Chapter Twenty Three: Yule II

Black on Black, he adjusted his tie and nodded in approval, his green eyes flashing with power as he looked in the mirror. His hair was somewhat tamed but it wasn't likely to stay that way long, knowing how much his date loved to run her fingers through it. The thought of dancing started to pound in his head and he was happy that he knew how to, unlike most in his year, despite McGonagall's teaching.

"You excited Harry?" He heard Neville ask from his left, his dull silver robes complimented his figure and made his eyes stand out a little more.

Harry cracked a grin, looked at his watch and then left without a word, heading for the Chamber to unlock the Floo for Nott.

The Chamber brought about thought's he'd rather not visit at the moment, most of them included what his Ancestor and Salazar had. The Founder had refused to explain much, other than the fact they did not wed and Belladonna ended up dying alone; though she was very loved by her brother and Sal himself.

He of coursed put together that Arthur was the likely reason, the one that Bell had almost died saving from a Dragon. Given the era, and stories that came from it, he had reason to believe that it was The Arthur, Arthur Pendragon; the King of Camelot.

With Salazar asleep it made the Chamber silent as he walked to the Fireplace "Ignis: Belladonna." He whispered to the flames, and smiled as they burned a bright green of the standard Floo "Nott Estate." He spoke once more, before sticking his head into the Fire.

The Fire-Room as it were, was rather plain and reminded him of a sitting room from the more expensive houses. "Theo, you ready?" He whispered, his gaze looking around very slowly making sure they were alone. The Nott heir was hovering in the corner, glanced at the door and then started to walk towards the fire light.

"Step back Potter." Nott spoke in his cool and calm voice, but a smile was gracing his features. Within seconds the fire flashed, and the Potter heir held his hand out to the Nott. The young man was wearing expensive looking black robes, with dull purple undertones; Tracey was wearing a violet ball gown. "Thank you again."

Harry gave the Nott another look over, before coming to the conclusion "You're taller….more filled out…" He said lowly, his eyes scanning for something else "The Winter Solstice powers your family?"

Nott shook his head "No, we're just more tied to the bonds of magic than some, other Ancient houses have their ritual's." He explained to the Orphan, who only knew so much "Mine does the Winter, and if I'm not mistaken, the Potter's did the Autumn Equinox."

Harry nodded slowly not really sure how to respond, he began leading the young man through the Chamber. Theo looked around in wonder, the Secret Chamber of his House, the workplace and safe-haven of Salazar Slytherin. "It's not exactly as I imagined it." He confessed but still smiled as he looked around.

Harry shrugged, a small smirk gracing his features "I'm fairly certain Salazar only came down here to work on things that shouldn't be overseen. After all, he was a Potion's genius right?" He lead Nott through the second down and towards the Pipe access. "Stairs." He whispered to the metal walls and ever so slowly the command was received.

As the pair was about to step out of the Bathroom, Harry felt a sharp heat flashing through his chest and stopped "Go on Nott, I'll just be a moment I need to lock the Chamber." With a nod, the young man vanished through the doorway and into the small sea of students. Flicking his wand at the door, the wood seemed to compress and a seal was made.

From within his robes, he pulled out a small mirror with a lightning bolt and lily's gracing it's metal back. "Padfoot." He spoke in a calm voice, looking at the image of his surrogate father.

"Stalker, we need to talk." Sirius said lowly, his eyes darting around and it was clear he wasn't at home either "You remember Germany? The Duchess." His voice was full of worry.

"What about it?" Harry asked suddenly, his eyes narrowing "You didn't."

Sirius looked a bit sheepish at the statement "I did…I know me and Amy have a thing…but Merlin she was so…." He trailed off, a small smile on his features.

Harry pinched the bridge on his nose "So what is going on?" He growled lowly, his eyes narrowed at the man.

Sirius sighed "Beatrice said that the Duchess is sending men to talk to you, and me." He spoke weakly, a few wrinkles worn on him as he frowned "They're dangerous, be careful."

"Oh, I remember."


Harry and Sirius walked along the worn cobblestone path before them, towards the rather imposing yet beautiful mansion in the distance. "What are we doing in Germany again?" He asked with a frown, he had planned to take Daphne out for icecream again.

