The Frozen Phoenix.

Chapter One: Not all Snakes are Evil.

In the smallest room of Number Four Privet Drive, a raven haired, green eyed teenager slammed his head on his worn desk. Harry Potter was getting annoyed easily lately, even before the summer started he was on edge. He worried mainly about Sirius getting caught or that something was going to go wrong at the Quidditch Championship.

If anything Harry wasn't stupid, though he didn't apply himself at the magical school Hogwarts mainly because of his years before. He noticed something off around the middle of his first year, with a small chat to Hermione he found that Sprout had gone to her home to notify her and her parents about her new abilities. He found similar stories with other Muggle-Born students and found another thing out, they all received books or a manual of sorts on the world they were entering.

Where he had got Hagrid, though he liked the half-giant, the man was limited in his knowledge of the wizard world unless it was deadly or furry. He had a small talk to Sirius who told him that Lily didn't talk often about her sister but when she did it wasn't anything nice. So that begged the question, why was he here?

Harry looked around the smallest room that, had once been Dudley's second room. Everything in the room was broken or worn, the bed was lumpy and stinked, the dresser was missing a leg and the desk was literally on its last year. One side of his room was for Dudley's crap and the rest was what little Harry owned which was mainly stuff from the wizard world. He hated it here, every year he came here to the people who had abused him and starved him. The more he thought about it, the more he wondered why he wasn't insane or dark.

He didn't dwell on those thoughts, he had more important things at hand. He had never been told about the Potter family will or vault, being that he was fourteen he should have been awarded the vault being he had no family. It stood to reason that if the Weasleys and Blacks had a family vault then so would the Potters, yet he had only been to his 'Trust' account.

The more he thought about the last four years since getting his letter the more everything pointed to Dumbledore. It seemed like the first two years were a test, stopping Voldemort both times killing both a Professor and Basilisk in the process. Last year seemed to have been random, he couldn't have known that Sirius would escape.

The way he heard from Charlie was that Hogwarts was fairly peaceful while they were there. Yes some people things happened to but not the level of fighting Trolls and Cerberus on the first year then moving up to a death staring snake and dementors.

Harry sighed running a hand through his musky hair, he couldn't remember when he had been allowed to shower or brush his teeth.

He couldn't go to anyone with Dumbledore's connects, that included Sirius, Arthur, Neville Longbottom and Susan Bones. Ron wouldn't understand, Malfoy would laugh and that left him with only one Pure-Blood that might answer him.

Daphne Greengrass, while she was in his year she kept to herself and Tracey Davis. From what he understood she was the Slytherin Ice Queen, basically she glared at anyone who tried to speak with her and always looked with calculation. She was very attractive, she had striking dark brown hair and bright ice blue eyes with a very petite frame work. She had never openly attacked or supported Harry during his time at Hogwarts though she was neutral, she had training of Pure- Bloods which was something he need being the last of his line.

Harry dug around under his bed picked up a good quill and some parchment, using what little sunlight he had left he started to write. By the time the sun had fallen and the darkness had spread he was finished. He was asking her for help, something he rarely did to anyone, he wanted to know what his place was in this world.

He looked over at his snowy owl Hedwig and smiled "So, I don't really know where she lives." He said softly "Think you could find Daphne Greengrass for me girl?"

Hedwig stuck out her leg with a small hoot, she was always a smart bird. Harry tied the letter to her leg and fetched her a quick owl treat. When the bird turned to take off she nipped him lightly on the hand, almost telling him to never doubt her.

Harry watched the bright dot until it faded over the horizon, he had his head out the window a little and smelled the awful smell of liquor, and he could even hear snores. Disgusted Harry went back inside and locked the window, he flicked on a small light without a shade and pulled out a defense book starting to read.

Somewhere in small hills of Somerset, England a teenage girl was brushing her deep brown hair which reached down to her mid back. Daphne was preparing for bed, she did this every night brushed her hair and teeth. While she knew she would have to brush it again in the morning she found it relaxing. When she brushed her hair she would let her mind wander, being that she was from a Pure-Blood family she was well skilled in the mental arts and used this time to look over her shields.

Each house was famous for some magical trait and the Greengrass's were known for sharp eyes. Where observation can be taught or learned this is where they differed, their eyes could read lips, body language and emotions thus knowing what a person was saying. The way they did this was by pushing magic into their eyes which in turn glazed them slightly like a sheet of ice. It wasn't as rare like a Seer or Parseltounge but it was more accepted and used often. It was often know as the 'Glacier' Effect.

