~Chapter 1: A Fated Meeting! Son Goten and Rias Gremory~

Previously on Dragon Ball Z!

The Z Fighters faced the most powerful being they had ever encountered, the seemingly invincible Majin Buu. The battle led Goku and Vegeta, Earth's last warriors to the Sacred World of the Kai's for one final battle.

With their final stand, the two Saiyans planned to erase the evil demon with a Spirit Bomb made from the energy of every living person on the newly revived planet Earth.Though they had some much-needed help from none other than Mr. Satan himself, who finally convinced the Earthlings to give their energy for the Spirit Bomb.

Goku found himself overwhelmed by Buu's bottomless power, too exhausted to push the Spirit Bomb forward any further. Just as he felt it was all over, Vegeta and Dende had Porunga use the third wish to restore Goku's energy back to maximum.

"This is for you, Majin Buu. It's from the people of Earth!"

Feeling refreshed and revitalized, Goku smirked as he flashed into Super Saiyan one last time and easily began to overpower the universal terror.

"I hope you come back someday... as a better person. Perhaps we'll have a little one-on-one. I'd like that."

The Super Saiyan put two fingers to his head. "I'll be waiting for you Majin Buu!"




"Do it!"

And with one final push, the pIower of the Super Spirit Bomb proved too for even the destructive alien magic of the mighty Majin.

The Spirit Bomb overwhelmed him, finally destroying the demon once and for all.

Six months later, the Z Fighters used the Earth's Dragon Balls to wish away the memories of Buu's terror across the planet, and Earth's inhabitants returned to their daily peaceful lives.

Eight long years have passed since that day...

Since then, Gohan and Videl got married, and together they have a two year old daughter, Pan.

The young Goten was now fifteen, about to embark on a new journey of his own. High school.

It was a bright Monday morning in mid April.

Up in deep mountains of Mt. Paozu, Son Goten woke up from a deep sleep to his alarm clock blaring.

Today was his first day as a sophomore at an illustrious private high school called Kuoh Academy in East City. It was a miracle that he had even gotten in, considering his grades were never that great when he was home-schooled as a child. Goten figured his mother got Bulma to get him somehow considering her position as the heiress to Capsule Corp, but he never got a clear answer.

He wasn't too thrilled about having to go to a private school either, but Chi-Chi insisted that he should at least get an education and make some more friends.

"At least Trunks will be there, so I guess it won't be so bad..." Goten's life long best friend was a junior at the academy, making him feel somewhat at ease that he would at least know somebody.

Half-awake, Goten groggily got out of bed while scratching his head. He dragged his feet over to the bathroom and started brushing his teeth. Looking into the mirror, the fiften year old sighed and splashed his face with water, blinking while staring at his reflection.

At times he swore he looking at his father's reflection, not his own. Once Goten hit his growth spurt, he and his father looked almost identical. Chi-Chi swore they were twins.

Then he strolled back into his room and stared at his uniform that was hanging up his closet, freshly cleaned and ironed by his mother. The uniform consisted of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black tie, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes.

"...Do I really have to wear this? It looks so itchy..." He frowned.

Getting up early was definitely something that would take getting used to, and wearing that uniform wasn't going to help much.

As Goten started to get dressed, he sighed and thought to himself what school was going to be like.

Would the classes be hard?

Would the kids be nice?

Most importantly, would there be pretty girls?!

He sure hoped so, especially the part about pretty girls.

Once he got dressed, he gave himself one last look in the mirror before sighing, and heading out to the living room. "Man, why can't I go to a public school where I can wear casual clothes?" Goten moaned to himself. He pulled at the tight collar and started fiddling with the buttons of his uncomfortable dress shirt. He plopped down at the kitchen table with a sigh, squinting his eyes tightly due to the sunlight that filled the house.

"Hey, buddy! Lookin' good!" His father, Son Goku, said.

"No, I look like a complete dork..." Goten said as he plopped down.

"Oh come on, Goten. It's not that bad." Goku grinned.

"Well I think you look handsome!" Chi-Chi cooed.

She brought out a huge bowl of cereal along with a plate piled with multiple pieces of toast and placed it in front of the half-Saiyan, beaming with joy.

"Oh, my baby boy is growing up! Soon you'll be out of the house and I'll be all alone!" She teared up a bit, wiping her eyes with her scarf.

"C'mon, Mom. It's only my first day. I'm not goin' anywhere! And besides, you still have Dad!" Goten said bashfully.

