Chapter Twenty Four: House Potter

"Do you really though Daph?" He asked smoothly, his vision shifted towards the snow covered ground, the five men from the Samael Division were still unconscious, they were lucky to not be dead; his Patronus was currently getting someone's attention.

Daphne narrowed her eyes, and frowned "I understand that apparently I have competition." She said simply, her eyes remained narrowed as she reached into her purse that had fallen in the woods but Harry had managed to find it "Here."

Harry raised a brow at the small but slightly damaged package with blue wrapping and a black bow. "What's this?" He spoke gently, but then he almost let out a laugh "Right, it's Yule."

Daphne gave him a playful smirk, but chose to remain silent regardless, it was his gift from her and she wouldn't spoil his surprise, regardless of how angry she might feel at the time. Daphne knew that she could be a bit cold, and was prone to anger quick; however she could also see her error. Harry was not to blame for what had happened; besides she had a new target.

Harry had unwrapped the package with a small smile, tugging on the bow gently as to not destroy the paper underneath. He then found the folds, pulling to release the tape and then removed the paper from the white box. Inside was a pair of silver rings, they fit perfectly on his middle fingers and he found small runes on them.

Daphne must have seen his mouth opening to question, as she cut him off "They'll help protect your hands, at the very least your fingers." She said simply, reaching over and spinning one "Just focus some magic into your hands, and the ring will absorb it and turn it into a type of ward." She then smiled at him "Perfect for your climbing exercises."

Harry nodded in thanks, leaning over and giving her a quick peck on the cheek "Sorry that your night was ruined." He said softly, then slowly started to smirk, he stood up quickly "Might I have this dance?" He asked, offering his hand and bowing lightly.

Daphne repressed a smirk of her own, giving him a roll of her eyes "But of course." She said in a light voice, standing on her bare feet and taking his hand. She didn't follow the track of time, just simply danced lightly with him, there was no music but they didn't need it to stay in step.

They only ceased when McGonagall and Flitwick came running over not five minutes later.


The glass broke in her hand, her eyes wide at the news that she had just been told by her servant, she narrowed her eyes dangerously at the man before her "Begone!" She snarled out blue eyes glowing with anger. "Albert!" She screamed out, her brown hair pulled in a elegant knot.

The man was cloaked in shadow, on his silver eyes and lower jaw could be seen, it seemed he just appeared as if he had been there this whole time. "Yes, Mistress."

"Tell me how a child! Beat your men!" She screamed at him, pointing a perfect nailed finger at him "I wanted her ruffed up, and they are now serving time in Azkaban!"

The man was stoic at the news, something he knew regardless "Your grace, they were low on the pole, I did not expect such skill from a child, it will not happen again, however, their security will be much tighter than before, I'm afraid it will be some time, before another attempt can be made." He explained in a firm but respectful tone "We shall keep an eye on the child though, A Potter is dangerous, I seemed to have forgotten this fact."

"You would do well, to never forget it, even an ignorant Potter." She banished the broken glass with a wave of her ringed hand "Begone, I want the next attempt to succeed."

"It will be done."


He was pacing along the stone floor of the Chamber of Secrets, he hadn't been in here much since he had slain the Basilisk in his second year. Then only recently he was only here for a brief time, letting Nott in the castle through the Floo.

"It doesn't seem to react to fire." Hermione spoke with a small frown of distaste, her eyes concentrating on the golden egg in front of her. It had been her idea to use the Chamber for an even deeper secret training area, no one but them had been here since.

They had worked together to update the room a little too, having Kreacher bring tables, chairs and a few other things to make the space a little more homey; as homey as a large stone room can be. They had also spent a day together traveling along the pipes, finding all sorts of secret passages into the Chamber itself; turns out the main entrance wasn't in the Girls room, but part of an illusion in the dungeons. The Workshop within he chose to keep well locked away, telling Hermione that they would look around within a year or two.

"So it seems." Harry said with a snarl, pacing more, it seemed they tried everything; researching Banshee's, using fire, burying the damned thing. "Perhaps water?"

Hermione narrowed her eyes, pulling on the stack of books in front of her, freeing a book and flipping through the pages "Open it once more?" She said simply, looking at the text "I think you're on to something."

Harry nodded, twisting on the top, freeing the egg to open and begin once more the screeching, filling the hall with echoes. He looked up at Hermione who was flipping through pages quickly, then nodding at him, which caused to him to snap the egg shut.

