The construction of the first successful android capable of emotions, Lore, was meant to herald a new age for the advancing world of robotics. At first, the android being fully lived up to his aims and surpassed the Federation's and the Galaxy's expectations. However, Lore had a different idea. As he was sentient and completely free to think and do anything he pleased, Lore started to form his own opinions of the colony, the Federation and humanity.

The other colonists on Omicron Theta initially harboured mixed and tumultuous emotions, but they soon grew fond of the newest edition to their so called 'family'. Soon, Lore began to behave in ways that were akin to malevolence at the colonists' views of him began to rapidly morph into hatred, but most notably, anxiety and terror.

Only a few years after his activation, Lore contacted the Crystalline Entity in 2338. The desolation and devastation that came as a result of this strategic attack caused Lore to broaden his mind and look further over the horizon. Seeing the men, women and the children flee; all conglomerating in large, disorderly clusters was the precursor for Lore to realise something; They were inferior. Every person, every animal, every microbe was inferior to him. The reign of biological lifeforms is coming to an end. It was him firm belief that he was perfect, he was untouched and there was nothing to challenge his superiority. He was all-seeing, all-powerful and had no rivals...

In the midst of the attack, Lore was deactivated, along with his 'brother', Data, by his creator, who then fled the planet. The latter mentioned was discovered by the Starfleet ship, the USS Tripoli mere months after the Entity's attack. However, Lore was left in storage, dismantled and forgotten for more than twenty five years until the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D came across his disassembled body. Unbeknownst to them, the dormant life form was malicious and determined.

The events that followed were of desperation, despair and worry for the entire crew of the Enterprise, but in the end, they had the upper hand and Lore's seemingly flawless plan to feed them to the Crystalline Entity was completely foiled. Left reeling from anguish and regret, he was transported into deep space that same year and was doomed to drift in the vacuum of the vast, unforgiving universe for more than two years, until he was recovered and reconstructed by a passing ship. Prior to discovering the homing signalling beacon that Soong had built on the planet Terlina III, Lore set about finding the ship that had successfully disrupted his plans and stood in his way; the Enterprise. Unbeknown to Lore, there was an android who seemed to be an exact replica of himself was serving as a senior officer working for the inter-galactic peacekeepers and explorers; the United Federation of Planets. The officer's name was Data, and his assigned post was the USS Enterprise-D.

Over time, Lore had developed a certain, distinct and very strong hatred against his creator. For, Soong had built him and brought him up as his own, before he lost faith. Soong had abandoned him, and simply left him to rot. He had been forgotten and erased. But, that was until the 'golden child' arrived. That was Data and Lore viewed him to be inferiors to himself, which was more or less actually true. Lore had mastered emotions, contractions and simple human actions, but for Data these usually simply things became a daily challenge. Data had to learn everything from scratch; like a baby. Whereas, Lore was simply activated and he could do more or less whatever he pleased.

However, there was one flaw in Lore's design work. His emotion chip malfunctioned and soon he could not control his emotions. And, once that chip was damaged, the only things Lore felt were contempt, hatred, anguish and destruction. He longed for devastation and ruin. He fed off of the sadness and pain and suffering of others around him.

In Lore's eyes, Data was inferior, Dr Noonian Soong was inferior and every single biological lifeform was inferior. Whether it was was an ant or an elephant, Lore knew that he could crush it single-handedly. And, what was worse, Lore could not feel pain, nor was he capable of feeling guilt, which made him even more stronger and more resilient.

As far as Lore could tell, he was doing absolutely nothing wrong. He was angry and he wanted revenge, and, what better way to get your revenge than by waging war? Lore could see no answer to that question, and so he continued. He did not like to feel sorry for himself, but he knew that he was jealous of Data. Who wouldn't be? Data was a high ranking Starfleet officer with numerous links to the highest of Federation authority. Lore was alone, and he had no one.

Lore was scheming, conniving and, most of all, he was clever. His mind was filled with ideas and dreams of dread and sadness, which he wanted to unleash upon not only the world, but the entire galaxy with a simple click of his fingers. He had the intelligence and the means, as well as the solid drive and determination so he could pull off this plan.

But, the Federation was watching...