Sirius just gave a small sigh "We've been invited by my distant cousin, Beatrice Virgo Black." He explained, running a hand through his hair.

Harry gave his God-Father a dull look, then coughed "Let me clarify, what am I doing here?" He stated simply, a brow raised waiting for an answer.

Sirius rubbed the back of his head "Well, you see…Beatrice had a brother….Noah…who…had a daughter…who the Duchess Clarissa, see's as a daughter…and Laura is your age…maybe a year older." He struggled to get out, wincing as he waited for the explosion.

Harry took a second, and then without warning threw a side punch at Sirius, which hit him in the shoulder and made him stagger "You set me up with someone I don't even know!" He snarled out, his eyes glowing with anger.

Sirius put his hands up in surrender, before rubbing his shoulder "Look, I know that you and Greengrass have something good, not many Pure-blood's are willing to dance to Muggle music." He spoke off-handedly, then dodged another punch "I did tell you to close your door."

"Whatever, let's get this over with!" He snarled, stomping towards the house.

"Harry, wait!" He called out, catching up to his God-Son and stopping him. "Look the Duchess is dangerous, she is part of the Trinity, which control all of Germany." He tried to explain.

Harry raised a brow, looking slightly confused "I thought that Germany had a Parliament, like our Ministry? How can three people run a country?" He voiced out, as they started to walk towards the mansion again.

"Simple, the Parliament handles the simple stuff and discipline but the Trinity create new laws and are the voices of reason. If it was two or four, they'd never get anything done but with three, they always have the majority somewhere. The Duchess of Grimm, is the youngest of the three, she's thirty six, and is close to my distant family; who are her vassals. The Duke of Warren, is the oldest at a hundred and four, he's often seen as a traditionalist. Finally, The Duke of Rhine, who is about forty, is a lot like me."

"What a party guy who wants nothing to do with politics and would rather be on the front lines?" Harry joked good naturely, a small smile that soon turned to a frown as Sirius nodded his head. "Well, that's interesting. They're all named after landmarks?"

Sirius nodded, holding his hand up as they approached the mansion, and with his free hand he knocked with the brass hound head knocker. A few moments passed before a young woman answered the door, by her choice of attire she was a maid of the mansion; if Sirius had a tail at the moment, it would've been wagging.

"Ja, wie kann ich Dir helfen?" The woman questioned in a simple voice, a brown eye brow raised in waiting.

Sirius pulled out a book from his back pocket, flipping through the pages quickly "Er… Ich bin, Sirius, hören zu sprechen….Bea?" He questioned as he flipped through the translation book.

The woman let out a laugh after a moment and then held the door open, the smile on her face was genuine "I imagine, that you meant here, not hear. Mr. Sirius." It was clear that the woman had been taught English from a young age, she barely had an accent.

Sirius began turning red from embarrassment "I haven't been to Germany in many years, is Bea expecting us?" He asked simply, the colour gone in a few moments.

"Indeed, Lady Black has been expecting a Sirius Black and Harold Potter. Though I must ask to see some form of Identification, never can be too careful." She explained holding her hand out, to examine their passports. After a moment, she nodded and gave the little green books back "Everything seems to be in order, please follow me Sir's."

The building was beautiful, full of polished marble stone walls, with delicately hung portraits of ancestors. Large ornate windows, let light shine through to the plush gray rug that protected the stone floors. Soon they came across a large set of doors, the which opened as they drew ever near, inside sat four women, two roughly Sirius' age, one about as old as Professor McGonagall and then one Harry's age.

"Lord Sirius Orion Black of Britain, and Heir Harrison James Potter- Black of Britain" The maid said in a calm and clear voice, obviously trying to express that the two Englishmen spoke, well English.

"The Lady of the House, Beatrice Virgo Black." The maid gestured towards the Lady, sitting near the window, laying across a chase. Black hair cut short at her shoulders, held out of her purple colored eyes with a silver clip. Her purple lips parted for a moment, as a smile crossed her features "Sirius, how are you?" She spoke with a bare accent, moving to stand "It has been much too long."