"Sometimes, I don't know if that's a good thing."

"Hey!" Goku whined.

Chi-Chi giggled. "Only kidding, honey."

Goten quickly devoured his breakfast in typical Saiyan style; yet another trait inherited from his father.

Chi-Chi sighed. "I swear. It took me so long to teach you manners as a boy, but after only one month of having your father back, you picked up his bad manners!" She said with a smile.

Goten and Goku sported identical grins. The little stuff like that didn't bother Chi-Chi anymore. She was just glad to have her family of four together with no more fighting to save the universe.

"Thanks for the food, Mom! It was incredible, as always!" Goten grinned.

"You're welcome!"

Goten grabbed his schoolbag that was lying on the floor next to the kitchen table and decided to get a head start for school. East City was half way across the planet from the Son house, and wanted to take his time flying. Though he could probably get there under a minute if he flew at top speed.

Chi-Chi walked her son to the door, counting off the mental list in her head. Goku followed behind her, grinning. She wanted to be positive that Goten had the best day possible. Goten knew it was coming, but it was unavoidable.

"Do you have all your books and supplies?"

"...Yes, Mom."

"Do you have money for lunch?"


"Do you have your phone so I can call you?"


"Okay, just make sure to listen your teachers and pay attention! And no getting distracted by pretty girls!"

Goten paused. "...Yeah, got it." He sighed again. He knew his mother meant well, she just babied him a little too much at times.

One couldn't blame Chi-Chi though, as to her it felt like just yesterday he was a baby.

"Good." Chi-Chi smiled. "You're too young to have a girlfriend, young man!"

"Ok, I guess I'd better get going..." Goten said finally walking out the door followed by his parents. "I'll tell you all about my day at school when I get back!"

Chi-Chi gave her son one last tearful goodbye hug. "Bye, honey! Have a good day! Make me proud!" She said, wiping her eyes with the tissue again.

When she finally let go of Goten, Goku put a hand on his son's shoulder and grinned. "Knock 'em dead, son!"

Both of the proud parents smiled as they watched their younger son slowly ascended into the cool spring air.

"Bye Goten!" Goku said, flashing his signature toothy grin. "Just try not to show off your energy at school!"

"I know!"

"Good luck, honey! I love you!" Chi-Chi called again. "Make lots of friends!"

"Love ya too Mom! Oh, by the way Dad! We should go fishing when I get back!" Goten smiled brightly just like his father.

"You bet!" Goku replied.

Then, the half-Saiyan covered his body in a white aura and blasted off towards East City for his first day.

Little did he know, this day would change his life forever.

Goten reached the bright blue skies over East City, a few minutes later and noticed the school far off in the distance.

He had taken a trip over to Kuoh Academy once before for his entrance exams, but never thought he'd be heading there for real.

As he slowed down to a gentle drift, he scanned the ground below him looking for a place to safely land without being seen. The last thing he'd want is to get caught dropping five hundred feet out of the sky by one his classmates on his first day.

The young Saiyan continued searching until he saw an alleyway that led out to the direct path towards the school. He carefully descended down into the alley and made sure nobody saw him. He poked his head out and saw some people walking by, and quickly ducked back.

Goten heard some students talking among themselves about classes and clubs as they walked by.

When the coast was clear, he casually strolled out in the direction of his new school.

The closer Goten got to campus, he saw more and more students from Kuoh also walking to school; most of which were girls.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot! From what Trunks told me, Kuoh Academy used to be an all-girls school. But they recently changed it, so the number of girls still highly outnumbers the boys. And he said they were all hot too, which is even better!"

He entered through the wide-open front gates of the illustrious academy, still surprised at how big and fancy it was up close.

Goten aimlessly wandered forward, pulling out his schedule while scratching his head in confusion. He was lost already. Not a good sign. "Great, I'm definitely lost. Where's Trunks when you need him?" Goten pouted to himself and crossed his arms, while focusing on Trunks' power level.

By sheer coincidence, Trunks was walking nearby at the time, being closely followed by another ten cute girls with hearts in their eyes.

Trunks smiled sadly. "Girls, I'm really sorry I can't go sing karaoke with you today. Something came up and I gotta go right home afterwards. Plus, I'm supposed to be meeting a friend of mine today, but I dunno where he is..."

The girls frowned sadly, nodding in understanding as they slowly dispersed.