"Mermaids." She said pushing the book forward and twisting it so he could read. "They sing, but their voice is dangerous outside of the water, it turns into screeching." She explained, pointing her wand at the egg, floating it over into the pool of water by the statue.

Harry sighed, pulling his shoes off and then his shirt, leaving his pants on as he walked into the cold water of the Chamber. He shook off the chill quickly and twisted off the top on the egg itself, barely sparing a glance as Hermione joined him, having removed her robes, top and shoes as well.

"Come seek us where our voices sound, we cannot sing above the ground, and while you're searching ponder this; we've taken what you'll sorely miss. An hour long you'll have to look, and to recover what we took, but past an hour, the prospect's black, too late, it's gone, it won't come back."

Harry almost wanted to compare the voice to that of an angel, but he knew full well that they more often than not, killed humans. Snapping it shut, he went for the surface, happy it wasn't a terribly long message, taking a deep breath and holding his arm out for Hermione to use; they exited the freezing spring water.

"Th-That, he-helps, me-me, und-under-stand." She shivered, her lips blue, she quickly cast a warming and drying charm on herself and just as fast tossed her brown sweater on. "How are you not freezing?" She was still pale and shivering lightly, but not nearly as bad.

Harry shrugged, running a hand through his shorter black hair removing the excess water from his locks. "Probably cause of my extra magic, and fire element." He had chosen to explain most of the situation to her, opting out on the whole Steam thing but filled her in on everything else; including Dusk.

Hermione wrapped her arms around her chest and glared at him "That's not fair." She said with a glower "Why do you get all these boosts?"

Harry gave her another shrug as he pulled on his Red-Dragons shirt, after having applied a drying charm "Gringotts, most of it comes from magic itself." He spoke simply, pausing and looking over at her with a small smirk "Want to break a few rules?"

Hermione narrowed her eyes, pulling her boots on "Depends, what do you have in mind and will we be missed?" She pulled on her thick winter cloak and let out a sigh of warmth.

"Well, I learned about my abilities and how to exploit them through a magical test. Let's go, we'll be done within a few hours."

Hermione pondered it for a few moments then nodded her head "Grab your boots."


The bank was just as busy as any other day, most of the lines had one or two people in them, but he walked straight to the Family Vault Manager desk "Excuse me sir, is Accountant Sharknail in available?" He had his hands behind his back, standing tall in front of the Goblin.

The Goblin working at the desk, glanced up and then flipped through a book silently for a few moments before he coughed "Yes, Master Sharknail currently has no appointment, who are you to request him?" He asked in a rough voice.

Harry flashed his ring, the green gems glowing with power and the bright blue phoenix was just as proud as always "Lord Potter." He said simply "Please, I just have a few questions for him on the status of my accounts."

The Goblin was silent for a moment, then nodded his head "Very well. Follow me if you will." The short creature began to walk down the long hall towards the Potter family Accountant. The door was still as imposing as it had been before 'The Ancient and Covert House of Potter: Account Manager Sharknail.' The golden plaque was still brilliantly shined.

He knocked once, just as he did not so long ago, waiting to hear the same 'Enter' of last time, once heard he let himself in and found his seat in the same leather chair "Hermione, don't be shy." He said casually to the wide eyed girl. "Good afternoon Master Sharknail, how are things?"

Sharknail had a silver brow raised as the girl took her seat to the Lords left, he sat like that for a few moments before shifting his eyes to Harry. "I am well, as is your account." He explained, he steeped his fingers "How may I be of service."

"I was wondering if you could perform the same Magical Test as you did myself, only for Hermione, who is one of my dearest friends." He explained the situation to the aging Goblin, who leaned back in his chair and began to laugh.

"Pardon me." He said after almost a full minute "I believe every time I see you Lord Potter, I shall be reminded of your father, and grandfather before you." The Goblin whipped his right eye, and gave another sigh "For a small fee, yes, I can do the same ritual as before for your friend."

Harry gave him a nod "Yes, I would appreciate it if you could." He turned his attention to Hermione "Would you like me to leave? To grant you privacy?"

Hermione shook her head "No, please stay." She said patting his shoulder and looking towards the Goblin "Master Sharknail what do I need to do?"