"Her Brother's Widow, Charlotte Ann Black nee Garber." The woman looked very studious, her long brown hair held in tightly in a ponytail. Silver frames hid dull looking blue eyes, the eyes of someone who has seen far too much. "Pleasure." The word was rough, the accent clear in her voice.

"Current Heir, Laura Mira Black." The young woman, whose mane of redish blonde hair slightly confused the Potter-heir, but her violet colored eyes proved her ancestry. The teen was sitting near the door, and smiled up at her cousin and the Potter "Guten Tag." She spoke lightly.

"Finally Former Lady, Lyra Georgina Black." The woman's hair was ashen, held in place through a bun, her features while no longer full of youthful beauty, had sharpness that frankly surprised the two men for two reasons. Sirius had assumed that Lyra had died and Harry didn't like the way she was glaring at him.

Sirius gave a slight bow of his head, before striding over to Bea and enveloping her into a large hug and lifting her into the air; the two of them laughed. "It has been! Merlin, you haven't changed an inch!" He gave a bark of laughter.

Bea turned red at the comment on her height, her face lined with Sirius' chest "Well at least I don't have gray hair!" She barked back, a wolfish grin covering her features.

Sirius drew a gasp, his eyes growing wide "I was sure I got them all!..." The he gave her a dull look as he held onto his hair "You're still a bitch too, I see."

"And proud of it, Mutt!"

"Merlin, now I remember why I stopped visiting."

Harry raised a brow, turning to Laura "I take it you don't speak English?" He asked calmly, his voice a perfect deadpan.

The blond raised a brow, looking at him with confusion.

"Yep, figures." He sighed, running his hand across his face, Sirius deserved what he was about to do "So Siri, you excited to see your date!"

"Date?" Then his eyes widen, looking at his God-Son for a split second "You son of-" He started but was stopped by Bea, who jumped in front of him with Lyra behind her.

"That's right! You're Rissa's date! We need to get you ready!" She almost screamed, looking at the wall clock and paling, punching him in the chest, hard. "YOU WERE LATE!?" She screamed loudly this time "Tina, dear please make sure that Harry is ready in an hour." She spoke softly to the now named maid, before pushing Sirius out of the room.

Harry looked in pity at the retreating form of his God-Father "She always like that?" He asked Tina and Laura. Both of whom nodded after Tina translated, he scratched the back of his head "We'll let's get this over with shall we?"


"Champions! Over here please!" He could hear Babbling's voice call out of the crowd, his eyes kept scanning for the dress that his date should be wearing. Daphne was nothing if not illusive when she wanted to be, it was likely how she kept firmly under the radar of most people. Giving himself a light shrug, he figured that she would find her way over to him eventually.

Hands in his pockets, his tie undone and his vest was unbuttoned, it gave him the air of someone who simply didn't care. His expression didn't change as he slipped next to the other Champions, his eyes scanning them for information.

Cedric had worn black and yellow, while it would normally look like a Bee, Cedric had pulled it off rather well, not too much but not too little either. On his arm was Cho Chang, who looked rather beautiful in her oriental themed gown, which was a brilliant silver color that had highlights of gold. Harry had to admit, they looked good together.

Krum was wearing bold red robes, with fur accents and a small shoulder cape, his features seemed even more surly than normal, likely because of the attention. Someone Harry didn't know was hanging on his arm, based on her fur themed dress, she was a fellow student; she reminded him of Freya, muscles and all.

Based on the glow to his left, he assumed that it was Fleur, who had really outdone herself, in satin silver. The dress was rather tight and seemed to be cut expertly in certain areas, likely to make her stand out more than usual; she wanted to be Queen. She had been escorted by Rodger Davis, who was wearing a black Muggle style tuxedo.

"Arry!" Fleur had called out as soon as she noticed him, her blue eyes sizing him up and then the area around him "No date?" She asked cocking her head to the side.

A laugh erupted from the right, it was light and melodious "I apologize for my tardiness, it took me ages to get my hair just right." Silver blue eyes caught his, and she stepped out of the shadows.

Daphne was beautiful, her hair was perfectly messy, make up lightly done but simply perfect. Her dress hugged her developing curves, then bellowed out at the bottom, stopping just shy of the floor allowing her white heels to be seen. The dress was the color of frost, with small hues of purple and blue that make the dress look as if it was forged by the Gods of Yule themselves.

