A Clannad fan-fiction by Aaron Jaeger

Inspired by the manga 'Moteki' by Mitsurou Kubo

Written from Yohei's POV

Chapter 1: "It's Probably Just a Spam"

Being a driver has never been easy. Truth be told, I didn't choose to work here. 5 years ago after graduation, I applied to many other companies and enterprises yet none of them accepted me until I run into this driving company, which was short of hands. So after I applied, the company gave me a training before putting me in a driving school to get my driving license that only can be achieved through two exams: written and practice exam. I spent not less than half a year to finally pass the exams after countless of failures.

It took me a year just to finally find this company. To live myself during that period, I had to work as a part-timer; be it a cashier at a convenience store or family restaurant, to a worker at a building construction. It was such heavy labours yet the payment was only enough to afford me a 3 times a day meal and to pay my old, cramp apartment along with the bills.

Those hellish months feel like years for me. I think that would be the hardest part of my life! I'm glad I already passed those days. However, it was such an important experience. I learned that life is tough, so I must do something about it. Though my dream to win the world cup is already shattered, I'm still alive and I set myself on a different objective: I, at least want to have a family. Yes, just like my old friend Okazaki Tomoya who's soooo lucky to have married to such a lovely woman.

"Sir, here's your bento."

"Ah, yes."

As I walk out from the convenient store and hop onto my bike, I began thinking.

Will I stay like this forever? Go to work every day, chat with co-workers, and then go back to my apartment room where only occasionally my only sister waits for me. Will something eventually change, doing this? Will that day come? [1]

Meh, guess I will just go with the flow. If I am destined to have a partner in life, then I surely will get one.


"I'm home~~~ Welcome home, Youhei!"

It was desperate, but I like doing that. It somehow makes me forget the fact that I'm alone. But really... It will be wonderful if someone — a sexy wife — is really there, waiting for me. Asking me something, like, 'Do you want dinner, bath, or me?'

Heh. Guess that's just a dream I can never reach. I don't even have any close friends that are of opposite gender to talk with. The only people from the girls archetype I talk to are either a convenience store's cashier or my passengers, which neither are my friend. Oh, and of course I also talk to my little sister Mei occasionally, but she's my sister! She doesn't count!

My only friends are Okazaki Tomoya and his wife, Nagisa-chan. I do have female acquaintances, which have rejected me during high school since they were all attracted to Tomoya. We were only caught up together as Tomoya dragged his ass out to help Nagisa-chan re-creating the drama club. We originally don't have any relation or whatsoever until we finally became members of the drama club.

First, there is the student council president Sakagami Tomoyo who's a year younger than everyone. Beautiful, incredibly strong, clever, and had a great body. She's so perfect that no one can match her in any way possible. She's the best at almost everything! I tried to ask her out but she rejected me flat.

Then there's Fujibayashi Kyou, Tomoya and my classmate on our junior year. She's emotionally unstable and ruthless. Have a great body though. He didn't know it, but she likes Tomoya since the first time we met her. I was not brave enough to throw my life to the death god's door to try asking her out. I might end up in a gutter. She has younger twin sister, Ryou, who is my class rep on my senior year. Her character is a complete contrast to her older sister.

Furukawa Nagisa, now Okazaki Nagisa. Tomoya's wife. I tried to ask her out but she rejected me gently. I once dated her older sister though. Heh, it was the most beautiful time I had as high school student! I enjoyed every seconds we spent together. Guess that's how love works, huh?

… wait, wait! She's not her older sister. Sanae-san is her mother! I just remembered how that redheaded monster chased after me and beat me to pulp! HIIII!

Lastly, there's Ichinose Kotomi. A pure genius. By 'pure', I mean… well, she was white like a blank paper. You know, having childlike traits and acted merry-go-round. Well, she was incredibly shy before she met Tomoya though. But the most important is that she has bombshells on her chest! I've tried to ask her out but she rejected me. Not only that, she felt bad for making me sad so she played me a melody with her violin to console me. And no, it was not a lovely melody at all. I passed out after 3 seconds.

All in all, I've led a sad, lonely life and I can't do much about it while I understand that nothing will change if I just wait. I must do something about it.


"Hm? An email? That's rare. Ah, it's probably just a spam…"

"Wait… it's not?" I furrowed my eyes to see the better of the digital letters on the screen. I gulp the rice that's in my mouth.



I rubbed my eyes, in case if I caught a bug that has prevented me from seeing clearly.

"It really IS Tomoyo!"

Saying her name out loud like this has made me reminded by thousands of humiliation she'd done to me, both physically and emotionally. HIIIII!

But still, it's a girl and she's texting me! I can at least be a little happy, right?

So what's she texting me about? Hihihi!



It's ringing!
Hm? Who is this? I don't know this number…

"Hello? Sunohara here."

"Sunohara-kun? It's Fujibayashi…"

"Fujibayashi... EHHH? Kyooou?"

"No, it's Ryou..."


This time my apartment's phone is ringing! "-Wait Fujibayashi, hold on…"


"Sunohara-san, is that you?"

"Yes, who is this?"


"I'm sorry, Miyazawa, who?"

This voice… it's definitely someone in high school... Miyazawa. But I don't have any friends whose name is Miyazawa…



What's this? Almost all the girls I know suddenly contacted me at the same time… cute, hot girls, at that! Could this be… Could this be!

The legendary….



I heard that every human, at least for once in their life, have a period of time where one becomes popular with the opposite sex! It's finally my turn! My moteki!

That bastard Tomoya definitely had already through it during senior year, but it's finally my damn turn! YAAAAAY!

Okay… So how am I supposed to talk to Fujibayashi and Yukine-chan at the same time? Tomoyo can wait since it's just an email and Fujibayashi is calling to my cellphone, which means I can just call her back later since her phone number will be saved in the call log. It's Yukine-chan first then!

"Fujibayashi, I'm really sorry. I will call you back later. Okay?"


Alright! As for Yukine-chan…!

"Heeey, Yukine-chan! It's been awhile! Heck, it's been forever! How are you doing?" rather than an answer, I could hear nothing but a dead line's tone.

She hung up? Doesn't matter, still got Ryou-chan!

"Hello, Fujibayashi? So what did you want to talk about?"

"Ah. Yes. I'm inviting you to my wedding!"

"Eh? Wedding?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, I should've used a mail, but I don't know your address..."


"Co—congratulations! E… ehehe! So what's the date?"

What's this? I thought it's my time to shine! Can't I even have my moteki? What, am I not a human? Aarrrrgh—!

"Okay. I guess I can make it. It's still 2 months from now… Ahaha, yes. You're welcome. See you."

False alarm, huh.

Guess I will just hit the hay and forget that this ever happened. I was such a fool to think that the moteki will ever come to me. Maybe I'm destined to be alone forever after all.

"Ugh. This friggin' mattress called bed is as hard as ever."

Oh, real world. Thank you very much for giving me such false hope. It's really nice to know you! Really! My wish is just…! At least make me forget all the talks about moteki! Thanks! Good night!

Hmm, hey…

Am I forgetting something?

Ha, seems I got my wish granted this time.

To Be Continued

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[1] This is a parody to Tomoya's monologue at the very first episode of Clannad.