Harry sat back as he watched Hermione perform the same rite that he did a few months ago, feeling bad for her as she whimpered in pain at slicing her hand open; she wasn't used to pain like he was. After Shark had stopped muttering, and switched the parchment for the goblet once more, but stopped once he saw the first line.

"What kind of game are you playing at Lord Potter?" Shark looked over, his eyes narrowing, he had taken the silver parchment fully from Hermione's grasp, not giving her the chance to read the first line.

"I'm sorry?"

"What game are you playing?" The Goblin repeated, his voice rising a little "I have been the Manager of this Account since the time of Charlus Potter! What are you playing!"

"Sharknail, I have no idea what you're talking about, what does it say!" Harry said loudly, his eyes narrowed, what was there?

"She is not a Potter!"

"What!?" Both of the teens said sharply, Harry putting his hands on the desk trying to look at the parchment, to which the Goblin slammed on the table, for both of them to read.

Hermione Jean Granger- Violet Dorea Potter

Age: 15

Main Decedents of: Potter- Endangered (One Direct Heir: Harry James Potter.) Peverell- Extinct, Black- Endangered, Evans- Unknown Wizard Background, Silver- American Family, Sparrow- Became Muggle, Slytherin- Extinct and Ravenclaw- Extinct.

Primary Hair Color: Amber Red

Eye Color: Hazel

Familiar: N/A *Recommends a Phoenix or Cat*

Magical Affinities: Charms- Natural, Potions- Able, Runes- Natural, Healing- Able, Defense- Able, and Transfiguration- Natural.

Bogart: Failure, Patronus: Otter, Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring.

Unique Traits: Animagus: Form Available, Shadow Walker: Ability to Sneak expertly with little training, Wand-Less Magic, Healing Ability: Faster recovery of Stamina or wounds, Banshee Sight: See Future Deaths.

Blocks: Memory: Oblivation and Switched Memories. Poorly Healed Right Ankle. Feline DNA: Unknown source. Runes: Magical Markings along spine, Unknown cause or origin.

Harry and Hermione was silent for a few moments, before he looked up at Sharknail "Do the other test." He said simply, his tone not wavering at all.

Sharknail looked up at the Lord of his account, he seemed calm and composed but the girl on the other hand seemed to be having a mental breakdown. "Fine." His tone was not one of anger, or joy but simply was spoken.

"Hermione, press this to your finger and then press it on this parchment." Harry took the familiar dagger and placed it in her hands, being as gentle as he could with her. He winced as she whimpered in pain once more, then took a look of the parchment.

Violet Dorea Potter, Daughter of Lily Emma Evans: Potter, and James Adam Potter

Estimated Balance: 81, 711, 683: Investments, Housing, Jewelry, Vault Contents and Bonds

Vaults Owned: Number 678: Trust Fund Vault, Number 99: Potter Family Vault, Number 819: Muggle Collection Vault, Number 117: Weaponry Vault, 009: Likely Peverell Vault

Estates: Potter Manor: Scotland, Phoenix Island: Sicily, Peverell Grounds: Ireland. Vacation Homes: Thestral Retreat: Utah, USA. Shadow Walk: New York, USA. Shinigami Estate: Tokyo, Japan. Willow Lane: Moscow, Russia. Grim Cottage: Munich, Germany. Polar Rest: Toronto, Canada. Veela Ave: Paris, France. Marauders Outback: Sydney, Australia.

The room was silent as they reread the two pages, before Harry looked up at Sharknail "How is this possible?" He said shakily, he could deal with her being a cousin of sorts, but she was his older sister, how could world forget about an older sister?

Sharknail, pulled a large bottle from his cabinet, it was a strange black liquid that seemed to glow a little "This is aged, it'll calm us down." His tone seemed tired and drained, pouring a small glass for each "It's called Dementor's Tears." He drained his quickly.

Harry looked at his for a second before downing his as well, it was cold, and seemed to spread through him just like a normal Dementor might; but he didn't seem down about it, if anything it leveled him out. He watched Hermione drink it just as quickly as he did, she was pale and hadn't uttered a single word since the first page.

"So her name is Violet Dorea Potter?" The second he said those words, the room shook and was filled with blinding light, Sharknail was holding his head in pain, even Harry was wincing at the pain in the back of his mind, like something missing was reconnected.


Remus dropped a cup of tea on the floor, as he held his head in pain "SIRIUS!" He roared, the second that the pain had stopped, rushing towards the backyard, the garage, where Sirius had set up a workshop of sorts "Sirius! Did.."

