Title: Autumn, Cold Autumn
Author: Angel (angel-cale@glay.org)
Disc: Dark Angel belongs to Cameron/Eglee Productions and blah, blah, blah.. This fic is for entertainment purposes only. Please don't sue me...I'm just 15 @__@
Spoiler: Pollo Loco (thanks to the one who corrected my spelling^__^)
Summary: Max loses her memory in an accident. The only thing that she could recall was a name but she didn't remember the person with the name...


CHAPTER I == Scared...

The leaves had started to turn brown. The temperature was dropping... Everyone was aware of the approaching season. Autumn, or fall... The season of emotion. Max watched the evening from the window of her house. The saffron streak in the sky grew thinner, indicating the night was pushing in. Soon, a few burst of stars lit and the night bloomed in rendered dark cascades.

'He's scared of me.'

The words echoed over and over again in her ears. Those words made her feel sick. A part of her felt like breaking down and cry her heart out but her other half consoled her to stay calm. Calm? Could she stay calm? She tried to be... She tried to be calm but she couldn't. Since she found photos of herself in a yellow envelope at Logan's, everything went wrong.

She couldn't concentrate on whatever she wanted to do. Earlier that morning, she had delivered a package to the wrong address. Normal nearly cut her pay for that. Standing still, she sighed heavily.

"What's up, Boo?" Came a familiar voice. Of course it was her housemate, Original Cindy. "Fine," she muttered under her breath, still looking out of the window. She saw drops of water started to fall down the sky. Cindy shook her head and patted on Max's shoulder. "You're not fine, Boo. Does your problem have anything to do with Rollerboy?" Aha, the typical Original Cindy! Max felt something heavy hit her head at the mention of Logan. The echoes started again.

'He's scared of me... Logan's scared of me!'

She didn't know either to say 'yes' or 'no' to the question. She kept her silence while debating with her practical side.


'Should I tell him that I know he has the photos?'

-- Maybe you should...Maybe you shouldn't.

'Where and how did he get them?'

-- How would you know if you don't ask, idiot!

'He didn't went to Lydecker, did he?'

-- How can you be so sure?'

'Logan won't do that! He won't turn his back on me!'

-- Who knows? He's a man with thousands of secret.

'And why did he have those weird expression when he looked at me?'

-- 'Coz he's scared of you, you idiot!

'He isn't! He...He can't!!'

-- He is. Remember what he called you once?

'. . . A killing machine...'

-- Well.... Who won't be afraid of a killing machine, then?


Burden... More burdens dawned upon her. The tiny drops of rain started to pour heavier and soon, it was raining like cat and dog. Rain... Rain made her feel even worse. Ignoring Cindy and her unanswered question, she began her pace to her room. She was on her third step when her pager blew. She glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. The person who'd page her at times like thi would be.... None other than Logan Cale. She looked at the pager and couldn't help but sigh. Indeed, it was Logan. "Cindy, I'll be back soon," she said almost in a whisper and ride her Ninja to Foggle Tower.

She wasn't in the mood to talk to him over the phone. She wasn't in the mood to see him either but what to do? She was tied to their 'I help you, you help me' deal. He'd helped her so many times, so she had to help him back. As she reached there, she steadied herself, getting ready to face Logan's frightened look. 'Okay, Maxie... Let's go up.' She took the elevator up.


'Okay, we're there. Just calm down.'

She carefully picked the lock, went in and headed straight for the computer room. Logan was there, with Bling. "Hey, guys!" She greeted, trying to sound cheerful and it was a success. "Hey, Max~" Bling greeted back while Logan just gave her a light smile. In Max's idea, it was a nervous and fake smile. "So," she started, "you paged?" She asked, looking straight at Logan. "Yeah, I need you to get me a file. Er... It was a data disc, actually."

He explained about the disc to her but she wasn't really listening. Her mind drifted off to a place no one could reach. The words 'He's scared of you!' echoed again.

"Max...Hey, Max! Are you listening?"

"Yah, sorry~ So, when do you want it?"

"Well... Now."

"Okay then. I'll be back soon. Just wait." With that, she blazed off. She couldn't stand the look on his face. It scratched her heart.

"Man, is she okay?" Bling after she was gone. He was bewildered at the too-serious conversation between Max and Logan a while ago. Logan shrugged. "I don't know. Let's just hope she is."

Meanwhile, Max had reached her target. Slowly, she slipped into a tall and large building with ease. She knew she would be safe because Logan told her that he'd hacked the security system earlier. 'Umm...Where's the disc?....Ah, there! Bingo! Better get back now.' She secured the disc in her leather jacket to keep it safe from the rain outside and got back to her Ninja.

On the way back to Foggle Tower, she kept having a weird feeling deep inside of her. It wasn't really a feeling. It was some kind of... Premonition. It was as if something bad was about to happen. She tried to shrug it off but it just kept getting heavier. 'Stop thinking about something stupid!' She warned herself. She parked her bike and too the elevator up to Logan's. She was picking the lock when she heard Logan and Bling's conversation. Not wanting to interrupt, she sneaked in as silently as she could. She knew it's rude to listen to someone else's conversation but her curiosity won.

"Logan, you don't think you were actually betraying her?"

"A little. But I was out of my mind that day, okay! That's why I contacted Lydecker."


Max's heart sank. 'He did go to Lydecker...'


"What did he tell you?"

"I don't know. I mean... He kept saying the X5s were designed to kill cold-heartedly and that Max isn't a girl next door."

"Then he sent you these photo?" Bling asked, raising the photos in his hands.

"Man, now I think I know why you've been looking at her with that weird expression lately. What's on your mind when you look at her?"

"I don't know but I'm kinda...Scared."

THUMP! Logan and Bling turned to the source of the sound. Their eyes widened in shock and realisation. "M--MAX?!"

Her hands were shaking that she accidentally dropped the disc. She got her answer now. Logan was really SCARED of her. She found Logan and Bling panicking at the sight of her. She bottled all her emotions and stayed cool. She picked the disc up and handed it to Logan. "I--I got the disc you requested." Logan took the disc from her and she turned around to leave. "Max!" She stopped. "Max, I ... I was..." He didn't know what to say or do. He knew Max had heard him talking to Bling.

"Max... I'm sorry."

She shook her head and turned around with a bitter smile. Logan was taken aback at the pain he saw in her watery eyes. "It's okay, Logan. I already know about the photos you got there. You have nothing to apologize for. It's a right thing to be scared of a genetically engineered killing machine... Like me...Well, see you later." Before Logan could say anything, she was gone. He still felt the pain he saw in her brown eyes. Banging his hands on the table, he cursed.

"Damn it... WHAT DID I DO??!!"

********** To Be Continued ***********

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