"HP: Heroes Never Die"
Chapter Eight
- Schadenfreude -

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Albus was in complete and utter shock, both from his bond to the death-stick being broken as well as the absence of Fawkes gentle purring trill in the back of his mind. Then there was the revelation that all the Death Eaters were willing monsters supporting an abomination of magic. While Severus did swear an unbreakable vow of loyalty, he was disappointed in the depth of the man's descent into darkness.

How in the name of sanity did that Potter Bint disarm him? He had been hit with the disarming curse several times, and not once did the famed wand of the Peverells give the slightest twitch. Then again, the simple and frightening three fingers she held up as she smiled rather coldly at him could only mean one thing: She had found the Resurrection Stone. With Harry having the cloak, as far as he was aware, that meant that all of the Hallows were now with the original family.

This could be a problem, he decided, not knowing how truly dire the situation was. Hands grabbing his arms to pull him out of his chair brought him out of his thoughts.

Harry was in a similar state, coupled with outrage. Hermione had manoeuvred herself around to hold him from the front in a proper hug. Aunt Sam and Dani were right there with her, both rubbing his back and doing their level best to comfort him.

Problem with that was, this was the first time he felt someone else touch him for an extended amount of time without being in pain. It was scary on top of everything else. "Is this really happening, Hermione?" he whispered.

She just nodded as she lightly rocked him from side to side. "This is very real, Harry. Your father's sister is down there fighting for you, fighting for her, and fighting for you both. It's real."

That was the tipping point for the eleven year old, and all hearts in the Potter Box twisted when Harry started to bawl his eyes out.

Unknown to him, Sam had usurped Dani's position by hugging both of the children and resting her cheek on top of his head.

As for Amelia Bones, she took great satisfaction in convicting Lucius Malfoy to life in Azkaban. That man's veritaserum testimony damned every so called Imperius Cursed Death Eater. Trials would have to be set up immediately. Glancing to the upper level, she made eye contact with her secretary, Dru. A few pantomime signals got her message across, and Dru was already making notes.

After watching Malfoy and Macnair being carried away, literally, she called one of the Ministry Bound House Elves to get everyone a light drink and a snack. They had been here for over two hours already, and there was no way she was going to call a recess before Dumbledore's case.

As for many in the Wizengamot and the Gallery, the use of minor medical charms to void bladders and bowels were predominate. No one wanted to leave.

Signalling the Auror Guard, the chambers quieted a bit as Dumbledore was hauled to the defence chair. The chains secured him firmly as soon as he was down, much to the old man's surprise.

"Order," she said in a normal tone of voice. Everyone had already quieted down, and the simple word silenced everyone.

"I honestly do not know where to begin with you. Everyone has grown up hearing tales of your battle with Grindewald in the Great War. Everyone knows your stance on bigotry and fairness. I won't even go into how utterly disappointed I am, personally."

She paused long enough to retrieve her notes. The only sound was the parchment being moved and Dumbledore twisting in the chair in an attempt to get comfortable.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, you stand accused of the following: Multiple Counts of Illegal Obliviations, Illegal Mail Redirection Wards, Kidnapping of the Heir of one of the Twelve, Fraud, Two counts of Illegal Imprisonment – namely the Heir of House Potter and the Heir of House Black, Child Abuse – namely the Heir of House Potter, Child Endangerment – again the Heir of House Potter, Malfeasance – which includes the illegal sealing of the Last Will and Testament of James and Lily Potter, as well as taking illegal magical guardianship of Harrison James Potter. And, finally: Attempted Line Theft of the House of Potter."

She paused to look up at him. "How do you plea?"

"Not Guilty. Everything I did -"

"The Plea of Not Guilty is registered," Amelia interrupted him. "Knowing how you can turn a phrase, as they say, from being in politics for over fifty years and how serious these charges are, Veritaserum is requested. Members of the Wizengamot, light your wands to show approval."

The glow from every wand present stunned the old man.

He fought it, oh how he fought it. However, instead of the three standard drops of Veritaserum, he received six. He didn't know where he was or if he was even awake.

"Please state your name for the record," Amelia ordered.

"Albus Wulfric Dumbledore," was the monotone response.

That caused a ripple in those watching. Where were Percival and Brian?

Nonplussed, Amelia pushed on. "Please state your date of birth for the record."

"31 July, 1880."

