See if you can guess where the next adventure goes. Enjoy!

Ch.8: Knighting from the King

"After we returned to Mud," Pam then said to her friends in the throne room, "Rango, Jake, and Beans offered to come back here with us so to help us help Garmadon." She then turned to Jake with a teasing glare. "No refusal, of course." The rattler only rolled his eyes in amusement.

"Are you sure that's wise?" asked Zane.

"Not to worry," Rango assured him. "As my deputy, I've put Wounded Bird in charge. 'N' Jake here hired some friends of his who owed him a favor as backup."

"Just some natives from the tribe I've mentioned 'fore," the rattler stated. "'N' of course they owed me one; that nutcase was a real pain in the—"

"JACOB!" Pythor and Beans yelled simultaneously, making him roll his eyes again.

"I was gonna say 'neck'…"

"Well, Jacob," Pythor chuckled, "I for one am glad you offered to come back to Ourobourus with us." Jake turned to him with an arched eyebrow.

"Why's that?" Pythor only held his hand out to his throne.

"Please stand before my throne." Confused as much as everyone else in the room, Jake shrugged and went up to the throne. Pythor then took his staff from one of his Soldiers and slithered up to his throne so that he's standing in front of Jake.

"Rattlesnake Jake," he then said to him, "I have asked you to stand before me because you have proven your worth to me. For your bravery in the face of danger, your devotion to our quest, and your sense of honor in wielding your father's weapon in his memory…" He then raised his staff and gently tapped Jake on the sides of his neck like a king knighting a knight. "It gives me great honor to dub you…the Samurai of the Old West." The others then cheered and applauded in reply, making the surprised look away with slight embarrassment.

"I…I don't know what to say but…" he replied before turning to Pythor and tipping his hat to him. "Thank you, Your Highness. I'll keep on makin' ya proud." Pythor smiled back at him before his head-gem started glowing, and a scroll flew right out of it, fluttering into his hands.

"Ah, perfect timing," he said as he unrolled the scroll. "The clue to the final ingredient."

"I can hardly believe we're almost there," Pam replied with a sigh. "It won't be long until we have Garmadon's cure."

"So what does the scroll say?" asked Leo.

"Nicely done on obtaining the feather, Pythor," the Snake King read out loud. "And to Jacob, I commend you on your knighting. Now you are just one ingredient away from completing the cure. You shall find it in a world outside of our own, and it is three black hairs from a mythical beast that learns to love his enemy who then loves him in return. Turn to the reformed one for guidance. This object that I give to you will grant you passage to that world. Good luck to you."

He then took out the object that came with a scroll, a golden medallion with the engraving of a six-pointed star surrounded by five small pinpoint stars. Pam narrowed her eyes at it in thought.

"You know," she said, "there's something familiar about that engraving, but I can't seem to put my finger on it…"

"I'm sure it will come to you as soon as we get there, Pamela," Pythor said before turning to the others. "Alright, here's the thing: Lloyd, Pamela, and I will go to this outside world along with Nya and Malcho (if he hasn't become full size yet). We will go to this 'reformed one' and ask him to help us in retrieving the black hair from this beast. In the meantime, I need the rest of you to stay here and help watch over the city. No telling when Lawrence and an army he may have will attack."

"Don't worry," Cole replied with a confident smile. "We'll watch everyone else here like they're our own." Pythor then turned to Zane.

"And Zane…since you are like a brother to Pamela, I ask that you take good care of Vipera for me while I'm away. I'm not sure how long we will be gone this time, but…"

"Do not worry," the Nindroid replied before picking up the little Anacondrai gently and holding her in his arms. "Your sister will be safe with me." Pythor smiled in reply as Vipie then hugged Zane by the neck.

"Alright then," Pythor replied. "Let's get the portal ready." They all then headed out of the room, Pythor and Jake being the last. But before they reached the door, Jake stopped Pythor with a tail on the shoulder.

"Just a sec, Pythor. I wanna ask ya somethin' 'bout Pam." He then turned to his friend.

"What is it, Jacob?"

"Have ya given any thought 'bout when ya wanna propose to her?" Pythor's face became red at that question. He thought he was teasing him, but the serious look on the rattler's face said otherwise.

"Well…I guess…once I have a ring," he answered with a slightly sheepish shrug. "But…why ask such a question?" Jake then reached into a pocket on one of his belts and took out an object in his mouth. He then dropped it into Pythor's held out hand, revealing it to be a golden ring with an amber stone on it.

"I found this on Cain," Jake then explained. "No doubt he stole it from one of his victims, but I'm perty sure whosever it was wouldn't mind you havin' it to propose to Pam."

"But…isn't that a bit sudden?" the surprised Pythor asked.

"You love that gal enough to wanna marry her?" He nodded in answer. "Well, then ya gotta do it now or soon. Otherwise, ya might lose her to someone like ya thought ya did before." Pythor looked down at the ring with realization before clutching it firmly.

"Alright then…I'll propose to her as soon as I can." With that agreed upon, the two snakes left the room, unaware that a scorpion with glowing red eyes was watching them.


Within a dark room, Lawrence watched his crystal ball showing what his scorpion spy has witnessed. He only smirked in reply when Pythor and Jake have left the room.

"So…Pythor wants to marry my daughter, does he? Well, if he thinks he can stop me from conquering Ninjago and can save Garmadon, he's got another thing coming…HUNN!"

His henchman then stepped forward, revealing himself now as some large turtle/human mutant, the form he had when exposed to some mutating ooze and the turtles. Lawrence took away his human form and changed him back to his mutant form as punishment for losing his armies back in New York City and getting most of them thrown into prison, leaving only a small handful left.

"You called, Master?" he asked, kneeling before him.

"Gather these armies to join us," Lawrence said, handing him a scroll. "We are attacking Ourobourus on the day after they are all gathered under my control. And don't you dare fail me again." Hunn winced at those words before standing up again.

"Yes, Master." Then he rushed out of the room to carry out his mission.