She quickly stepped towards him and placed a kiss on his stunned lips "Shape up, you'll embarrass me." She whispered, her small fingers pulling his tie into shape.

Harry gave her the trademarked Potter grin, his features still easy going as his hands buttoned up his vest, normally one should wear a jacket but he opted out. From his pants pocket he pulled out a silver chain, his arms encircling her neck and closed the clasp.

Daphne raised a brow, glancing at the necklace that was just barely resting above her light bust. It looked like an icicle but she knew that it was a Sapphire, held in place with a silver ring and a chain. He knew her tastes so well. "I was beginning to think you had forgotten."

"Please, as if." He kissed her once more before turning to Babbling's voice.

"If you two are done." She said in a stern voice, though it didn't meet her face, as she smiled softly at him "Champions, you shall enter the hall in pairs." She motioned for Cedric "Diggory, you'll be first, House rules." She explained, then moved Krum and his Date behind the Hufflepuff Champion "Mr. Krum, you'll go after Diggory." She motioned for Fleur and Davis to stand behind Krum "Miss. Delacour, you'll go after Krum." She then gave the pair a glance, a small sigh coming from her lips "Potter, you'll go last, everything is in order then, Champions, please wait for my signal."

Harry casually took her arm, his features still calm and confident, his eyes not once truly leaving Daphne's figure "You're beautiful." He spoke softly, pulling her a little closer than necessary.

Daphne gave him a soft smile, the one that seemed to highlight each and every freckle across her nose. "Am I? Well, you're not so bad yourself." She gave a slight giggle, a small wink at him caused his eyes to turn a brighter shade of green.

Harry was silent as Diggory moved forward, his eyes still locked onto her "I'm speaking from the heart here Daph, you're stunning, how did I get so lucky?" He asked almost in a confused voice towards the end.

Daphne bit back another laugh "Dipstick, you didn't get lucky, you were cute then, and you're cute now. That's all there is too it." She pulled him down to whisper into his ear "But, I happen to like the new you." Her voice much like a stream, smooth and graceful.

"So you've said." Krum had gone and Fleur was about to walk through the doors "Have to admit, never thought a Curse could be a good thing, sounds like a fairytale." He gave her another roguish smile, her eyes flashing at his confession, and she could see no lie in his speech, or body language, he was speaking the truth.

"Slytherin." She said with a small shrug and a grin "We have to do things the hard way."

"Potter!" Babbling's voice interrupted the thought process and the moment, she was waving him forward it was only then that he noticed the room to be empty.

"Bollocks!" He mumbled out, his back straight and his head held high, arm still firmly around Daphne's as the pair walked forward, like they were the only things that mattered. She was the Queen after all, and that would make him the King, and they demanded to be seen as such.

The Hall was beautiful, and only seemed to make Daphne's dress even more stunning, she was truly the Queen of the Hall, of the entire event. Together they seemed to shine, the Moon and the blanket of Darkness around it. The Hall's walls were covered in frost, ivy, mistletoe, ferns and small floating candles made the area seem like a winter wonderland. The House tables were missing and replaced with dozens of smaller round tables, seeming to be able to hold a dozen or so people.

Every eye in the Hall seemed to be watching them, they had taken their time but that wasn't on purpose, it could be the simple fact that Daphne was beautiful. Harry could spot a few of the older girls looking at him like some sort of gem, and wasn't really thrilled about the stares Daphne was getting.

The pair spotted the other Champions taking their seats at the head table, so they calmly made their way towards the grouping. Spotting a pair of open seats next to McGonagall, they quickly took them from Cedric and Cho as they drew near. "Hello Professor McGonagall, you're looking stunning today." Harry spoke in a calm voice, his features still non-caring.

McGonagall almost did a double take at him as he sat down to her left, she then went through a range of emotions, all of which Daphne picked up on, first she seemed saddened, then mournful, accepting, then happy once more "You reminded me of him, you know that correct, Potter?" She asked in a soft voice, almost like a grandmother would, beginning to tell a young child a story.

Harry rubbed the back of his head, a smile across his features "Sirius mentioned that Dad wore a suit like this to the Wedding." He confessed, his suit was very much inspired from his Father's and James had taken the thought from his Father, so on.