"What was that about?" Goten thought, cracking a grin. "Just what kind of trouble did he get himself into this time?

Trunks sighed loudly in relief and checked his watch. He looked exhausted. "Man, I wish Goten would get here soon. I can't take much more on my own!" As soon as the thought entered his mind, he saw a boy with an unmistakable hairstyle approaching him.



Goten's grin grew wider as his fist-bumped his best friend. All that anxiety flew out the window. He felt much more comfortable already.

"Man am I glad to see you."

"Likewise, man. What's up?"

"Same old, same old." Trunks shrugged. "How's campus so far?"

Goten gave the school another glance. "It seems bigger than the last time I was here."

"You get used to it."

"I still don't know where the crap I'm going! Do you know where Homeroom 2-A is?" The spiky-haired Saiyan asked his friend, who chuckled.

"I know the place. C'mon I'll show ya." Trunks said, and Goten eagerly followed behind him.

As Trunks led Goten along, whispers from multiple pretty girls started and they gushed about the two boys.

"You're quite the popular one, I see." He teased Trunks while poking him in the side. "I saw that little entourage from earlier. How many girlfriends do you have, man? Why didn't you tell me?"

Trunks pushed Goten away from him with a half-glare.

"Don't you start with that shit too. These girls consider me the school prince or idol or something! I mean, it's great getting attention from so many chicks and all, but it gets too much at times. I've gotten like fifty love letters in three days already. And that's just this semester!"

Goten chuckled while they continued walking. "Yeah, I guess being the future head of Capsule Corporation makes you sort of a celebrity..."

Trunks ran his hands through his short lavender hair and sighed. "I know...Sometimes I wonder why my mother even made me come to school to begin with... I mean, I don't even need school; I know everything they're teaching me already. Unlike your dumb ass."

"Hey! I'm not dumb! I just don't like studying!" The younger teen whined, putting his hands behind his head. "I'm better at you in video games, so take that!"

"Whatever you say, Goten." Trunks chuckled at Goten's protests.

"Yeah? Is that a chal-"

Goten stopped mid sentence and almost froze.

A gorgeous girl with long beautiful crimson red-hair appeared. She came down a flight of steps and made her way down the hallway. The way she carried herself oozed elegance and the mature sexiness of an older woman, but she made it look completely natural. She had brilliant sea-blue eyes with a very pretty face and perfect body.

"W-Who is that? S-S-She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my entire life..." Goten thought, instantly blushing.

The girl didn't notice them at first, but when she did, her captivating gaze locked onto Goten and she smiled alluringly. Goten blinked as he stared back at her, unable to look away. She said nothing as she walked by, turning to stare at him over her shoulder. When Goten did the same, the girl's gaze met his for a solid three seconds before he finally looked away with flushed cheeks. A simple look from those blue eyes of hers was enough to make him blush.

The redheaded girl smirked as she turned back around to face front as well, satisfied with herself. "So, he's finally here... He's much cuter than I thought..."

When she turned a corner, Goten turned back forward, still blushing a bit.

Trunks smirked. "Love at first sight, how cute."

"Shut the hell up, will ya? Who even was that chick?"

"Rias Gremory. She's a senior. Total babe." Trunks responded. "I mean, did you see the rack on her?"

Goten smiled to himself. "What a pretty name..."

"Do you know her? She looked right at you like she did."

Goten shook his head. "What? No way. I wish though! She's gorgeous!"

"Apparently she's never a had boyfriend. Don't get your hopes up though. Rumors say that she hates most boys."

"Really...? Bummer." Goten shrugged. "Oh well. By the way...um, when's lunch?"

Trunks almost lost his footing when Goten asked that so bluntly. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He joked while shaking his head.

"Nothing! I just wanted to know!"

Trunks laughed out loud. "Yeah, my ass." He joked. "Lunch is at 12:30."

The two teens continued joking with each other until Trunks stopped in front of a classroom. Goten almost bumped into his back because he wasn't paying attention when his friend stopped so abruptly. "Oh, here we are! Homeroom 2-A!" Trunks exclaimed.

Goten looked up at the sign on the door, and sure enough, it said 2-A on the door.

"Thanks, man. I would've never found this place without you." Goten said sighing with relief.

"Anytime, bro. I'll see ya later!"

"Meet outside the cafeteria? I already know where that is."

Trunks chuckled. "That doesn't surprise me..." The two bumped elbows again before Trunks continued down the hallway to his own homeroom.