Sirius was just as pale as Remus, his long black hair seemed to be coated in sweat as he laid on his back "Violet…wha…Remus…" He mumbled out, his eyes narrowing in pain "What the fuck just happened?"

"I…I don't know…but, but I remember."

"Lily and Jamie's little girl? Violet? How the fuck did we forget about her…." He was silent for a moment, then his magic was breaking objects around him "I'm going to fucking skin that Old bastard!"


"Ah….so Harry finally found her hmmm….I knew I should have written her adopted name down." An old man muttered, he seemed very comfortable for someone locked in the highest level of Azkaban Prison, even the runes along his cell which prevented magic from being used didn't even faze him "To think that Miss. Granger would be Miss. Potter, truthfully, it's something I should've known."

He turned his silver-blue gaze to the window in his cell "Ah well, they'll let me out as soon as Tom comes back into play, after all, he doesn't fear anyone quite like me." His smile would have disturbed anyone who personally knew him.


Harry stood up, looking over at Hermione who had been his best friend since First Year, who had been with him every step of the way. One of the few people on the planet who he could trust with his secrets and life, someone he knew would never betray him. He was silent for a moment, before pulling her into a hug, she was pale and seemed shaken.

Sharknail took another drink of his bottle, straight this time "Dumbledore used some very powerful magic with that one." He said softly, pointing at the newly found Potter "Can you please remove your sweater, I need to see these runes."

Hermione stepped out of Harry's hug, and slowly removed her brown sweater, leaving her in a modest white bra and she turned her back towards the Goblin.

"Focus your magic on your back, please."

Slowly as if being poured on, the black runes of power showed along her spine, starting at the base of her neck, and working down to her lower waist. It was written in something that even Harry, with Voldemort's knowledge didn't know about, this must be some pretty ancient or obscure language.

Sharknail began to write it down, and once he had finished, he rushed out of the room almost like his legs were on fire. The room was now empty aside from of the two newly discovered family, they sat down on the floor, in the corner.

"Wha…what's going to happen?" She whispered, her eyes brimming with tears "I…I don't understand…"

Harry nodded, he could recall very brief flashes of memory, even with Voldemorts help; he learned a little bit about Violet Potter. She was named after Violet Dursley, and Dorea Potter, and she had already began to show signs of magic around the same age as him; she was ten months older than him. But past that, he didn't know anything else aside from what he knew about Hermione now.

"This doesn't change anything you know? You're still Hermione, your personality is the same…it's just something that hid you from the rest of the world." He explained, rubbing the back of his neck "If I had to guess, it was to separate you from me, to isolate me."

Hermione nodded, finally relaxing a little and leveling her breathing out. That was before she started to laugh, it was a sad chuckle at first and then it turned into a high painful laugh "You-You remember how everyone would say we were related in some way? Or how I've always acted like a boss of you? I guess instincts are a powerful thing." She said with another laugh "It'd also explain why I never found you attractive aside from knowing you're handsome."

Harry began to laugh as well, seeing the dots that she was connecting together "It is kinda funny." He placed a hand on her shoulders "You know this will likely also change your parents memories as well….if worst comes to worst, you can stay with us. Sirius, Remus and I."

Hermione looked up at his eyes and nodded softly "If they…if they don't want me… I'd like that." She said softly, her eyes growing distant "That's another thing, I've always cared about them….but I've always felt…distance from them as well."

Harry nodded, leaning back against the wall, the door was thrown open by Sharknail and another Goblin "Let me see it! Girl turn around!" The other Goblin had thick goggles one, his robes seemed similar to the Goblin who had given him potions.

"Watch your tone!" Harry barked at the Goblin, standing quickly and blocking the path "You're speaking to my Sister, and Heiress Potter." He snarled, he wouldn't allow Hermione to be treated like a piece of meat.

"She has Atlantian on her back! I need to see it, boy! Now move!" The Goblin snapped back, pushing past Harry and crossing his arms at the girl "I haven't got all day!"

Hermione was glaring at the Goblin but pulled up her sweater and showed him the runes across her back, the Goblin ran his long fore-nail across her skin and nodded, examining closely. "I can read it, it's the same type of seal they used to vanish all those centuries ago, but this isn't exactly the same." He said with a gleam of sharp teeth "This is impressive work, but it has a single flaw, while it'll erase her presence from the minds of everyone who knew of her, if someone were to say her name, it'll all come undone."