McGonagall nodded soberly "I remember it quite vividly, it was beautiful, she was stunning and he was handsome when he cleaned himself up." She closed her eyes at the thought, a small tear escaped her eye and she quickly swiped it away. "Anyway, I believe it is time to order something to eat, Mince Pie." She said to her plate and suddenly, the dish appeared in front of the woman "I hope the rest of you get the idea."

Harry gave her a grin, glancing at the menu "Seared Scallops." He heard Daphne order in a clear and powerful voice, and with a shrug "Fish and Chips." He spoke without a care, he didn't much care for what he ate anymore, living with the Dursley's gave him a different outlook on food.

Everyone ate in relative silence, Fleur was whispering to Rodger about how impressive her school's take on Yule was than Hogwarts; Harry didn't really care. After what had happened with Moody, Crouch was arrested as well for aiding and abiding a fugitive and orchestrating an escape of Azkaban, the man would be lucky to live to see the sky again. The new head of the DIMC, a middle aged man by the name of Hayden McGregor, rather average looking gentleman with a full light brown beard and a small scar across his left eye.

Harry and Daphne kept sneaking each other glances, the two of them picked at the others food, as they normally did when they shared a meal together. Soon the food was gone and McGonagall was on her feet "Champions, to the floor please." She spoke in a composed voice, the smile never leaving her face as she dimmed the lights and magically pushed the tables back a little.

The Champions waited, listening for the soft rhythm of music to flow through the air, finding the beat and then taking the first gentle steps. Cedric and Cho moved fluidly with the other, like they had been on the dance floor their whole lives; Harry figured they might have. Krum and Harper; as Harry found her name to be, moved far more rougher, almost like they fought for control. Fleur and Rodger were almost pitiful, the French woman basically dragged the dumbstruck Ravenclaw across the floor.

Their pairing on the other hand, moved with seasoned ease, several dances with the other; at parties and in practice, had prepared them for this, and each move was perfect. He dipped, twirled, and stepped in perfect tune with her, making sure that he stayed firmly in the lead, like she had taught him but every few steps she would test him; she always tested him.

The slow dance suddenly became much faster, the pair separated to give them room to move much more quickly. As the song passed, everyone slowly started to watch the pair, Daphne was the true star of the dance, being able to move like that with her heels was impressive. Harry suddenly closed the distance, taking her waist and her hand, he started to guide her through more impressive steps.

Daphne smiled grew wider as he guided her across the small circle they had made around them, the band playing to them now; at least in her mind. She didn't think this night could get much better, that was until she saw a group of people in black walk through the Great Doors; their body language screamed hostile.

She swallowed as their eyes tracked them, and stayed there; they were here for Harry, or for her…she didn't know which one made her fear more.


Harry and Laura had stopped to take a break, he had to admit that she could dance very well and had likely been trained from a young age. The dress she was wearing wasn't too reveling but hugged her curves perfectly, it was a bright silver colour with highlights of charcoal.

Harry paused as he heard her speak, it had taken him all but thirty minutes of her babbling to ask for a translation ring; something that all higher society parties had, to prevent miscommunication. "You dance well." The only issue that he found with the rings, they were dull sounding.

"Thank you." He said, feeling his voice twist in the air around him "As do you."

Laura looked up, the Ballroom was packed with people from around the German area and nearby countries. She grew a smile, then with her own voice asked softly "Outside?" It was rough, but he understood.

Harry shrugged his shoulders, she smiled and took his hand, quickly leading him towards one of the many side doors. The gardens were beautiful, but he knew this was the public garden, nothing exciting or interesting out here; everything was perfectly safe, to prevent incidents.

"Follow." She spoke again, she seemed to know a few words of English herself, to prevent the Translation ring from limiting her vocal pitch; she sounded like a curious child.

Harry let her drag him through the garden and towards a large gate "Maze." She pointed at the door, a smile coming across her features, slipping off her low heels "Catch." She said quickly before bolting through the now open doors. Her laugh rang through the air, he had to admit for such a rough language, she had a soft voice.

He laughed softly, giving her a few seconds before walking into the maze himself "Here I come." He called out, hearing his voice translate into German as he said it; such a weird feeling.