Turning back to the class room door, the son of Goku gulped. Why was he so nervous? He stood up to Majin Buu! A being that literally eradicated the entire human race! Surely he could walk into a simple classroom, right? Yes!

"Here we go..."

Goten took a deep breath and knocked on the door. He waited a second before he stepped in.

When Goten walked into the room, every kid there stopped what they were doing to stare at him. It was dead silent in the classroom for a moment until everyone started whispering under their breaths about the new boy with the crazy hair that just stepped in.

While the girls were blushing and gushing over his good looks, there were two guys in particular that were scowling about how yet another pretty boy is in their class. Those two were so infamously known at Kuoh Academy as the Perverted Duo.

The teacher turned to Goten, and welcomed him with a grin. He was a tall man with short black hair and was wearing a brown dress pants, with matching brown suit jacket, a white dress shirt underneath and black shoes.

"Class, this is our newest student. This is his very first day at Kuoh Academy. I expect you all to give him a warm welcome!" He said to the class before turning back to Goten, grinning. "Introduce yourself, son."

Goten scratched the side of his head nervously before speaking.

"Umm, hello! My name's Son Goten! Glad to meet ya! I-I hope we can all get along well."

The girls were already swooning over him, while the guys just rolled their eyes in annoyance.

"Alright, Mister Son. Take any open seat!" The teacher said.


A boy with brown hair wearing a red t-shirt under his uniform stood up and pointed the seat in front of him, located next to the window. "Hey, new kid! You can sit by me!"

Goten grinned. "Thanks!"

Under their breath, two boys glared at their friend and spat 'traitor' at him. The brown-haired boy didn't care though. Goten looked nice enough, and seemed completely oblivious to the fan girls around him, or at least didn't really care.

"Hi there!" Goten said brightly to the brown haired boy, holding out his hand for Issei to shake. "Thanks again. Nice to meet ya."

"...Yeah, you too man. The name's Issei. Issei Hyoudou." The brown-haired boy shook the half-Saiyan's outstretched hand with a smile.

"Cool!" Goten smiled back. He felt relieved. "All the guys seem to be pissed at me for some reason. But you seem cool!"

Issei hesitated. Could this kid really not tell? Was he that dense? "...Yeah, they can be assholes. Don't mind them."

The two would have continued their conversation, but were silenced as the lecture began.

Four classes dragged on and on. Goten could barely stay awake! He was already tired from getting up early, and school only made it worse. Taking notes wasn't his thing. The only thing keeping him going was that lunch was only ten minutes away. Goten was busy zoning out into space when the bell rang.

"Alright! It's lunch time! I'm starving!" Goten cried out. He stretched his tired body in every direction as he left the classroom towards the cafeteria. From afar, girls watched him with hearts in their eyes and gossiping about how one guy can be so cute.

Issei caught up to Goten who was casually strolling down the hallway. He wanted to make Goten feel comfortable on his first day. "Hey man, do you want to sit with me at lunch today?"

Goten's face brightened at Issei's kind gesture. "Yeah, I'd love to! But I was already going to sit with my old friend who goes here. You're welcome to join us though!"

Issei stared at Goten blankly. He had no idea that Goten already had a friend! "You know someone else who goes here? Who?"

"Trunks. He's a year above us. Do ya know him?" The half-Saiyan said with a nonchalant expression while casually strolling forward.

Meanwhile Issei was dumbfounded. "Trunks?! You mean the Trunks? The son of Bulma Briefs? You're friends with him?!" He said, shouting at his new pal.

Goten shrugged like it was no big deal. "Yeah, we've been friends since we were babies. Our parents grew up together."

"That's so cool!" Issei said.

Goten technically didn't lie, he just so conveniently left out that he and Trunks were half alien.

As the duo kept walking, they met up with Trunks outside the cafeteria. The older half-Saiyan had a huge paper bag for his lunch. He hated the food that the school provided, so he always brought his own lunch. Goten didn't care though. He'd eat literally anything. Except he still hated vegetables.

"Yoo!" Goten said, greeting his longtime friend.

"Hey man. How'd classes go?" Trunks said and put a shoulder around Goten.

Goten let out a tired sigh. "Pretty good! I drew in my notebook mostly all class though."

Trunks got a kick out of that. "Typical Goten", he thought. As a kid, Goten could never focus on anything school related. Trunks wasn't much better, but Goten was in a league of his own. Just talking about homework and tests made Goten's brain hurt.

