Total Mario Island Episode 20 (Slide Comes Before A Fall)

A monkey wearing a golden waistcoat stood on a wooden dock. "Hello, and welcome back to Total Mario Island! I'm your host Swanky Kong! Let's see how the teams are getting on!" he announced.


Wendy was sat at camp, thinking. She absolutely HAD to find out what was under Shy Guy's mask. She was curious... But why did Dry Bowser think It was so important? But that didn't matter. She just had to find out. "Good one team!" encouraged Mario. "We did really great that challenge!"

"Yeah!" agreed Honey Queen.

"We dominated!" pitched in Daisy. Larry smiled.

"Well, you know, we still have to keep going. We haven't won yet... Okay, we basically have!" he joked. Chunky and Dry Bowser laughed. Rosalina looked unsure.

"Don't get too cocky." she said.

"Jeez, I was just joking!"

"I know, I was just-"

"Oh, be quiet!" Larry snapped. Lemmy looked hurt, even though Larry was talking to Rosalina. He had never seen this side of Larry. He'd always been so... So nice. Rosalina sighed.

"OK." she said, simply. A tribe full of onlookers stared at the pair. There hadn't been any feuds so far this game... But that could be the start of a war. And wars within teams were never good. So sides were being taken.


Paratroopa was in the forest sat on a log, weeping. He heard a noise. "Wh- whose there?"

"It's me." said a small, female voice. Paratroopa was about to call "Who?" until he realised it could only be Toadette.

"Why are you here?" he asked her.

"I just... I'm sorry about Koopa."

"It isn't your fault, Toadette."

"I feel like it is."

"How?" Paratroopa was confused.

"Well... I heard you two talking about voting me out."


"So, I rallied some people to vote for him..."

"Toadette... I did that too." Toadette almost fainted with shock.


"I... I didn't think you deserved to be eliminated..."

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" cried Toadette. She ran straight at Paratroopa, jumped up, and hugged him. "Wanna have an alliance?" she asked.

"Uh... I mean... I'm sorry... It would feel like I'm betraying Koopa."

"Oh, OK. That's fine." Toadette walked back to camp with Paratroopa. Dixie, Dry Bones and King Boo were talking.

"Oh, hey guys! Where you been?" asked Goombella.

"Oh, we just... Went for a walk." said Toadette. Birdo approached Goombella.

"Hey... I was just wondering... Y'Know... About when I-"

"CAMPERS! GET TO THE CAVES ASAP!" Yelled Swanky through the speaker phones.

"Sorry Birdo, looks like we gotta go!" Goombella rushed off. Birdo sighed. Why had she done this to herself?


The teams arrived at the caves, where there were 21 contestant-sized holes in the wall of the cave. "Welcome, contestants! Want to know what today's challenge is?" asked Swanky.

"No, not really." said Dry Bowser. Everyone looked at him. "What? Someone has to do Wiggler's job!" all the contestants laughed.

"Anyway! Today's challenge is fairly straight forward. A camera will be dropped down each of the holes on a rope. You will see the footage on this screen-" he pointed to a big screen by some bleachers. "- and try to remember which slide has the most gems in the walls. Once the camera has been dropped down all of the holes, I will do a small countdown, for you guys to run to a hole. Once someone is at a hole, you cannot take it from them. When everyone has a hole, you guys will jump down them, and try to dislodge as many gems as possible. When you get to the bottom of the slide, we will put teams gems together, and weigh them. The team that has the most gems by weight, will win immunity!" the contestants cheered. Swanky showed the teams the videos. "Are you guys ready?" the contestants confirmed that. "3... 2... 1... GO!" the contestants all ran to one of the holes, pushing and shoving each other out of the way. Peach was thrown 5 feet by Dry Bowser.

"ARGH!" she screamed. "I thought you said you couldn't push people!" she complained.

"I said you couldn't push once you got to the hole! Never you couldn't BEFORE that point." Dixie scampered between Dry Bowser's legs, and reached the hole first. "GRR!" growled Dry Bowser. This was the one time he didn't want to lose the challenge. Most of the contestants had only memorized that hole. Rosalina had a good memory, so she quickly dashed to the next best hole. King Boo and Dry Bones also had pretty good memories, so they also got good slides. Everyone else drifted to holes after a while, trying to remember which were god holes. "Ready?" asked Swanky. A few contestants muttered their collective yeses, their earlier enthusiasm completely vanished, for no good reason. "GO!" he called. Everyone jumped down the holes, with their bodies spread wide, to dislodge as many gems as possible. Rosalina, Daisy and Peach's dresses were helping a lot, because some of the gems were loose. Dixie was successfully knocking out a lot of gems. Although King Boo got a good hole, his crown was the only thing he could use, so not many gems were falling. Soon, everyone was at the bottom of their slides. "Alright! Let's weigh those gems!" once the gems had been weighed, Swanky stood before the contestants while they sat in the bleachers. "The winners are..." everyone tensed. "The... NICE NOKIS!" The Nice Nokis screamed with delight, whereas the Perfect Piantas sighed in defeat. "Piantas, I'll be seeing you at the elimination ceremony!" Larry glared at Rosalina, who looked uncomfortably at the floor.


"Perfect Piantas! Welcome to the elimination ceremony!" called Swanky. "If I call your name, you are safe. The first people safe, with no votes are... Honey Queen, Mario, Lemmy and Chunky." he threw them mushrooms. "Also safe with 0 votes are Yoshi, Dry Bowser, Daisy and Wendy." Wendy looked especially relieved when she received her mushroom. "Larry. Rosalina. One of you is eliminated. That person is...

Larry. With six votes. Rosalina, you are safe with four." Rosalina gratefully received her mushroom. Larry was in a state of shock.


"Please make your way to the Dock of Shame, where you will board the Boat of Losers." Larry walked over to the boat, and got onto it. Lemmy watched it sail into the distance. He then quickly pulled Rosalina aside. "I'm sorry I voted for you, Rosalina. But he's my brother. If it was anyone else, I wouldn't have voted for you-"

"It's OK. I understand." Wendy and Dry Bowser slunk into the forest.

"I don't see the logic in voting for Larry. We're just making enemies."

"Well I was ACTUALLY trying to make an ally, in Larry!" Wendy but her tongue, on the snarky remark that was about to leave her mouth. The camera zoomed out of the forest, and to Swanky.

"SO! How will Wendy fare in this alliance of two she's been in the whole game, with someone that is threatening to vote her out? Has Rosalina really forgiven Lemmy? And will Birdo EVER be able to apologize to Goombella? Find out next time, on Total. Mario. Island!"


Sorry this episode was a bit short. It was a short challenge. I'm writing again! Yaaaayy! So yeah! Larry got a bit harsh on Rosalina, for some reason. Who do you think will be eliminated next? Put it in the review!

Akka :D