Harry spent the next few minutes looking for the young woman, coming across many dead ends in the process. He paused when he heard a soft giggle, then a splash of water, turning in a corner, he saw her standing on the marble edge of a large fountain, kicking into the water with her left foot and a large smile on her face. "Found you." He said a little too loudly.

The young woman jumped at the voice, slipping on the water that she had kicked up and as she was just about to fall into the crystal clear water below her; she felt a hand grab onto her elbow and pulled her back onto the grass. She landed onto something soft but jagged at the same time, she heard a groan as she tried to find someplace to put her hand. "Danke, Pardon." She spoke with a blush.

"It's fine, can you get off please." He grumbled, she had placed her hand with most of her upper weight on his lower stomach; no support there.

"Pardon." She said again, quickly finding her footing and standing up, dusting herself off as she did, fixing her hair.

"It's fine." He repeated, then turned towards the fountain, seeing two large marble hounds howling at the moon. He figured that the Beasts were the Black's symbols, as opposed to the Raven in England; why he couldn't tell you.

"It is beautiful, no?" She asked through the translator, an eyebrow raised looking at him then turning back to the fountain. "My Father made it, saying that the pack is important, family….you don't have that? Correct?"

Harry rubbed the back of his neck, not really caring for the question, opting to look towards the sky instead of the fountain "I have Sirius and Remus, that is enough." He whispered.

Laura looked over at him with sadness in her eyes, before getting on her tip-toes and turning his chin to her with a finger, catching his lips with her own for all but a moment; before he stepped away, his face confused but eyes hard.

"Don't." He all but growled. She nodded in acceptance, moving just a tad to him, before he spoke "We should get back."

Laura pouted a little, but nodded none the less, leading him back through the maze. Pausing for a moment, then running towards the left. Harry raised a brow, looking at where she had run off too; he found his God-Father and a rather beautiful woman sitting on a bench.

The two women were speaking quickly in German, much too fast for even Sirius to really understand; likely to keep the boys from hearing much. That must be Rissa, she had dark brown hair, curled that touched her lower shoulder blades. The dress was strapless, and bright red, it seemed to enhance her bright blue eyes. "You must be Harold." She said suddenly, turning from Laura to Harry.

"Harry, please." He said calmly, giving a slight bow "Duchess Clarissa."

The woman smiled gently at him, looking him up and down then nodded again "You remind me of Charlus, It has been many years but he was a good friend of my fathers." She smiled again at the memory "Of course, when he passed away, we tried to have the same relationship with James but he never really got the chance, seeing as he died before our annual Yule Ball."

Harry frowned, he didn't much like where this was going but he would comply for now, knowing that Sirius would be angry if he didn't play nice. "I see, I was lead to understand that the Potter Family and Black Family did not get along."

"Then you don't know much, Orion twisted the family to serve his purpose, dragging most of the family through the dirt in the process." Rissa explained, a wave of her hand "The Black's while not a Light house, has often worked on the side of the Light for survival's sake."

"He's fishing." Sirius said with a grin, turning towards Rissa a little "His Grandmother was a Black, he wanted to know what you knew."

The woman opened her mouth the speak, then paused, a smile spread "Clever, very Clever."

Harry shrugged his shoulders, glancing at his watch "Thank you for the lovely evening, but I'd like to be home early tomorrow, I'm going to bed now." He said in an even voice, giving Sirius a pointed look.

Laura perked up, then almost glared at him "Dance?" She said quickly, almost giving him a pleading look as she said that. "Please?"

Harry shook his head "No, I am tired." He said softly, patting her shoulder, he didn't want her to get the wrong idea. He had Daphne after all, he hated politics. With that he turned and started to walk away, the girl though stayed hot on his heels.

Rissa smiled fondly as she watched the pair "They'd make a cute couple, don't you think Siri?" She asked, glancing over her shoulder as he pulled out a cigarette. "I thought you quit?"

"Eh, bad habits." He shrugged lightly, taking a long drag "They would, be he doesn't need someone to babysit, he needs someone who is her own. He has that."



Rissa narrowed her eyes "That family? They are more twisted than yours!" She all but shouted "They are never picking a side, choosing to work both over with their cursed eyes!"

