Hello everyone who is reading this fanfic should be able to tell this story was off of the DP episode called Bitter Reunions. This is almost like an AU, but it tells what happened if Danny accepted Vlad's offer. Please leave kind reviews so this story can become more than a one shot, all I have planed is not enough to make more chapters so if have any ideas please leave them in a review. Anyways on with the story.

"I could train you, teach you everything I know and all you have to do is renounce your idiot father." said Vlad. After thinking about the offer, Danny asks, "Will I still be able to protect my home town?" Vlad then says, "Only if you agree, little badger, I can also have Skulker stop hunting you, and female you like can move out here with you. Ghost or human, it doesn't matter to me." Danny can't what he just heard, normally he would have called Vlad a fruitloop and said it was never going to happen, but instead he said, "Ok Vlad I accept, but I have to ask what is going to happen with my education?" Vlad said, "I can hire some of the best teachers money can buy. You can still graduate with any friends you have. I can help you learn about the Ghost Zone as well. You just have to tell your mother that want to stay here with me, if she asks why just tell her you want to get away from all the distractions your school has that keep you from getting good grades." Danny then asks, "What if she asks what those distractions are, what should I tell her?" Vlad then says, "You are getting bullied by the popular boys making you late for classes and you need to get away from them." Danny then goes along with Vlad's plan. Danny goes back to the reunion, finds his mom and asks to talk to her alone. She says ok and they goes go someplace more private. Once away from the party, she asks, "What do you want to talk about Danny?" Danny says, "I would like to stay here with Vlad." Maddie then asks, "Why?" Danny says, "I need some time away from all the distractions back home. Before you even ask, let me tell you why my grades are slipping, all the male members of the A-list which happen to be the jocks, are bullying me making me late to class by shoving me in my locker. The one who does it the most is the so called star quarterback, and self proclaimed King of Casper High, Dash Baxter. None of the teachers even try to help the victim, they just give the bully a pat on the back. Every time I get I shoved into my locker gave me enough practice to get out but it takes time making me late for class." Maddie then says, "Oh sweetie I had no idea. Stay here all you like just promise me that you'll visit over the summer." Danny says, "I promise mom." After the mother/son conversation was over, Maddie went back to the party to tell her husband, Jack Fenton, what their son wants. After hearing this, Jack is both happy and shocked, happy that Danny will be getting better grades, shocked because of hearing about the bullying.

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