"Oh, and I made a friend! His name's Issei!"Goten exclaimed.

Trunks turned to Issei with a nod. "Sup, man?" Issei nodded back. Trunks had heard about Issei before and how he's a huge pervert, but that really didn't matter to him. What guy doesn't have raunchy thoughts about girls at some point? Even Goten was slightly guilty of that, despite his denial.

"He's gonna eat lunch with us today. Is that cool?" Goten said.

Trunks smiled. "Yeah, fine with me!"

Issei smiled back at Trunks. The more he saw Goten and Trunks interact, the less he resented the two. "Maybe the popular guys aren't so bad after all," he thought.

The trio of boys soon entered the cafeteria. Goten gasped at he saw! Hundreds of students sitting around talking in an enormous, spacious cafeteria. The last time he saw this many people was when he entered in the World Tournament. It was a little nerve-wracking, honestly.

Goten caught sight of the lunch line, which thankfully wasn't too long. "I can't wait any longer! I'm starving!" It only got worse when Goten's nose got a whiff of the delicious smells and got right in line, with Issei behind him.

Issei raised an eyebrow and looked at Trunks, who sighed.

"I'll save us a spot." The older boy said, chuckling to himself. "Some things never change."

Goten turned back to Issei, and saw him staring at the hot girls all around him with a lecherous grin and a red blush covering his cheeks. The brown-haired boy stared at every girl in the vicinity, his eyes focused on their boobs while drooling.

"What the heck are you starin' at them like that for? That's really improper, ya know..."

Issei looked at the half-Saiyan like he was sick in the head. He never actually heard someone say that before! How dense can one person be?! "Improper!? Are you gay!? What man doesn't love the wonders big beautiful boobies?!" He said almost screaming that last sentence, causing many girls to send scornful glares in his direction.

"This guy's just like Master Roshi!"

Then the girl that was in line in front of Goten turned around and glared at Issei. "It's because he's a sick pervert!" She had light brown eyes with light brown hair tied in a ponytail. "You're the new kid, right? Don't tell me that he's already turned a cutie like you into a pervert like him!" She said.

"No, no, no! That's not it at all! I'm not like that! I swear!" Goten said waving his arms in front of his face in defense. He gulped. "Are all girls this scary?"

She looked at Goten suspiciously for a second before lightening up. "You're really sweet..." The girl said, relaxing a bit. "Just watch out! That pervert might try to brainwash you into becoming like him and his dumb ass friends!" She spat, glaring at Issei who was hiding behind Goten.

"R-Right... Thanks..." Goten softly replied.

"You saved me man..." Issei said with a smile.

Goten shook his head. "Just chill okay? I don't want to be labeled a pervert for something I didn't do."

"Yeah... I hear ya..."

As the time passed, Goten became more impatient as his bottomless pit of a stomach growled louder.

Finally after what seemed like an hour, it was finally time for Goten's turn on the food line. Goten carefully scanned over the wide assortment of foods they had. Everything looked so good he couldn't decide! So he decided to just get some of everything.

"I'll get some of these…and some of that…and a little of that…! Oh! And three of those…and a lot of that…" Goten said as he piled more and more food onto his tray. Luckily he was close to the end of the line, because he cleared out most of what was left!

The lunch lady was mortified at Goten's over flowing tray. Her face practically turned a pale blue, as did everyone else in the area.

"Umm, excuse me, are you sure you can eat all that?!" She asked nervously.

Goten shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, I'll be fine, thanks though, this looks great!" Goten said nonchalantly, like it was normal thing to take that much food on his plate.

"Goten, is your stomach a black hole?" Issei said astounded at his friends gluttonous appetite. He wasn't too far off with that assumption either.

Goten grinned sheepishly in reply. "That's what my mom always says."

People were gawking at Goten as he held his tray that had food piled ten inches high and the two boys met up with Trunks at one of the lunch tables.

Meanwhile Trunks had to shoo away multiple girls that wanted to sit with him, kindly telling them that he was saving a seat for his friends. Trunks gave Goten an amused look when he sat down and started stuffing his face.

"I swear, Goten. Do you even chew your damn food before you swallow? You're gonna choke if you keep eating that much." Trunks said while he continued to pick at his massive lunch.

Goten stuffed three full sandwiches in his mouth at once. "Yoff eatff affs muffh aff meff thoffh..."