Sirius shrugged, leaning back in the bench "He's quite taken by the Heiress, Daphne."

"Daphne eh? I see."


Daphne had dragged Harry outside, opting to tell him where they could fight, than where they'd make a scene. Pulling him behind a fountain "We're being followed." He said suddenly, his bright eyes glancing behind him "They're Grimm's."

"How did you know that?" She asked suddenly.

Harry frowned, pushing her behind him "Sirius told me they were looking for both me and him." He said calmly, his eyes narrowed at the five as they walked around a corner. "They are here for me."

"Actually we are here for her, Daphne Greengrass, is to cease all actions concerning Heir Harold Potter, as he is Laura Black's prime candidate for marriage." The obvious lead said in a rough voice, probably the only one who spoke English.

Daphne's eyes went wide.

Harry took a step forward "I don't care if Merlin himself told you that, I'm not marrying anyone anytime soon much less someone who I shared a few dances with." He snarled out, his eyes sharp like razors.

Daphne's mouth dropped, Harry hated to dance, he only danced with her because she knew he liked her pretty early on. For him to dance with a complete stranger, that hurt her in a way she didn't think about.

The man chuckled "Ah, that sounds like James." He said pulling out his wand "He refused to stop seeing that Mud-Blood Evans."

Harry pulled his own wand out, his face in a frown "What are you talking about?" He growled, not liking where this was going.

"When Edward was alive, he tried to convince Charlus to have James marry Lady Clarissa." The man explained "But he was so smitten with the Mud-Blood." He all but spat out, his eyes growing hard "And the two had you, before dying in a blaze of glory."

"If you know what is best for you, you'll shut the fuck up." Harry snapped suddenly, his eyes glowing a powerful green "I don't care who you are, I don't care what you want, leave now, or I will bury you." He said in a voice that held promise of pain.

The man smirked, the four behind him pulled out their wands "I don't wish to be rude, Heir Potter, but you are outnumbered and out powered; we are part of the Samael Division."

Daphne drew a gasp, before grabbing Harry's hand and dragging him through a bush nearby "We need to run!" She almost screamed, heading back towards the castle; then pulled back as a Purple light almost splashed against her chest.

"Not that way!" He shouted back, pulling her towards the lake and rolling to the side as the Earth rose to meet him "Damn it!" He saw two men boxing their sides, and the other three heading down the hill they just ran down. His only option was behind him, he didn't like it. "The Forest."

"Are you insane!"

"Probably." He replied, dragging her to the dark and dank Forest, he ducked another bright orange spell and pulled her out of the way of a black one; they weren't messing around, those curses were extremely dangerous. "Where is your wand!?"

"I don't know! I had it in my stocking but it isn't there now!"

"Great." He all but deadpanned, his eyes focused on what was in front of him "Can you change yet?"

"NO!" She screamed as the ground fell below her, Harry grabbed her at the perfect moment and threw her out of the way.

He spun around, summoning a shield and blocking the next curse before returning the favor with something dangerous. The two traded spell fire for a moment, before the German wizard jumped out of the way of a large rock. Daphne grabbed his hand and the two turned to run again.

"Do you know where you're going?" She breathed out as they ran, her chest was starting to hurt at the constant running they were doing; they hadn't stopped for several minutes now and the forest was starting to look less and less familiar even to her.

"Yeah, we're getting close to-" He was cut off as he was blasted off the hill they were on, then she was blasted the opposite way. She tumbled, she could feel her dress rip as she was roughly thrown down the hill. She stood up after a moment, ducking behind a tree to avoid another blast of spell fire. She was defenseless, she had no weapon and she was in a dress; a bright white dress.

"Come on out Greengrass, we promise we won't hurt you." A new voice said with a thick accent "Much!" A pair of laughter filtered across the space, she felt her blood run cold; they wanted to break her, so that Harry would want nothing to do with her.

Daphne bit the inside of her cheek, trying to think of something to do, she glanced around, a flash of yellow told her to roll, and she rushed deeper into the forest, ducking and dodging spells as she did; then the ground opened below her. She started to fall again, tumbling down the tunnel and through something sticky, something that almost caught her, she pulled her hand up to her hair and found strings of white; she had found the Spiders nest….great.

