill something."

Buffy was still reeling with the onslaught of his emotions. "All right then tonight we can visit some other spots you know round here, and Angelus, sorry for following you."

He hugged her chuckling. "That's OK. I knew you would."

She pulled back to look at him. "Then why tell me not too?"

He laughed. "To jerk your chain."