"Nobody can understand you when talk with your mouth full, you idiot!"

Goten gulped down everything at the same time. "Sorry. What I said was that you eat as much as me!"

"Yeah, but you eat every meal like you're gonna die."

"Still, I think our dads have us beat." Goten grinned.

Trunks nodded in agreement. "Especially your dad."

Issei was about to ask a question about their dads, but he never got it out as the cafeteria erupted in hundreds of whispers from both girls and guys alike.

Two girls, who appeared to be almost two years older than Goten, had entered the cafeteria and appeared to be walking in Goten and Trunks' direction.

"Look, it's Rias!"

"Akeno too!"

"They're so gorgeous! I wish I could have a body like them!"

"Rias! Will you go out with me!?"

Many voices screamed but the two older beauties payed them no mind. Instead their gazes were locked on a certain new student. Goten turned around and saw her staring at him. There she was yet again. Rias Gremory. And this time, she brought a friend. The girl that was walking with Rias had long black hair tied in a ponytail with an orange ribbon and light pink colored eyes; and equally as pretty to boot.

"Look, they're comin' right for us!" Goten whispered.

"What's wrong, Romeo? Scared to talk to your crush?"

"Screw off."

Rias caught Goten's gaze and smiled. He couldn't help but blush when he stared at her face.

"So by the way, who's Rias' friend?"

"Akeno Himejima." Trunks replied. "And if you haven't already noticed, they're pretty strong. I didn't want to bring any extra attention, but yeah..."

Goten felt stupid for not noticing. "... You're right. Their energy is way too high for being normal girls."

"Something feels weird. It's dark, but not really evil either..."

"I agree. Just stay on guard."

They decided to drop the subject for now, in case the two girls overheard them.

"THEY'RE THE TWO HOTTEST GIRLS EVER!" Issei screamed loudly. "I would do anything to have my face in between those amazing pairs of boobies!"

"You're gonna get killed one day if you keep that shit up. You know that right?"

Issei began sulking and slammed his head on the lunch table. "You're right..." He mumbled to himself, sighing sadly.

Just as he said that, the two senior girls stopped next to Trunks and Goten's table, smiling down at them. Rias spoke first.

"Hello there."


Trunks simply nodded, while Issei almost creamed his pants by being so close to the two.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" Rias asked. Her tone of voice was elegant, but soft. It felt sincere.

"N-No, you're fine. What's up?" Goten exclaimed with the typical Son grin, complete with his father's signature salute.

Rias tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "You're new here, right?"

"Yeah. Today's my first day."

"Oh, that's right. I passed you in the hallway this morning; sorry for not properly introducing myself earlier. My name is Rias. And this is my friend, Akeno. What's your name~?" The redhead smiled.

"Goten. Nice to meet ya!" The half-Saiyan happily said, and then tossed a whole sandwich into his mouth in one bite.

Trunks rolled his eyes. Only Goten would be that informal.

Murmurs and whispers picked up again in awe that the new kid would greet the 'big sisters' of the academy so casually. Rias and Akeno only giggled.

"He's a real cutie..." Akeno thought to herself, giggling a bit.

"Just curious... Sorry if this too sudden, but you wouldn't be happened to be related to a man named Son Goku, would you?"

Trunks instantly spit out his drink everywhere.

Goten started choking on the sandwich that suddenly got lodged in his throat from swallowing too early. He started repeatedly pounding his chest to get the full sandwich to pass, coughing and hacking when he got it down. Trunks patted his back.

The two seniors looked innocently confused while they waited for an answer.

"…What? Could you... um, could you say that again?" Goten asked her in a hoarse voice after he caught his breath. He stuck a finger in his ear, hoping, just hoping that he had heard Rias wrong.

"Are you related to Son Goku?" She repeated with that same cute grin.


He started to sweat. He did hear her correctly. That's exactly what he feared.

"Just great! Day one and I already got found out!? But how is that even possible? I didn't even do anything!"

Goten gave his best friend a cautious look, which Trunks returned with a serious look of his own. After a moment, Trunks nodded.

"Uh, yeah, h-he's my dad." Goten said hesitantly.

Rias giggled in delight and smiled. "I thought so! You two look exactly alike! I'm a big fan of his. Well, that's all. We just wanted to say hello. I'll let you get back to your meal. It was nice meeting you, Goten! I hope I'll be seeing you soon!" Rias said with a wink as she and Akeno walked off. Akeno waved back to him as the two left, leaving everyone in the cafeteria either furious, jealous, or flat out confused.