"For the sake of knowledge, why did you not include Percival or Brian in your name?"

"Percival was my father's name. Brian, my grandfather's. I added them to mine to honour their memory."

Speaking up before anyone could stop her, Janet had a rather impulsive question. "Are vows made to the five names you are known by valid, whether or not they are on your magic?"


That bit of information caused a huge stir. Amelia couldn't really fault the question, but the ramifications of that denial were huge. No vow made as 'Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore' was valid, meaning that vows taken for positions – Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, and Headmaster of Hogwarts – were all invalid.

The next question that was asked, via a note to Amelia from Janet, killed whatever sympathy he had generated in the past. Looking up at him from the note, then to Janet – who nodded – she asked, "How much gold has been taken from the Potter Vaults, and where did it go?"

"A fair amount." Meaning he didn't know the exact amount. "Up until I lost access to them, the majority was split between the remaining Prewitt vault and a vault I had set aside for funding the remainder of the war as well as the one that's coming."

"Setting aside the graft from an Ancient and Noble House for a moment, why the Prewitt vault?" Amelia asked.

"It was bride-price payments to Molly Prewitt for her daughter Ginevra."

Murmuring went through the chamber at all levels.

"You mentioned majority. What was the rest?"

"Funds to help alliances in the Wizengamot."

"Bribery? The purchasing of votes?"


"Yes, or no?"


"So you admit to removing funds from the Potter Vaults?"


"What of Harry Potter's placement?"

The more questions that were asked, the more nauseating things became. Apparently, Dumbledore was convinced that a supposed Prophecy made by Sybill Patricia Trelawney meant that Harry Potter had to die in order to completely destroy Voldemort. In that convoluted mess of thought, he had planned a child between the House of Potter and the House of Weasley in order to save the Potter family magic and legacy.

To sum what the Wizengamot thought of it in a brief sentence: It was completely disgusting.

Dumbldore came around to find that the Potter Bint had moved during his interrogation. Then he became aware of all he had said while under Veritaserum. The bitch smiled when his eyes widened. "That's right, Albie," she said smugly, "You aired all your dirty secrets, including why Harry and I can't see each other."

Looking to her left, Albus was shocked to see Harry Potter being supported by Hermione Granger. There was a parchment that a blonde headed witch was holding in front of the boy. Harry looked at him with such hatred that it made him wince at the sight, reminded strongly of Gellert. Miss Granger on the other hand, was giving him a look of utter disappointment.

"Harry, I–" he started to say.

"So all I have to do is say the words," Harry talked over him, while looking to the blonde.

The blonde nodded. "That's right. Say the words and it's over." American by the accent. And just what was Harry supposed to be saying?

Giving the parchment another glance, Harry looked him in the eye. "I, Harrison James Potter, declare that Number Four, Privit Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, is not my home, has never been my home, and shall never be my home, so I do swear."

Gasping at the words, Albus tried to interrupt him but found himself to be silenced. He could be seen mouthing "No! Harry, you mustn't!"

As soon as the last syllable was spoken, there was a sound like shattering glass which was overshadowed by the red glow that suddenly appeared around Harry's screaming form. Hermione and Sam both caught him as he nearly collapsed in agony.

As for Dame Potter, everyone could see how she had been frustrated at how she couldn't see her nephew. Even with people on either side of him, her eyes glided over the space Harry stood. However, they all noticed how her attention finally zeroed in on him as she moved.

Janet tried to stare in between where Hermione and Sam stood, but her eyes kept drifting back and forth between the two. There was the sound of glass shattering and a red haze, then the sound of screaming fading into existence along with Harry. Knowing that it took a lot of pain to get a whimper out of her when she was that young, she sprang forward into a crouch and helped Sam and Hermione ease Harry down. She ended up on her knees, holding his head to her shoulder, rocking him.

The pain of feeling his blood boil faded, and Harry could hear someone murmuring 'Got you,' over and over into his ear. He pulled back to look at the woman and realized it was an older version of what was shown on the memory. "Aunt Lexi?" he croaked, voice hoarse from screaming.

"Hi," Janet said, smiling through her tears and rubbing the side of Harry's face. "That sucked, didn't it?" she quipped, getting a snort out of him.

"Do it again if it means no more Dursleys," he croaked again. Hermione was next to him and handed him a conjured glass of water from someone he didn't see. After taking a long drink. "You've been looking for me?" he asked, voice clearer.

