I swear this story isn't dead. As I write this thing, I'm going through each chapter, editing the spelling and grammar and doing some slight rewording. I'm also posting what I have on Ao3. But, I'm also making it known that I'm going to rewrite the Valm arc, starting from Chapter 30. I really don't like it, and consider it inferior to the rest of the story. Plus, I do need to tweak a bit of lore introduced in the Valm arc, with the development featured in Shadows of Valentia. So eventually you can expect new-old chapters.

However, I want to ask for little more patients. I'm still trying to get my head together after my dad's sudden death last month. We've gone back to something akin to normal, we're still working out our finances, and I'm having an extremely hard time getting a stable job.

I swear Embers is not dead, I have a good idea how many more chapters this will take, but the end is in sight…. After some rewrites.