The Iron Chef: Guardian Force style!!!
Written by Karl L. Schubaltz

*Rudolph and Camford are sitting in front of a TV*

Camford: I got such a good feeling about this...

Rudolph: So do I. To raise public awareness of the Guardian Force, we decided to write this show...

Camford: *smile*

*the cameras roll*

Announcer: Iron Chef! *music* Let's meet our judges.

*the judges are Col. Schubaltz, Mjr. Rob Hermann, Captain O'Connell, and Hilz*

Schubaltz: *swallows an entire bottle of Pepsid AC*

Hermann and O'Connell: *programming the Poison Control Center on their cellphones*

Hilz: *lifts the table cloth up, Ambient is sitting there with a bib on and holding a fork and knife* Hehehehe...

Announcer: The first two contendors are from the Republican side, preparing a delicacy from the Nyx Continent. Meet Van Flyheight and Fiona!

*the audience cheers*

Announcer: On the Imperial side, preparing the Emperor's favorite dish, is Thomas Schubaltz and Raven!!!

Raven fanclub: *screams out to their hero*

Thomas: Why'd I get stuck with you?

Raven: Shut up and help me fix this...

Announcer: On the neutral side, cooking a nice Native cuisine is Moonbay and Irvine!!

Schubaltz: *opens another bottle of Pepcid AC and swallows the entire contents, washing it down with Maalox* Alright, I'm ready...

Hermann: Hey!!! What's the number for the Toxic Control Center again??


Irvine: *sticks his pinky in his ear and twists it around inside a few times* Ugh...

Hermann: Make sure to call Dr. D too, we might find a new species of mold here...!!

Moonbay: *flings a pan at Hermann*

Hermann: AUGH!! *ducks*

*the pan nails Hilz*

Hilz: OUCH!!!

Raven: HA HA!!!

Schubaltz: Hey, Moonbay!!! Be sure to make that world famous hard tack and gruel of yours!!

Moonbay: *flips Schubaltz off*

Irvine: Moonbay, we needed that pan!

*they get cooking*

Van: *cutting the carrots*

Hilz: *puts his hand on the reciever* Hey, what do you guys want?

O'Connell: Who'd you call?

Hilz: Yen Chang Chinese take-outs.

Hermann: Sweet and sour chicken with fried rice, no eggroll.

O'Connell: Egg drop soup, two eggrolls

Schubaltz: Triple Seafood deluxe, steamed rice, one eggroll.

Hilz: *tells the order and writes the price down*

Hermann, O'COnnell, Schubaltz: *hands Hilz their share*

Raven: *stirring the sauce*

Thomas: *pours some vegetables in the sauce*

Raven: *continues stirring*

Irvine and Moonbay: *arguing over ingrediants*

Schubaltz: *to Hilz* They fight like a married couple.

Hilz: *smirk* Reminds me of home.

Hermann: The food's here.

The judges: *pigging out on Chinese*

Hilz: *steals some of Hermann's meal* Hehe

Schubaltz: *does the same thing* Heh. *smirk*

Van: *making the sauce*

Thomas: *cutting the chives*

Irvine: *rolling the dough, now has a bandage on his face*

Moonbay: *singing while she's cooking*

Raven: Kill me now

Thomas: Here here...

Raven: *smirk of agreement*

Hilz: *cracks open a fortune cookie* You will have great many successes and good fortune.

Schubaltz: *smirking* bed.

All four: *snicker*

*time runs out*

Announcer: Cut to commercial!

*commercial's over, it's time for the judgement*

*the first dish is Van/Fiona's*

Hermann: Is it edible?

Schubaltz: *braves the first bite* O.O *takes off his hat and spits the stuff out into it*

O'Connell: Eh?

Schubaltz: There's... too... much... SALT!!!!

Fiona: *shy blush*

Announcer: Not good at all...

*the next dish is Thomas and Raven's*

Hilz: *cleverly shovels some to Ambient, then takes a bite* O.O *grabs Schubaltz's hat and pukes in it as well, then hands it back to him*

Ambient: *bursts out, struggling, then falls down limp*

Hilz: O.O Ambient!!!

Announcer: Not good at all either... *thumb's down*

*the next dish is Moonbay and Irvine's*

Hermann: Is it safe?

Moonbay: *growl*

Hermann and O'Connell: *take a bite* O.O

Schubaltz: *hands them his hat*

Hermann and O'Connell: *puke in it*

Schubaltz: *throws the hat away and pulls out another from hammerspace and puts it on*

Announcer: Not good at all either... gods, they all sucked. That's it for the Iron Chef, until next time!

Rudolph and Camford: *in their chairs, their eyes twitching* Maybe this wasn't such a hot idea..

Camford: Back to the drawing board...