A sharp tack on her window made her jump a little, being so engrossed in her thoughts it surprised her. She glanced over and saw a beautiful white owl, she only knew one person who owned such an owl, Harry Potter.

Slowly she walked over to the window, and opened it a little. The bird stood at her sill and starred at her almost sizing her up, or thinking she had found the right target. "You're Potter's Owl aren't you?" She stated more as a fact than a question.

The owl bowed her head gently and stuck out her leg, Daphne removed the letter cautiously using her wand. Where as being a Muggle-born this would get you in trouble as a Pure-Blood it very rarely happened. With a wave she found it was as it appeared to be, a letter.

Now she was interested, Potter had barely spoken to her yet she knew all about him. While everyone thought he was average at best with extreme luck she knew better. He was gifted in Charms and Defense, talented in Transfiguration and Potions, the only thing he seemed to not be decent at was Divination and History but if they had competent teachers she knew this would change. She knew all about the Stone and Basilisk she also found it very interesting that Sirius Black had been hunting Potter all year then suddenly took off and left whereas days before Potter was in the hospital wing again.

Daphne opened the letter slowly and began to read.

To Miss Daphne Greengrass.

I am terribly sorry to ask this of you but I seem to have a problem I think only you can solve. Being that I am in a sense part of the Pure-Blood line being a Potter, I have no knowledge of this world. Dumbledore seems to be trying his hardest to make that a fact, I have no one else to turn to because of his reach and of my enemies. You have never said hateful things to me nor have you ever openly accepted me so I have no reason to hate you. Being that you were raised a Pure-Blood, I would assume that you had a better understanding than that of myself.

If you could offer me your aid, I will do everything in my power to make it up to you. Simply ask within reason.

Sign, Harry James Potter.

She let out a small laugh and sigh when she read this, she knew Potter was about as confused to the wizard world as a broken clock was to a different hour. Of course she could tell him no or even ignore him but he did bring up a good point. She had never hated him or supported him so the fact he was asking someone outside his circle for help did mean something.

She looked at the owl who was watching her with almost a wondering look, she sighed softly "I will send Potter a reply in the morning, and you are more than welcome to stay. I have my own Owl, who could send Potter the reply if you want to leave." She explained to reasonably smart owl, were most left after they delivered this one waited.

The owl bowed her head softly and tucked her head into her wing, Daphne took that as she was going to wait until the morning. With that Daphne slid into her bed and turned out the candle.

Daphne woke up around eight like always during the Summer Holiday, she normally studied in the library or chatted with her sister. She looked at her window to find the snowy owl with amber eyes watching her quietly, in truth the owl was kind of creepy the way it just watched. The Slytherin rose from her bed and trudged to her private bathroom, where she took a quick shower and towel dried her hair. He dressed comfortably in a Forest green T-Shirt and shorts then started to brush her hair again, the owl gave a small hoot trying to gather her attention.

Daphne nodded a little and pulled a fresh sheet of parchment from a drawer and quill. She started the letter.

To Harry James Potter.

To say I am surprised that a Gryffindor, Glory-Boy would contact a Slytherin is simply amazing though I will not complain. You said you have no idea about this world and I readily agree, I have not actively followed you but I know very much about you. The feud with Malfoy, Basilisk and Dementors. Do not ask how I know these things because I have a wide network of 'allies' that I use for information. If there is one thing I will tell you it is that information is gold in this world, while money opens doors, information seals them. Being the last Potter, half-blood or not, you are or at least should be a Lord. Lord is the head of a family or house, my father is one and Lucius Malfoy is as well.

Being the last of your line, you should also study on the Wizengamot, as I know that the Potter's own at least four seats on the court. These seats have votes on the court meaning you can use them to agree on bills or not. Also I advise you look into your family history.

Should you have any more questions I would be happy to answer, on this term. I know all about you Potter, yet I know nothing of you. Should you allow it I would like to spend some time with you either during the summer or at School. Do not worry about the house policies as I really do not care. I will be at the Quidditch World Cup, if you plan on attending, I shall see you then.

Sign, Daphne Alexis Greengrass.

Daphne smiled at her letter, it let him know where to get started and should have him leave her alone for a while, as he looked for the information. She really did want to get to know about Potter, to nearly everyone he was an enigma. Granger and the Weasleys were the only ones who were close to him.

In Hufflepuff they didn't mind Potter, Ravenclaw was trying to keep to themselves and Slytherin only had one voice when it came to the raven haired teen. Draco Malfoy, who tried his best to make it seem like Harry was an Evil Bigot. She wondered if Draco could change his views, being raised by such a man as Lucius Malfoy that would be a challenge but how she loved a challenge.