"Dumbledore took her after her second birthday." Harry said simply, using his memories of dates to help him, Voldemort couldn't recall her past Mid September as if she dropped off the map completely. "He likely convinced my parents to change their Wills around that time."

Sharknail nodded his head "James and Lily came in September 26th, creating a completely new will, we had tested them for potions and charms as usual; Dumbledore must have convinced them to come in, saying likely that their Will wasn't good." He shook his head at that and sat down "Marc, can we remove it?"

"Not likely, I can remove some of the runes that is altering her appearance and memories but past that, she'll likely die with that rune array on her skin." Marc explained gruffly, crossing his arms as Hermione was pulling her sweater on "It's been neutralized, so unless the original crafter can get his hands on the array itself, then there shouldn't be a problem."

Harry nodded, hand resting on Hermione's shoulder "We'll get the blocks removed from your appearance if you want?" He asked softly, to which she nodded, a small smile pulling at her lips.


After getting her a few new things, and a tour of the vaults after her appearance had been altered back to her normal colors. Her hair was still wild but not nearly as bushy, and taking a new shade of amber, lighter than Lily's color but still red. Along with her skin losing some color and her eyes brightening, she only lost some fat in certain areas, thinning out her face and her hips.

They had gotten her an Heiress ring from the vaults, and then took her to Sirius and Remus; who expressed great joy and anger at being reunited with their lost God-Daughter. Harry explained that they should return to Hogwarts, the Professor's likely also remembering Violet Potter as well.

Sirius had given her a mirror that he'd been working on, it had an all seeing eye on it, it was likely for Hermione anyway. She had chosen to keep going by that name, not wanting to be confused by people using either of the two.

"You said we wouldn't be gone for more than a few hours! It's nearly lights out!" She snarled at him, hitting him in the shoulder and walking forward.

Harry shrugged it off, she could punch, but he was stronger than she was "Whatever Mione, you act like it's the end of the world, everyone knows that Headmistress McGonagall loves us." He waved her off, as he opened a hidden door on the first floor, that was near another passage that would take them to the fifth floor.

As the door shut, they walked around the corner towards the Suit of Armor that hid the passageway, running into a large shadowed form. "Well well, what have we here." The sneer could be felt from the man in front of them, but then he paused "Who are you?"

"Professor Snape, it's me. Hermione Granger." She said with a pout, this was going to be a long week, she almost wanted to punch Harry in the shoulder again.

Severus stumbled back a little and then shook his head quickly "You two are wanted by the Headmistress, get going!" He barked, then like the bat he was, he bellowed his cape and headed for the dungeons quickly.

Harry let out a groan, bowing his head in defeat as he walked towards the Headmistress' office, only to run into more people, at least it was only Nott and Tracey who had started dating after the Ball. "There you are Harry! We've been looking all over! Who's that?" Tracey said with a smile, then a raised glance at the girl.

"For the love of Merlin! Do I need to wear a name tag!"

"Hermione?" Nott said with a disbelieving voice, looking her up and down "What happened?"

"She was cursed, you know the whole Cinderella thing, except the Prince isn't her husband but her brother." Harry explained, hands in his pockets "It's a long story, I'll share it tomorrow, I'd like to eat and sleep."

Tracey was about to ask another question, when Nott pull her towards the Dungeons "Leave them, we'll see them tomorrow." He spoke in his normal deep voice, shaking his head as she glared at him.

The two Potters stood casually at the Statue of a Griffin, recalling how Sirius had destroyed the Gargoyle that originally protected the Office in question. "We have an appointment." Harry explained, hands still in his pockets and raised a brow when the Statue moved to the left.

The Headmistress' office had changed a little, the perch for Fawkes was removed, as was a lot of the useless clutter, but she was making up for the shelve space by having a few trophies and pictures of past students. The other space was used likely for research into the laws of Transfiguration, which she had likely placed on Summer studies when she wasn't teaching. Harry could spot a rather large red pillow with gold lacing on the balcony; likely so she could catch a cat nap in the sun.

"Do the rules of this school have no meaning to you two!?" She barked as soon as the door was shut "Sit, now!" McGonagall stood up and glared at the two of them "You could've asked, I would've allowed you to leave."