Daphne looked over her shoulder at the sounds of clicking, it was surrounding her, as was the obvious sounds of heavy breathing from someone who had been running. She rolled to the right to avoid a rather large spider but ended up rolling into one anyway, the creature bit down on her without hesitation; right into her shoulder blade.

"Gah!" She let out a cry of pain, pushing with all her might against the large creature. It was suddenly blasted away in a ray of light, she was pulled up by her hair they had caught her.

"No stupid spider is getting our prize!"

"Put me down!" She screamed, clawing at the hand that held her, she tried kicking him too but to little effect.

"Aha, keep it up! Bad girls get punishment!" The man pulled her hair harder and roughly drove his knee into her back, making her fall into the dirt.

"Let me GO!" She screamed louder, her screams drowning out sounds of clicking and movement in the brush.

"Oye! There are more of them!" Someone shouted, suddenly the clearing was filled with webs, light and movement.

Daphne was thrown roughly into the ground, and bound by a conjured rope, she hoped Harry was alright, she didn't expect to get out of this situation unharmed, either the men were going to get or the spiders…she hoped it was the spiders.

She felt a presence slid near her, the sounds of fighting filled her mind but his words brought her focus "Are you alright?!" Harry, it was Harry, he was so foolishly brave "Common, we need to go." The rope loosened, she began to stand but the pressure in her ankle hurt too much "Here, I've got you."

"Thank you." She whispered softly, as he picked her up into his arms and started back towards the castle at a sprint. She glanced up and saw he was bleeding from his brow, his suit was ruined and he looked so tired. "Are you okay?" She asked gently brining her hand up to his bleeding brow.

"I'll manage." Was his curt reply before he stumbled and bit back a curse.

"Nice try Potter!" The same voice called out, Harry stopped to look over his shoulder it was only three now that were standing, the other two seemed to be unconscious from the Spiders. Harry let his wand slip into his grasp.

"Stay back, I'm warning you." He said with a frown, his left foot forward, using what he could of his body as a shield for Daphne.

The main man laughed, as he did, someone cast a blasting curse from behind Harry and sent him spiraling towards a tree where a sickening crunch could be heard, he likely just broke a few ribs. Daphne was sent spiraling with him, but the two were sent on different vectors. She looked up in horror as the two men they thought were unconscious had been transfigured rocks.

"Watch the Potter Heir, we're not to harm him." The Lead said in a warning tone to the two "Now, still think being with him is a good idea sweetheart? Wonder what the Greengrass family would do, if they found out their darling Heir was eaten alive by deadly spiders trying to escape from Potter?"

"Well boss, he might just have to flee the country!" A chorus of laughs echoed after that.

"Enough!" A voice cut across the clearing, Harry was on his feet and rage was evident in his glowing green eyes. "I didn't want to do this, but you're forcing my hand. Last chance, leave."

The men laughed, but Harry didn't expect it regardless as he pulled something golden from his pockets. He slipped the items over his hands, and then flicked his wrists; the two bracelets shifted into arm length gauntlets.

"I've wanted to test this one anyhow." Harry snarled, his eyes narrowing as he held his thumb out and did a small motion with his index finger. He pushed off against the tree with surprising speed, dodging the now flying spells with relative ease; throwing his wrist down caused a glowing blade to spring from within the new gauntlet.

The first man didn't stand a chance, the blade was red hot as it sliced right through his wand arm and across his chest like butter. He snapped the other gauntlet forward and fired the wires right into the other man, tossing him off his feet. The third tried to punch him, but Harry ducked the blow and sent several fast stabs into his stomach.

The final two started to throw area curses, hoping to wound or knock him away; even kill at this point. Harry jumped over the blast with surprising air, and speed, then as he landed behind the men, placing his fists, blade and wires well, the final two men went down in a bloody heap.

His breathing was quick, his eyes were scanning for more threats and his arms were twitching. Daphne had no idea what had just happened, but Harry had just taken one of Germany's best in single combat without magic. She gripped the wound tightly, and glared at the floor, most of her knew that this wasn't really his fault, but still Harry was at blame, they came for her, because of him.

Because of him.


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