**I just made up the name for a place in England ^^**

Milarum, England. 1825


Chapter 1: Damn writer's block


Why am I like this? Why is my heart so cold and my breath so icy when it comes to women. Never have I felt warmth or comfort when near one. I just feel cold and cruel. Sure I would be nice to them, but I never had feelings for one. Will I just hate women and never love?

Syaoran Li, young Duke of Milaru, is celebrating his eighteenth birthday. His mother has arranged the entire party and has also invited many young ladies to help Syaoran's choice for a wife. His mother had not told him that she was planning to 'help' him find him a wife; she wanted to surprise him.

But clever Syaoran knew his mother's intentions and disliked them. He couldn't careless for women. He liked it better when he was alone in his room writing his poetry or writing in his Journal. He didn't want to have some nagging women looming over his shoulder begging for attention. He was content with his poetry.

A knock on the door caused him to open his eyes and turn from the window. His best friend Eriol Daidouji entered the room with his usual smile on his face. Eriol was a few years older then Syaoran and is married to the beautiful women named Tomoyo Daidouji. Even though Eriol is married and is expecting a child in a few months, that doesn't stop him and Syaoran from going out to their favorite places.

Tomoyo doesn't mind when they go out. It gives her time to knit and chat with her friends about what their husbands are like. Also, her friends come over a lot to see how her pregnancy is working out. This is what makes Tomoyo and Eriol a happy, married, couple.

"Dear friend, why not come down for some wine?" asked Eriol. "Come now, your mother will be furious if you don't make your presence known. She has spent a lot of time preparing this celebration for you."

"I'd like to, my friend," replied Syaoran. "But I know what her intentions are. She invited many young ladies to gock and giggle at me. I like the peace and quiet of my room better."

Eriol smiled and approached his friend. He placed a hand on his shoulder. Syaoran leveled his eyes to Eriol's and stared at him.

"I know you don't like women, but tis best if you find someone soon Syaoran. I won't be around forever and you'll grow up to be a miserable, lonely, old man. I couldn't stand to see you that way. Don't get me wrong, I completely disagree with your mother forcing this upon you. But try to make some effort to find a good wife."

Syaoran lifted his hand and placed it on top of Eriol's hand on his shoulder. He gave Eriol one of his rare smiles and gently squeezed his hand.

"I don't know what I would do without you my friend," he said. "How about that drink?"

"I knew you couldn't resist to have a glass of wine," said Eriol with a chuckle.

They exited out of Syaoran's room and headed down the stairs towards the noisy ballroom. They both took a wineglass from a passing by waiter and stood their ground to talk.

"How is your wife?" asked Syaoran. "I haven't seen her lately. Is she healthy?"

Eriol took a sip of his red wine, then gently swirled the drink around in his wineglass.

"She is well and quite healthy," he replied. "The doctor said to be expecting for the babe sometime this winter. I hope it will be on Christmas; it would make that day even more special then it already is."

"Hmmm," said Syaoran as took a long sip from his wineglass. "Must be really nice to have a women like Tomoyo. She is one of a kind."

"She is indeed," replied Eriol.

Eriol turned his head and smiled as he saw his wife making her way towards them. He held out a hand towards her.

"Speaking of the angel."

Syaoran turned and smiled at Tomoyo. Eriol took her hand and kissed it. She smiled at her husband and looked to Syaoran as he took her hand and planted a kiss on top of it.

"Hello gentlemen," she said. "I hope I am not interrupting anything important."

"Nothing is more important then you my dear," replied Eriol. "I am concerned about you being here while carrying our child. Are you sure you don't want to go home and rest?"

"Darling," started Tomoyo, "I may be pregnant but that won't stop be from being at my husband's best friend's birthday party. Already eighteen, I can't believe how much you two have grown."

Eriol pressed a kiss to her cheek and smiled. Syaoran softly coughed.

"I'll leave you two be, I am going to go outside for some fresh air."

"Are you sure, Syaoran?"

