This story was started in 2009 and describes the lives of our favorite star ship crew as it would develop in my idea of the Star Trek universe in the 22nd century. The motivation to write it came from several aspects of the TV series that were handled badly in my point of view. The whole universe was too dark and too dangerous for a start.

Of course nobody would have wanted for the series to end up as a space faring version of the Tele-Tubbies, but with Klingons, Xindi and Romulans there were enough super-villains available and it wouldn't have needed the atrocities that some characters were put through.

Trip and T'Pol were constantly handed the brown end of the stick and couldn't buy a break at all. They were thrown from one horror into the next. If you expect another story that makes Trip suffer at every corner, this tale will probably not be your kind of material. There is enough danger from working in Engineering that we don't need to have our favorite engineer abducted, impregnated, beaten or otherwise abused whenever he leaves the ship.

The time line starts after the final scene of the episode "Bound" and follows the lives of Enterprise's crew from late 2154 to some time after the founding of the Federation.

Some of you will recognize most of it as a rewrite of my story "Words". The reason for that is quite simple. That story was started five years ago, when my writing was a lot weaker than it is today. And unlike now I also published most of that without a beta reader. With its sequels it also became too experimental and I recently had to retire the second sequel due to overwhelmingly bad reception. So, instead of coming up with ever crazier ideas, I decided to revisit this universe again with five more years of experience with fanfiction writing. Unlike JJ Abrahams though, I won't reboot my universe by blowing up planet Vulcan.

You will still find that some people do not fit exactly the characterisation we saw on screen. In my stories this usually concerns Hoshi, who was very inconsistently written in the show and T'Pau will most likely be very different from the arrogant brat we got to see on TV.

As with all my latest stories there is a version on fanfiction dot net that is suitable for teens with knowledge about the birds and bees and a version for adults on ArchiveOfOurOwn

The Fat Hippo, Sep 4th 2014