Harry rubbed the back of his head with a shaky laugh, while Hermione hung her head and punched Harry in his shoulder again, harder this time "Damn it Mione!"

"Potter, mouth!"

"I didn't say anything Professor!" Hermione said with a gasp.

"Yeah I did it." Harry said with a shrug.

"I didn't say Granger, Miss. Granger…" She trailed off, then looking at her new features and leaned back in her chair "I see…Violet, I presume?"

"Hermione will be fine Professor."

McGonagall pinched her brow with her fingers, likely to remove the headache building there "I will be clear on this….should you two become like the Weasley Twins, I will retire and promote Severus as the Headmaster."

"Wouldn't dream of it, Professor." They said at the same time, giving her bright grins.

McGonagall slammed her head on her desk "You've both got detention with Professor Babbling for the rest of the week, starting at 8 and 50 points shall be removed for each of you." Her voice was muffled from the desk but they heard her.

"Sounds fair, if I'm not around, I'm probably in the Chamber just so you know." He gave her a little wave "Ask a House-Elf next time you need to find me."

McGonagall could only groan at the obvious oversight.

Hermione looked at the retreating form of Harry and then back to the Headmistress "I apologize for Harry! We'll make sure you know next time he wants to do something stupid again!" She said brightly before rushing after her brother.

Brother? That'd be a weird change.


"So…you're brother and sister? And the second task involves diving into the lake for an hour and retrieving something?" Daphne said slowly, as everyone else around them tried to follow along "And you found this out, from the sudden desire to find hidden magical traits? Which then found Hermione's real name of Violet Potter? Which unlocked an Atlantian Curse that Dumbledore had placed on her to hide her from the world?"

"Yep." Harry popped the P with casual ease, his legs crossed as he leaned back in the chair within the Enchanting room, that their group had basically claimed as their own. The Twins, who brought Ginny along with them, Neville, Tracey, Susan, Nott and Daphne "What can I say, even a day off for me is completely messed up."

Daphne pinched the bridge of her nose "I…I." She walked over kissing his forehead and walking towards the door "I'm going to be, you've given me a headache."

"Kay, Love you." He closed his eyes, and then was promptly pushed out of the chair he was leaning back in, which meant he slammed into the stone floor "For fuck's sake, what!?"

"Don't say that causally you idiot!" Hermione scolded, glaring down at him to which he glared back.

Daphne let off a small chuckle, covering her mouth with her hand "Hermione, it's fine, Harry might have said it casually, but he meant it." She was silent for a moment, before turning towards the door "Love you too, Dipstick."

"Menace." He called out, the door was slammed shut by the Slytherin Princess "Ah, she's nice when she isn't trying to kill me."

Hermione rolled her eyes and turning towards the room "So doesn't anyone have any other questions?"

Fred raised his hand "So that's what you naturally look like?" He raised a brow.

Hermione looked down at herself, then back to the redhead and nodded slowly "I figured that would be obvious."

Fred and George shared a look and then stared back at her "Nice." Was all they said before Ginny hit them in the back of their heads.

"I'd offer you advice in being a Sister, but I can see you'll be just fine." She grabbed them by their shoulders "Come on you two, flirt with Mione later!"

Nott and Tracey left aswell without a word, Neville looking over with a raised brow, then giving her a short bow, before following the dating couple.

So now only the siblings were left, seeing that Susan was Harry's other practically adopted sister, as Amy and Sirius were still an item; even if they weren't the bonding was done.

"Violet Potter huh?" Susan's voice was inquisitive, but not angry or disappointed "Good, Harry needs good support and people to put him in his place. I can only do so much after all." She went over, giving Hermione a hug.

Harry who was still on the floor with his eyes closed, sighed deeply "So girls, got any ideas on how to go about this not breathing for an hour thing?" He asked calmly, yawning after he did so.

Susan and Hermione shared a look, before gazing down at Harry "You have your Cloak?"

"Of course, why?"

"Library!" The girls said at the same time.

Harry was silent and didn't move for several seconds "I'm going to regret finding this out about you….whatever, I hope we're going to the restricted section, or I will be disappointed." He slowly stood up, shrugging the dust on his robes.

Then following them as they used the cloak, it'd be easier that way, he knew the Disillusionment Charm anyhow; Voldemort did have his perks sometimes, though his magic might randomly make him stand out instead.

He really needed to figure out his magic, it was wearing thin on his nerves, but that was a task for another time.


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