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Summary: Lucy sat with the dragon, never knowing just how he felt.

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Lucy and the Dragon


Even Lucy at times found it difficult to continue looking after her cousin. Though she never gave up no matter how insulting or whining he was, she was often reminded of how wearying diplomacy with Tarkaans had been in the past. Edmund and Caspian had far less patience with Eustace but now that this had happened. Lucy looked on with dismay and worry as the large dragon sniffled and pawed at the gold bracelet cutting into his scales. Eustace wouldn't even look her in the eye now.

She touched his warm scales. "I wish the cordial worked so we could remove this enchantment or at least that bracelet but I fear Father Christmas never intended it for such a purpose. But, don't worry, we shan't leave you behind." Eustace turned his head away from her touch and Lucy bit her bottom lip. "Are you in pain? I can give you another drop of the cordial. Really, it was mostly Peter who felt I should conserve it. Although, he could be quite preposterous about taking it. Do you know he once broke his back and then tried to refuse to take the cordial?" She glanced about then lowered her voice to a confidential whisper, "Edmund could be almost as bad, not to mention Oreius, our General."


Shame filled Eustace as he listened to Cousin Lucy. He was such an inconvenience now that he thought about how he had been treating his cousins, Caspian, Reepicheep, and everyone else on the Dawn Treader. No, he was far worse. He had been useless. Little wonder if they decided to leave him on this rotten island with its horrid treasure.

Cousin Lucy touched his ugly snout and Eustace couldn't bear the undeserved concern and mercy in her gaze. It was as if he hadn't been a rotten little beast to her all these weeks and years even. How could she stand to be near him? How could Reepicheep?

He knew that his cousin's funny medicine worked miracles. She had wasted it on his seasickness and it revived him immediately. More shame quivered inside his draconic breast as he recalled how he had claimed it did naught for him just so he could avoid the mere mention of work and anything else the tyrannical lunatics (as he had originally thought them) might want him to do. Alberta had always raised such a fuss about his delicate condition when anyone asked him to do…chores.

What a horrid creature he was. The shame burned and gnawed at him, refusing to let him go. He knew he didn't deserve any show of kindness and not a whit of concern and yet he still heard it in their voices, saw it in their faces, especially in Lucy's voice and face. And Eustace wondered if a Dragon could ever make up for what he had done as a vile little boy.


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