Chapter Seventeen

The following morning Sam was just waking up when Jack entered the hut carrying something for her breakfast. He thought she looked much better than the day before, much happier, and he hoped it had something to do with him. But now he would have to be the one to make her feel bad, and he dreaded it.

Sam gobbled down the bread and fruit he gave her. She hadn't realized how hungry she was until she'd smelled the freshly baked bread. But as she ate, she became aware that Jack was acting uneasy.

"What's wrong?"


"Jack, I know you. Tell me!"

"I hate to be the one to tell you…"

"Tell me what? Jack, is it Jonathan?"

"No! No, he's fine….except he misses his Mom."

"Then what is it?" Jack took her hands in his, and Sam's heart began to race.

"It's your father. When General Hammond phoned to tell him your were MIA, he found out that your Dad's in the hospital."

"The hospital?!"

"Yes. It's doesn't look good, Sam. He has cancer, and his doctor says they've done all the can."

"Oh my God, no." Sam crumbled at the news, so Jack held her in his arms while she cried. Once she was composed, she asked Jack to take her home right away.

When Sam had emerged from the hut dressed like Xena Warrior Princess, in the leather outfit the Hak'tyl had given her, Jack had told his men to keep their eyes on her face, and their mouths shut, and they had. But walking down the gate ramp later that morning, Sam drew stares from all the men on duty in the gate room and in the control room, including General Hammond, and Jack forgot that he was no longer anyone's CO.

"Eyes front!" he yelled heatedly. All the men, except for General Hammond, did as he ordered.

"Sam, it's good to see you…uh…looking so well," Hammond said somewhat nervously. Then he quickly turned his attention to Jack. "Colonel, congratulations on your successful mission."

"Thank you, Sir, but since I'm not in the Air Force anymore, just call me Jack."

"On the contrary. The Joint Chiefs have authorized me to offer you your old job back. Even though you aren't qualified for front-line duty, you can still be my second-in-command. The truth is they don't want to lose your expertise, Jack."

"But, Sir…"

"Just listen, before you say No. They want you to train new SG personnel, prepare them for missions through the stargate, that sort of thing."

"With all due respect, Sir, NO WAY! I'm not interested, Sir. But tell them I said thanks."

"But Sir, it's a great opportunity for you," Sam said. She'd been thinking about her father until just then. Now her concern shifted to Jack. She had felt sorry for him when he'd told her he was no longer fit for front-line duty, so this seemed like wonderful news to her.

"I said I'm not doing it, Carter. I've got a son who needs me, and if his mother will still have me, I'm gonna marry her." The silence that ensued was deafening.

"Yes, I'll still have you," Sam replied, and everyone within hearing range gasped. Many smiled.

Sergeant Harriman even applauded. Then, "Sorry, Sir," he said, addressing Hammond over the loud speaker.

"Yes…well, I think we should continue this conversation later in my office, after you've both been checked out in the infirmary," Hammond anxiously suggested, wanting to end this embarrassing scene as quickly as possible.

"Yes, Sir," Sam and Jack responded as one.

They had been at Eden Woods for several weeks now, and Jack was really enjoying himself. For a person like himself, one who loved trees and fishing, it was the perfect place to live. And there were other good things about the place too, like the boy seated next to him.

Jonathan had been emulating everything he did. If Jack removed his sunglasses and wiped his face with his hand, the boy did the same thing. If he took a swig of his beer, the boy picked up his can of pop and took a drink. Jack felt very flattered and proud of the boy too. Sam was the perfect wife, Jon was the perfect son, the place was perfect, everything was perfect. All in all, Jack felt like he was living in a paradise…one where he was the king!

"Hey, you two, it's time to come inside for lunch. Bella's making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup."

"Is it that late already?" Jack asked, as he looked up into the sun. A shapely, leggy body appeared out of the glare as Sam came to stand behind him on the little fishing pier.

"It's twelve-fifteen. You've been out here since eight. Come on, Jon, let's go get cleaned up. Maybe you can help Bella make your birthday cake," she said as she reached down and tousled the boy's unruly hair. He was so much like Jack that she often had to stop and stare at the two of them. People often said they saw her in the boy, but she couldn't see it. To her he was Jack, just smaller.

