Samurai of the Old West

Summary: A Ninjago/Rango fanfic taking place during "A Fiery Romance". Pam, Savio, and Pythor end up in Mud of the Old West and ask Rango and Rattlesnake Jake for help on retrieving the feather they needed. And the Snake King gets a little jealous when the Grim Reaper of the Old West gets flirty with Pam. I only own Pam; everyone belongs to his/her proper owners.

Ch.1: A Mariachi Welcome

After jumping out of the portal, Pam opened her eyes to find herself in a vast desert with the hot desert sun shining above them.

"Ai carumba!" she then heard Savio groan. "I know that the rainforest where I am from is always warm, but this heat is too unbearable. I knew I should've brought some moisturizer."

"Well," Pythor replied, "I fortunately know a spell that will keep us cool in this blasted heat." His head-gem then started to glow after he closed his eyes, and a silver bubble appears over the trio before vanishing. Pam and Savio sighed with content as they suddenly felt cool.

"Now that's more like it," Pam said. "Now we'll be able to find this Rattlesnake Jake no problem. To find him, we have to find his brother. Right, Savio?"

"Si, Pamela," the boa answered. "From what I have heard, Sheriff Rango lives in this town called Mud. It used to be called Dirt before the sheriff brought water to the town."

"And how can we—" Pythor was about to ask him a question when he stopped suddenly. "Wait…do you two hear that?" They stood quiet and Mariachi music.

"Where's that music coming from?" Pam asked.

"It sounds like it's…over there," Pythor answered, pointing to the right dune. The three of them then went over to the other side of it, staying close together so as to not leave the comfort of their bubble.

When they got there, they were surprised to find that the music is coming from a mariachi band…of owls! Seriously, they're a group of four owls dressed like mariachi musicians playing instruments to make lovely Latin music. What's even more interesting is that they're the same size as our trio.

"Uh, this is new," Pam said with wide eyes of awe.

"I guess I must have shrunk us so we do not step on any shorter inhabitants," Pythor stated. Savio nodded in agreement as the mariachi owls turned to them and stopped their music abruptly.

"Oh, sorry," Pam said to them quickly. "We didn't mean to interrupt your playing."

"Oh, no need to apologize, senorita," the owl with the guitar answered. "We just weren't expecting to have a human girl and two snakes as an audience…and ones of our size, no less."

"Yeah, this is kinda new to us too," Pythor replied, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Um, excuse us, sirs," Pam then asked, "but do you know where we can find Sheriff Rango of Mud?" The guitar owl smiled at her in reply.

"But of course, senorita," he answered before pointing down to the west. "Just head for the town of Mud which is just a few miles from here. Then look for the building with the Sheriff sign hanging above the doorway. You can't miss it."

"Thanks for your help," she replied before she and her two snake companions headed down west. As they left, the mariachi owls began to play some Latin music as the guitarist began to narrate:

"And so, the young senorita, whom we know refer to as the Snake Maiden because of her two snake companions, heads out for the town of Mud, home to the famous Sheriff Rango. It is for certain that the mysterious trio is seeking his assistance for wanting to find him. But is it his help they seek…or his demise?"

"It's his help, thank you very much!" Pythor called after them before turning to Pam and lowering his voice to a whisper. "What are they doing?"

"It must be a ballad they're doing," she answered. "I hear some bands do that a lot." They then ignored the mariachi owls as their leader resumed narrating:

"So the Snake Maiden and her two snake companions head for the town of Mud, seeking the help of its Sheriff Rango. But what trouble do they have that they seek his aid? That is a mystery we that is to be revealed in the near future."