Once the girls were out of hearing range, Goten and Trunks turned back to each other with a panicked look.

"Okay... what... the hell... was that?" Trunks asked, still in shock.

"H-How did she...?" Goten asked but trailed off.

Trunks put his face in his hands and groaned. "How should I know?"

Issei looked lost. "What's wrong, Goten? You looked like you've seen a ghost..."

"It's nothing, dude. Forget it." Goten said, but he could barely convince himself let alone a new friend.

"Does this girl know about us? No. It can't be. There's no way that could happen." Goten thought. His heart was pounding. "It was just some lucky guess based on family resemblance. That had to be it. But that still wouldn't explain how she knew Dad's name..."

Goten and Trunks quickly got up and left the cafeteria from the opposite doors that Rias and Akeno went.

"See ya later, Issei. Something came up, sorry." The younger Saiyan picked up his bag and left, Trunks right behind him.


They kept walking until they reached the outdoor courtyard of the school, making sure nobody followed them.

When they checked that the hallway was empty, Trunks threw his hands up in the air. He almost punched the wall but restrained himself.

"Dude! What the fuck just happened!?"

"I don't know! I've never seen her a day in my life before this! I swear!" Goten said frantically.

"She's a fan? What's that even mean?"

"Hell if I know!"

"Is she freakin' psychic or something?"

Goten then took a deep breath."Okay. Look. Let's just calm down."

"...Yeah. You're right." Trunks did the same.

"My dad fought in like three World Martial Arts Tournaments. Four if you count the one when Babidi showed up. He even won the championship once. Plus, even we fought in the junior division as kids. Maybe she's a dedicated fan girl? She could've did some research, and just made the connection."

"I fucking hope so... Ok, yeah. That's gotta be it." Trunks sighed loudly, shaking his head again.

"How else would she know?" Goten replied.

"Let's just pretend nothing happened. Just hide your power level as much as possible, and play it normal. But please just keep me posted." He said while putting serious emphasis on the last part. "The last thing we need is this coming out and those two using our powers against us somehow."

"R-Right." Goten said, wiping sweat from forehead. "Stuff started on day one. Figures..."

"Goddamn it, dude. Can't anything in our lives just be freakin' normal?"

"Don't get me started..." Goten sighed.

Trunks groaned. "Just stay away from that girl."


After class, four teenagers sat in an old school building not too far off from campus. Each one had a high power level, although the crimson-haired girl was the strongest of the four.

"So, that boy... Son Goten. He really is a Saiyan, right?" The dark-haired one asked, looking out the window.

"Yeah. His father, Son Goku, was the one who defeated Demon King Piccolo. Some also say it was Goku who beat the monster known as Cell fifteen years ago." The crimson-haired girl was sitting on her desk with her legs crossed while facing two others.

"Hmph, I see." The redhead, Rias Gremory, smirked while crossing her arms under her chest. "Interesting. We could possibly have ourselves a new team member…" She said back to her best friend. "Just imagine, Akeno! If this Saiyan joins my peerage, we'll be unstoppable! Not even my brother could beat me in a Rating Game..."

"Do you think he'll do it?"

"I don't see why not."

The third person, a blond boy with light blue eyes, chuckled. "He's already made a quite an impression already, hasn't he?"

Akeno smirked. "He sure has..."

"President Rias," a white-haired girl asked while licking an ice cream cone, "do you want me to follow him?"

Rias Gremory shook her head. "No, there's no need. He'd probably notice you were following him anyway. I plan to talk to him more in-depth tomorrow." She said smiling devilishly to the group of four teens.


Goten sneezed just as he landed in front of his house.

He had to stealthily leave campus to avoid being seen by Rias. Or anyone else. Normally, he would've called his dad to pick him up with the car, but the quicker he got out of there, the better.

Goten was still looming from the encounter with the redhead at lunch, but quickly shook away his worries.

He was just happy to be home.

"I'm back!" Goten called. He was met by his parents, and to his surprise, Gohan as well.

"Hey!" Gohan said happily. "How'd everything go?"

"Not bad." The teen shrugged.

"Oh! Welcome home, sweetheart!" Chi-Chi rushed her son and hugged him desperately. "My baby! How are you? How was school!?"

"Great, Mom. T-Thanks..." Goten said, trying to keep him mother happy despite what was bothering him.