"Cake?! Oh, boy!" The boy quickly reeled in his fishing line and stood up. "Coming, Dad?"

"Yah sure, you betcha! Bella's cooking is something I would never miss," he said honestly, as he quickly gathered up his fishing gear.

On the way up to the cottage where the older couple lived, the boy ran ahead, while Jack and Sam walked at a leisurely pace. He grabbed her hand and held it. He still couldn't believe she was really his wife.

It seemed like everything had happened so fast. First she had been promoted to Major, and then she had led her first mission through the stargate. It had been a quick trip to a planet where some new allies called the Tok'ra lived. SG-5 had met the advanced race on a routine meet and greet, and now her father had a symbiote inside his head and a new lease on life. But that was another story.

Once her father was well enough to travel back through the stargate, Jack and Sam had gotten married in the gate room, with her father, General Hammond, Kawalsky, Ferretti, Daniel, and Teal'c, and of course the ever-present Sergeant Harriman, in attendance. And after that the newlyweds had gone directly to Eden Woods. They hadn't had a honeymoon, but neither one regretted their decision to spend time here with their son.

After ten long years they were finally beginning their lives together, and that was all that mattered to them. Sam planned to go back to work in a week, while Jack would stay here, enjoying the relaxation he had earned and getting to know their son better. Sam had no doubt that he would tire of being a househusband after a while, and then he would go back to work, doing something he enjoyed. She didn't know what that would be, but she didn't care as long as he was happy.

She was VERY happy, and unless she was mistaken she had news that would make their lives even more perfect, but not any less complicated.

After lunch Jonathan was busy in the kitchen with Bella, who had promised he could mix the cake batter if he helped her wash the dishes, so Sam decided it would be a good time to tell Jack her news.

"Jonathan's busy, so why don't we take a walk up to the point?" she asked, as she came up behind him. They were standing on the porch, and he was staring out at the lake, and Sam thought he was still every bit as sexy as the first day she'd met him.

Sam put her arms around his waist, and Jack hoped he knew what she was thinking about. On their second day here they had hiked up to a secluded place on top of a nearby mountain. And there they had made love on a blanket in the shade of towering Aspen trees. Afterward they had laid there looking up at the leaves, which rustled in the breeze, looking like silver scales on some giant fish.

"Yah, sounds good. But you'll need to put on your hiking boots first." She stood on tiptoe and kissed him. In his boots he was five inches taller than her. He liked how small she seemed, like someone he needed to protect, even though he knew she could kick his ass if she set her mind to it.

"Come with me while I get ready," she said as she tugged on his hand.

"Shouldn't we tell Jonathan where we're going?"

"No, he'll want to come along, and I want you all to myself for a while. Come on!" she cried as she let go of his hand and ran for the hotel.

A few minutes later they were both dressed for their hike, and Sam was carrying a blanket in a canvas tote bag, while Jack had a pack over one shoulder. Inside the pack was a bottle of water, two chocolate chip granola bars to satisfy his sweet tooth, and an apple for Sam.

It took them twenty minutes to follow the trail up the mountain and then another ten to reach the little glade that Sam had taken him to that day. The pine needle bed he'd made for them was still there, so Jack helped Sam spread out the blanket over top of it. And then they laid down together, his arm under her head as they looked up at the patch of blue sky and green foliage above them.

"Just think…we've been out there," he said, pointing up to the sky.

"Do you miss it…miss being in the military, miss going through the stargate…any of it?"

"Nah. Why would I, when I have you and our son?"

"And our daughter."

Jack quickly lifted up on his elbow and stared at her. "Our daughter? Sam, are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Uh huh." She watched his startled expression change into a big grin. He was happy, just as she knew he would be.

"Sweet!" he cried, pumping one fist in the air. "But how d'ya know it's a girl?"

"Statistics prove that seventy-three percent of…."

"Ack! No science talk, Sam. You're still on leave."

"Well, then, let's just say that I have a gut feeling it's a girl." He often said he had 'gut feelings' about things, so she knew he understood what she meant.