"Years," Janet said, just before Harry wrapped his arms around her neck, surprising her. He was shaking and whispering, not knowing that everything was still being recorded.

The more he said, the more the air picked up around them in a swirl. Hermione had her hands over her mouth, wide eyed, as Harry started telling Janet what she already knew he'd been through with the Dursleys. She had gone through it herself, but to hear it coming from a little boy in a fearful voice enraged her. She had never thought about how bad things were, as it was just her when she was a different version of Harry. Now though, to hear it from a timid voice spilling everything in shudders, she realized what an absolute monster that old man was.

No one spoke a word as Harry's whispering confession of all that had been done to him by a family of manaphobic muggles. The public area at the top could hear every word. When he said he told people about it and they would forget about it later and things only got worse, many recognized obliviation when they heard it.

The family boxes were filled with outrage over their saviour having been forgotten like an old sock. Those in the Wizengamot weren't much better. Those that followed Dumbledore were in shock over the things that he had allowed to happen. The man had admitted under Veritaserum to knowing what his home life was like, and had monitors over the boy's condition.

In Hogwarts, those that had been listening to the Wireless had either drug in their dorm mates, or taken the Wireless to their common room.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Draco was receiving a private potion lesson with his Godfather when two prefects came in and told their Head of House to turn on his Wireless. Draco was understandably horrified to learn that his parent's marriage had been annulled, knowing what that meant. After his father's conviction, he quite understandably fainted.

Pomona listened with her Puffs in their common room. She ended up comforting a lot of the younger years when Harry Potter's timid voice told all that he'd been through. She wanted to turn it off, and ended up having her prefects help her herd the younger years out of the common room.

Filius had given up going over his lesson plans for the new term while he listened in morbid fascination, and was called into the common room when he heard several shouts over what was being said.

Seamus, Dean, Neville and Ron were all huddled around Seamus' wireless in their dorm. The girls had their own in their room, and well... they were girls. Ron had cheered when Malfoy was convicted, but sobered when Dumbledore was being interrogated. An illegal contract with his family meant that his little sister was being sold.

Percy was listening, appalled at what he was hearing when his youngest brother barged into the common room, bellowing. "Tell me you didn't know about this, Perce!" Ron was nabbed by Fred and George, who were also pale from the news, staring daggers at him as well.

"I have no idea what mother was doing!" Percy denied loudly. "This is a scandal!"

Later, hearing Harry quietly talk about what his family had done, Ron ended up in the bathroom, giving everything he'd eaten back.

After Harry was spent, nothing was said for a while. Flashbulbs from the upper area popped, but that was the only noise. Janet simply rocked him for a while, staring death at Dumbledore. The plan she had for this had fallen into place. Only one thing was left.

Standing, she whispered even though all could hear her. "Harry, go stand with Sam and Hermione. Auntie's gotta go to work now." Instead of listening to her, Harry held on for dear life. "Okay. But I need to move when I get started, so okay?"

"Okay," Harry replied.

Standing erect and as tall as she could be at five-four, Janet held on to Harry and said in a seething voice, "Blood Wards. House Potter demands Restitution."

Wands lit up everywhere around her, and she heard Amelia say, "Granted."

"Go stand with Sam and Hermione, please. You can watch." This time, Harry nodded and allowed himself to be led away.

Janet clapped her hands. "Kreacher! Nalla!" The two house elves popped in, shocking everyone with their attire. Kreature had what appeared to be a poet shirt over a set of brown trousers, while Nalla wore an old fashioned dress of checked green and white. Both were barefoot though, no matter what she had tried. "You may begin," she said with a smile.

"While they form the ritual circle, I get to tell everyone a history lesson," Janet said brightly. "I've heard how Binns bores everyone in Hogwarts with endless tales of Goblin Rebellions."

Kreacher and Nalla made space around Dumbledore by moving the table and chairs. The people that were in the area moved back, leaving Dumbledore alone with Janet in the centre of the chamber. The two house elves were popping in and out, bringing long flat rods of silver.

"In the fifth century, there was a warlord named Vortigern who was one of the local Kings. It was a surprise to many when he granted land rights to the invading Saxons after having previously driven them out of Britannia. What wasn't known, was that he was being fed potions of compulsion by a local wizard. This wizard, of the House of Wynne, had one job in the court which was to survey and ensure that all food was free of poisons and potions. Sadly, Winthrop Wynne had been bribed a rather hefty amount of silver to betray his king."