Chi-Chi smiled proudly at her 'baby boy' and asked him a million questions about every aspect of the day. "Did you make friends? How are your classes? How is Trunks!? Are you in any clubs!?"

"M-Mom please! It's only been one day! Besides, I gotta talk to Dad and Gohan about something. I-It's really important..."

"I hope you didn't get into a fight! I told you to behave!"

"No, Mom! Everything's fine! Just something happened at lunch that really put me and Trunks on edge."

Hearing that didn't ease Chi-Chi's worries much.

Gohan was the first to speak up. "What happened, bro?"

"It's a long story..." Goten said with a long sigh while recalling the encounter with Rias Gremory that morning. He led the family into the living room to sit down.

"Something wrong?" Goku asked his son, noticing his hesitation. "Girl trouble already?" He said through narrowed eyes and a sly grin.

Goten sweat-dropped. "Well, kinda. The thing is…" The younger half-Saiyan began nervously while scratching the back of his head.

"Oooh! Dad, you're right! Looks like Goten's got a girlfriend!" Gohan poked his brother jokingly. He too experienced the trouble of a forward girl on first day.

"A WHAT!?"

The three Saiyans all froze in place.

"Uh-oh..." Goku whispered under his breath.

"Are you telling me that Goten has a girlfriend after his first day?!" The ebony-haired mother screamed. "No trashy girl is going to take my baby away from me! He's all I have left!" She said as she started sobbing into her husband's chest.

"Mom, I don't have a girlfriend! Honestly!"

"Yeah! Dad and I were kidding! Now please, calm down!" Gohan pleaded. He hated when his mother cried.

"Chi-Chi please. We were just teasing Goten. I'm sorry!"

Chi-Chi sighed. She just wasn't ready to give her baby up just yet. "No, I'm sorry... Go ahead, honey."

He paused and took a deep breath. "There's this senior girl in school. She knew about you, Dad It was the weirdest thing. I dunno how, but she knew I was your son. And it kinda freaked me and Trunks out to say the least."

"Good! More people that know how great my boys are, the better!" Chi-Chi declared. The Son boys all shared a laugh.

"But how can that be possible?" Goku said, putting his hand on his chin to think.

"Maybe they're psychic." Gohan added. That was a good point, Goten thought.

"That's what Trunks thought too, but then why didn't they find him out too? He was right there with me, plus he's already been going there for a few days..."

Gohan shrugged. "Maybe they just knew you from resemblance? You and Dad look identical. Plus, Trunks looks almost nothing like Vegeta, and he's not exactly one who shows up in the public eye."

"That's true..." Goten replied.

Goku continued to think. "A psychic really wouldn't surprise me at this point, considering all the guys I've encountered over the years. What do they look like? You said one was a redhead?

"Yeah. The stronger girl had long crimson red hair… And her friend had black hair tied in a ponytail." Goten replied.

Chi-Chi huffed. "She'd better keep her paws off my son if she knows what's good for her!"

The Son boys all chuckled as Chi-Chi declared that.

"Wait, you said a girl with crimson red hair? Hmmm, I do remember hearing about some guy with crimson red hair somewhere in Other World. Apparently he was really strong! Do you think he's her brother or dad or something?" Goku asked. He had always wanted to meet this mysterious crimson-haired fighter, but never got the chance.

"That makes sense! Did you get his name?"

Goku shook his head with a sad expression. "Nope... Should I go ask King Kai?"

"Nah, don't worry about it. We're just gonna lie low for a while. Hopefully she just forgets about it." Goten said.

"Remember you can always come to me, Gohan or our mother for help."

"Absolutely. Any girls give you trouble, tell 'em to come to me!" Chi-Chi said. "I'll show 'em!"

Gohan laughed. "She's not lying. Remember the time Videl first came to visit? Mom called her a tramp who just wanted to seduce me for teaching her to fly."

Goten snickered. "I remember that!"

Chi-Chi smiled. "I was just trying to protect my son from any girls who tried to take advantage of him! Luckily, she turned out to be wonderful! I love her like a daughter now. And my sweet little Panny is like an angel!"

Once again the three Son boys roared with laughter.

"Thanks... I needed that." Goten replied with a smile. But still, he couldn't keep his mind off the girl with the crimson-red hair. "I sure hope that Rias chick isn't dangerous... She actually seems really nice, but..."

"So..." Goku cut in, trying to brighten the mood. "How 'bout that fishing trip?"


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