Jack bent down and gently laid his head on Sam's belly, where he pretended to be listening. After thirty seconds he lifted his head. "Yep! You're right! She said to tell you Hey."

"Hey?" she chuckled.

"Yah. She also promised not to look while I do this," he said, and he bent down and pressed his lips to her inner thigh.

"Ooh, Sir, I don't know if I can resist the temptation," she purred.

"Who said anything about resisting, my sweet Sam?"

With painstaking slowness Jack began peppering her lower half with kisses, while his hand gently squeezed her tender mounds through her top and bra. Sam lifted her hips to help him remove her shorts and panties, and then their fingers worked in tandem as they unfastened his jeans.

Sam's hand felt like warm silk on his cock, as she guided him to her small opening. And then he was pushing inside her, his eyes closed as he drove into her tight passage. With Sam it always felt like the first time. But then he thought of something important.

Suddenly he stopped, and Sam opened her eyes and looked at him. "What's wrong?" she asked, as she held onto his shoulders.

"Is this okay? I mean I wouldn't want to hurt the baby."

"It's fine as long as you take it easy."

"Okay, but you tell me if anything hurts."

"I will, I promise. Now fuck me, or I'll hurt YOU, Mister," she warned, grinning up at him.

"I like it when you talk dirty, Major."

"Then you'll love this, Sir. FUCK ME, COLONEL!"

Jack began to move then, drawing his cock all the way out of her, before sliding back in at a different angle. She gasped, and he knew he'd hit the right spot. Now he began rocking his hips back and forth, and Sam's legs lifted and circled his hips. His mouth found a pert, pink nipple and he sucked hard. Sam cried, climaxing out almost immediately, her orgasm surprising both of them.

"Wow, you're really turned on today," he remarked. Now her muscles were gripping him like a steel vice, making it harder for him to move. But the friction felt fantastic, so he wasn't about to complain. So he put his back into it now and pressed on.

"Pregnancy makes me horny," she responded as she kissed the side of his neck, nibbling at his damp skin.

"Then I think I'm going to keep you pregnant for the rest of your life," he replied, as he continued to thrust and withdraw, fucking her slowly but steadily, until he was rewarded with his own orgasm.

Afterward, they laid together, looking up at the trees and the patch of blue sky. But suddenly Jack had another thought. "Tell me something. If pregnancy makes you horny, how did you deal with it the last time?" he asked. He was puzzled when Sam started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" he asked, lifting up to look down at her smiling face.

"I haven't thought of him in a long time."

"HIM?" Jack asked. If she was going to tell him there'd been someone else, he wasn't sure he wanted to hear it!

"Yes, I had this big, flesh-colored vibrator, and I called it Jack."

Jack breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, that's better. For a minute I thought maybe you had someone else."

Sam patted his cheek and smiled. "No, Jack. There's been no one since you. But I must say that vibrator was very stimulating," she teased, giving him a wicked grin.

"I'll show you stimulating," he growled as he turned her over on her belly. He was hard already just from thinking about her fucking herself with a vibrator, and now he couldn't wait to be inside her again.


Eight months later Sam gave birth to a healthy boy, and they named him Jacob Carter O'Neill. Sam went back to work at the SGC two months after their second son was born, although she rarely went off world anymore. Jack occupied his time teaching flying at a local airstrip and taking care of the boys.

Jacob Carter was still living with the Tok'ra, but every six months or so he would come to Earth to see his grandkids. And though he and Jack had never really hit it off, Jack thought the older man disapproved of him less and less as time went by.

Bella and George had moved to the penthouse suite of the hotel, which was more than big enough for two people. And though they were still managing the place, Sam had hired two new employees to give the Baxters more free time, and to prepare for the day when the older couple would want to retire.

Jack thought he was happier than it was possible for a man to be. But one day, when little Jacob was only three months old, Sam announced that she was pregnant again. This time they finally got their daughter, who they named Grace Ellen, after their mothers. And by the time she was ready to come home from the hospital Jack had completed the three-room addition to the cottage, where the five O'Neills all lived happily ever after.