Title: Autumn, Cold Autumn [7/7]
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-------------- CHAPTER VII --------------

   Tic… Toc… Tic… Toc…

   The clock on the wall kept on ticking. Three hours had passed. Max's seizure had subsided and she was sleeping soundly in Logan's bedroom. Logan was holding her hand and eyed her worriedly. He was glad that the liquid tryptophan worked or else, he would've gone mad. He remembered the last time she had a seizure. She looked so weak and fragile. But now, she looked weaker and more fragile. That fact was driving him insane. He feared something might happen to her. What if the tryptophan doesn't work? What if she goes into coma? What if she d - - // No! // His mind screamed. // She's going to be okay… She's going to be okay…// He repeated it in his mind all over again until he fell asleep.

. . .

. . .

. . .

   Max looked around. // Where am I? // She didn't recognize the place. All she knew was that she was in a forest; deep in a forest, to be precise. No one was there. Panicked, she started walking aimlessly, hoping to find the way out. Instead, she found herself deeper into the unknown forest. Suddenly, three dark crows flew down a tree towards her. She was about to dodge when one of them flew right threw her.

   Her jaw dropped. // What the hell just happened? // She looked up to see the leaves falling. Just like the crows, the leaves floated through her. Then a realization hit her. She was invisible. // If I'm invisible, then this must be a dream. // When she was about to pinch herself, she heard voices. They sounded so familiar. She ventured further until she reached a scene that caused her to chill. Before her, she saw herself holding a young man. He looked scared and exhausted.

   "Tell me about the good place, " she heard her other-self said.

   The boy smiled, "Where no one ever gets punished."

   "And no one gets yelled at."

   "And nobody disappears. And when you wake up in the morning, you can stay in bed as long as you –"

   Max screamed when she saw her other self snapped the boy's neck. More images played randomly at the back of her head… Images after images after…

   "AAAAAHH!" Logan woke up to the loud shriek. Max was tossing and clutching her head on the bed. "Max!" He quickly shifted into the bed and held her tight. Then she quieted down. "Syhh, it's okay. You were having a nightmare." She closed her eyes and finally hugged him back. Her heartbeat slowed down as he caressed her back. "What happened to me?" She managed to weakly say. "You had a seizure but it's okay now." "Oh… My head felt like exploding. Could you get me a glass of water, please?" "Sure." He gave her hand another squeeze before settling back into his wheelchair and went to the kitchen.

   Max watched him until he was out of her sight and sighed. She looked at the calendar hanging on the wall. Her lips curved into a smile. She was snapped out of her little thought when Logan wheeled towards her with a glass of cold water. She took it from him and emptied the glass eagerly. "I feel better now. Thanks, Logan."

   "Don't mention it and… What did you say?"

   "Huh? I said thanks."

   "No. I mean, what did you just called me??"

   "I called you Logan of course! Why?"

   "You mean you remember everything?" She nodded.



   "Thank God!!"

   He hugged her happily and she hugged back. "I thought you wouldn't remember me anymore. I was so scared!" She couldn't help but smile at his words. He'd taken a good care for her the whole time and she was grateful for that. It wasn't long until he pulled away and his expression grew serious again. "Max, although I'm so happy that you got your memories back, I have to tell you something." He said seriously. Max nodded. "I have to tell you something too. You first."

   "Okay.. First, I'm sorry about everything that happened. I just wanted you to know that I'm not scared of you. I could never be. You saved me countless of time already. I can never be scared of you." "That's okay, Logan. I'm sorry too. Guess I was being too emotional."

   He smiled a little. "Then about… About…"

   "About what?"

   "About Seth." He saw her winced as he said the name but still continued. "He used to work for Eyes Only sometimes ago. The night you said he died, he was doing me a favour. It was me who told him about the deal in Needle."

   "I know."


   "I know he was working for Eyes Only. But his death wasn't your fault."

   "You knew it all along? Why didn't you tell me?!"

   "Because I figured you'd tell me when you're ready."

   Logan sighed. "I still feel guilty. Sometimes I thought about what might have happened if I didn't tell him. Maybe he would still be alive now."

   "But if you didn't tell him, I may have never met him."

   "But still… A few months later, you came into my life. When I found out who you are, I was torn in half. To tell you or not about Seth. When we became friends, I get more scared to tell you the truth. Scared that you might blame me for his death. I… I don't know. I was scared I'd lose you."

   "You'll never lose me, Logan."

   He pulled her into his hug and smiled. How lucky he was to find Max. To think back, she wouldn't be here if he had never been shot. It was truly a blessing in disguise. "Logan." "Umhm?" "When I was at the hospital, I had a wonderful dream. We were up there on Needle, talking." "Really? I had a similar dream too. We sat on top of Needle, looking at the stars. And we talked about something beautiful." "Beautiful how?" "I can't describe it."

   There was a long silence…



   They both said in unison and laughed. "You first, Logan." "I've been meaning to say this for a while now but I don't know how."

   "If you can't say, why don't you show me?"

   "Ahh, good idea! Close your eyes."


   "Close your eyes."

   "Okay, okay."

   She closed her eyes and felt Logan's thumb tracing her lips. Soon, she felt his breath on her skin and before she know it, Logan's lips were on hers. // He's kissing me! // Her mind screamed in joy. When she felt him pulling away, she opened her eyes. "Need I say more?" He whispered into her ears. She couldn't help but giggle. "Not really. I was hoping maybe you can show me again" "Sure, why not."

   With that, he kissed her again. The kiss was sweet, nothing like their goodbye kiss at the cabin. This kiss carries underlying meaning of things to come. As both of them pulled away to breathe, she whispered playfully into his ear, "Logan is evil. Locke is more decent."

   "Oh, really?"


   "Too bad for you, then. Locke is not coming back."

   "But the evil Logan can be so sweet when he cooks for me."

   "Why do I feel like I already knew that would come?"

   "Because you know me too well."

   Before he could say anything, she already pulled him into another kiss…

==== FIN ====

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