Harry was working in the garden, which he hated doing may he remind you. He was lucky that the Dursleys were leaving in a few for lunch and he would be left alone to do the chores which included this, cutting the lawn, cleaning the dishes and vacuuming. It wasn't a bad day other than a little hot, he was going to speed through the chores and shower before they came back, Merlin knew he needed it.

After a few minutes he had pulled all the weeds, careful not to pull any of Aunt Petunia's lily flowers. Harry knew full well that his Aunt really did miss her sister but living with an ignorant man such as Uncle Vernon left little time to grieve. With a single pull he started the lawnmower and began to cut the grass.

"Boy!" A deep voice shouted at the door, he released the bar and looked over at his uncle as the noise died.

Vernon growled a little "We'll be back in an hour, try not to burn down the house." He snarled "And if I find so much as one attempt at the door." He was talking about the cupboard where most of his Wizard things were. He was able to smuggle a few things into his room but most of his stuff was locked away.

Harry held up his hands "Yes, Yes I know." He said calmly trying to ignore the whale of a man "I'll be locked in my room until School starts."

Vernon grunted "Do not leave the house." He instructed.

Harry nodded again and started to cut the grass once more.

The yard wasn't that large so it only took him around half-an hour to cut nicely. When he went in through the back he was almost surprised to see a small cup of water and a note on the counter.

'When you have finished the chores, remember you are making dinner. You are not to eat until we return, when dinner is finished we will discuss what your meal shall be.' He read as he sipped on his water, they did this a lot. Should his chores not be completed then he would not eat, if they were done poorly he would get at most a slice of bread and a cup of water.

He started what dishes remained from breakfast this morning which didn't take him long as he was used to doing them at this point. When that was finished he stepped to vacuuming the carpeted rooms, the steps and then the bed rooms. He did this very carefully and in the same way his Aunt had showed him when he was old enough to do this which was about six or five.

He stowed the machine and checked his mental list of chores, as far as he knew he was done other than starting dinner. Which being it was only lunch wasn't for a while, quickly he ran to the bathroom and started to shower using his own shower gear from Hogwarts.

His thoughts drifted as he showered, he thought back to his first year and something hit him like a brick. Mrs. Weasley was talking about the platform to her children, which was how he got on. Why would she do that? All her children had been to the platform since Bill had gotten his letter. That's when he realized something they wanted to find him, they were looking for the lost kid with raven hair. He slammed his fist onto the tiled wall "Damn it." He growled, was Ron acting on his friendship? Was that why he hated Hermione at first? Why he never wanted to study?

He couldn't tell, he did know this though. He met Malfoy first, was confused at the time and didn't like how arrogant he was. Ron was second and he made the attempt to be his friend, but he asked about his scar first which silently annoyed him.

Harry fumed silently as he thought, he took a ten minute shower and towel dried his hair which was slightly longer than normal he noted it grew after he met Sirius, he removed a small rubber band off his wrist and pulled his hair back into a small ponytail. He redressed in what he could find that was reasonably clean, then he noticed Hedwig was back looking at him with almost a look of pity.

The Teen sighed "Hey girl." He said softly walking over to his prized bird and companion. "Did she reply?" He asked looking down at her leg and saw a letter tied on.

Harry smiled brilliantly and removed the note, he read it silently and sighed in relief and to control his anger. His friends had been keeping things from him, he knew they were hiding something from him. Hermione might be his only friend but she was also connected to Dumbledore and wouldn't understand his new status. If he could get Sirius away from the old man then he was sure that his god-father would side with him.

So his first goal was to get to Gringotts, that would be a slight problem but he was sure he could fix. Greengrass wanted to get to know him in return for her help, he wasn't about to tell her no being that she didn't ask for anything more or less. He removed another spare piece of Parchment from under his bed and scrawled a quick note to Gringotts to see if he could get a Portkey. He knew the ways of Wizard travel in hopes that he could find his way out of this pit, Broom he would be spotted, Apperation had to be learned and he didn't know where to start, Floo only worked when hooked to the main line and Muggles sure weren't, that left him with the Portkey but those were also few and far between.

"I'll send it off tomorrow, unless you want to take it today?" He spoke looking at Hedwig, who gave a hoot and started to drink water "Thought so." He said casually, slipping on a shirt and opened his defense book again.

Not knowing how much he just threw things into motion.

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