Dumbledore was visibly struggling at this point, as he had recognised what the Potter Bitch was talking about and what her little maggots were putting together around him. A pentagram of silver had been laid around his chair a piece at a time, while a flat hoop of silver formed the border of the pentacle, lined with runes.

"When Wynne's treachery was discovered, he wasn't put to death. Instead, he had his War Wizard curse his entire family line so that no one would be able to speak the name of Wynne or even remember that the name was ever magical. Instead, the House of Wynne was made the House of Malfoy, with the only one able to speak or write the name Wynne being the head of the War Wizard's family.

"The War Wizard's name was Arneth Clayton, the Potterer, my ancestor and founder of the Modern line of Potter. This is what you've wrought Dumbledore." She paused to look around the chamber. "This is in addition to the forfeiture of gold in recompense of the theft that the Goblin Nation has insisted on, citing treaty. Please light your wand if this is acceptable."

There was a tense moment of silence. Denouncement was a harsh punishment that would affect an entire family line. The wand that lit up first wasn't from a member of the Wizengamot, but from the upper public gallery. Soon, every wand not in the centre of the chamber was lit. Even Hermione Granger lit hers, while Harry did as well.

"So be it," Amelia Bones said, banging her gavel.

Janet's smile was absolutely wicked as she stared at Dumbledore. "So be it." She walked around the silvered, runic pentacle circle that the house elves assembled, looking for anything out of place. Satisfied, she turned to Kreacher and Nalla. "Well done." They grinned just as nastily as she was and popped away.

She removed a dagger from her belt as she considered Dumbledore. "If it will ease your mind any, Aberforth threw himself out of your family, along with his children. He would rather be nameless than associated with you."

Slicing her palm, Janet began chanting in olde Welsh. She walked around the circle again, dripping blood at the points of the pentacle as she went. The air became thick with magic, swirling in eddies here and there. Janet's eyes were solid blue-green and shining brightly as she came back to the starting point in front of Dumbledore.

Holding up her hands, she felt her hand heal as light encircled the old man. Still looking up, she sheathed her dagger and pulled something that looked like a wand from her left sleeve. It enlarged to a Rowan staff, the same staff that Arneth used against the Wynnes, then she slammed the butt of it against the high point of the pentacle and spoke in Latin, her voice an ethereal echo.

Et nunc redde
Nusquam erit vestri generis agnomine
Tollatur a vobis est nomen tuum mendacia
Per saecula: in perpetuum
Familiam nómine tuum:
Tibi nomino Bréagadóir

With the final word, the light surrounding Dumbledore drew in upon him, until it was over just him and the chair he was sitting on. The silencing hex on his throat broke with his scream.

"Sentence him, don't sentence him. I don't care," Janet said as she stumbled back to Sam, who held her up. "He's without a knut to his new name. He can choke on it for all I care."

Sam fed her a vial of pepper up, while Harry grabbed hold of her again around her waist. Hermione couldn't hold in her question though.

"What did that do?" she whispered, not realizing the stunned room and everyone else could hear her.

"Say his name, Hermione," Sam said.

Confused, she did so. "Albus Wulfric Bréagadóir." Blinking, in even more confusion, she tried again. "Albus Wulfric Bréagadóir. No, not Bréagadóir, Bréagadóir." Eyes wide, she looked up at Janet at a complete loss.


Meanwhile in Ireland, thousands of people listening to the Wireless started laughing like mad. When they tested it out, they could only say, "Albus Wulfric Bréagadóir."


Janet smiled at Hermione, brushing a wild hair out of the girl's face. "That's all he'll ever be, my dear. Nothing but a liar."

A/N: Google-Latin is Google-Latin. Apologies to any who know the language. Same can be said for Dimbles new last name of Liar in Irish.

The Latin translated: "And now you shall settle your debts. Gone shall be the family name of your birth. Stripped from you, the lies of your name. Throughout the ages: Forevermore. Name of thy family: I name thee Bréagadóir."

I've been working on this chapter for a very very long time. It isn't perfect by any stretch, but I'm hopeful that now I've gotten past the damned trial, I can bloody well get on with the story! Ugh! (It was okay, right?)