"I'm positive, Eriol. We can visit The Constance Crow later tonight and talk."

"Alright, I'll see you at the banquet in thirty minutes."

Syaoran smiled at his friend and bowed to Tomoyo. Tomoyo curtsied to him as Eriol took her arm and led her towards a couch for her to sit down on.

"I admit I envy you, Eriol. But my heart has not yet longed for a women like yours had."

Syaoran spun on his heel and headed towards the ballroom. The dancers gently parted as The Duke walked through them towards the balcony. Ladies approached him and pleaded with him to come and dance. He ignored them and brushed past them. He rolled his eyes when the women started to whine and opened the doors to the balcony.

He stepped out into the cool, autumn, night and breathed in the crisp clean air. He sighed and closed his eyes as a gentle breezed brushed back his hair. He let his thoughts wonder off to his poetry; he had been trying to write poetry about autumn to pass the time.

"Crisp and golden like a........no, that's no good."

He opened his eyes and placed a hand against his chin.

"Hmmmm........" he pondered. "Curse writers block. Devilish thing it is."

The sound of leaves rustling caused him to turn his head towards the direction of the sound. He could see a dark figure stumbling out of a bush; the figure appears to be a woman because he saw her wearing a dress that is caught on a bush.

Syaoran walked down the stairs and headed over towards the figure that was tugging on her dress.

"Milady," said Syaoran, "please let me help you. It wouldn't be good if you ripped your costume." Syaoran could not see the facial features of the girl because it was too dark to see.

The girl looked up at Syaoran and said, "Thank you, Milord. I am so very clumsy. I was just taking a walk to get some fresh air and I heard a noise in the forest. I got scared and ran, then ended up here."

Syaoran reached out and took hold of her dress that was caught. "I assure you that the forest is not haunted, Milady."

"You never know."

"Oh I know because I live here."

The girl became deadly silent as Syaoran freed her. "There you are, Milady."

"Yo-Your.......the young Duke of Milaru?"

"Correct." The girl backed away slowly with wide eyes. Syaoran blinked.

"Are you alright miss?"

"Y-Yes, I-I just didn't know it was you." She took hold of her dress and curtsied to him. "Forgive me, Milord."

"Now now, none of that please." He took hold of her arm. He froze when he felt her silkiness of her skin against his rough palm. He jerked his hand away after lifting her to her feet. When she got to her feet, the moonlight revealed her face to him. He couldn't help but stare at her.

She was very lovely. Her face was oval shaped and her cheeks were slightly glowing red. Her eyes reminded him of his mother's emeralds and her hair was almost the same color as his own; her hair also looked quite silky.

"Erm......." he started after snapping out of his glazed look. "Ah.........did you come to the party alone?"

"No," she replied in a shy voice. "I am here with my father and a.......friend."

"Ahh, what is your name?"

"Sakura, Sakura Kinomoto."

"Sakura Kinomoto, huh?" he said as he placed a hand over his chin. "Sakura."

The girl turned her head away and blushed as Syaoran pondered.

"Do you dislike my name?" Syaoran stopped his pondering and glanced at her.

"N-No, of course not. I find it quite........beautiful."

This caused the girls blush to deepen. "Thank you, milord."

"Come now," said Syaoran as he offered his arm to her. "Tis cold out here. We should get back inside. Would you like to continue our conversation with a glass of wine?"

Sakura shook her head slightly and backed away. "I've been gone from my father for too long, I should return to his side before........." She shook her head again.

"Before what?"

"It's nothing. I really must go. It was a pleasure talking to you, milord."

Before Syaoran could say another word, Sakura picked up her dress and fled towards the estate. He watched her run with a puzzled look on his face.

"She seemed so scared........I wonder......."

He furrowed his brow and started after her. But before he could take another step something glomped onto his arm and pulled him back. He blinked and turned his head to look down at the woman who was gazing up at him with a slightly angry expression.

"Running away from your cousin?" she said with a pout. "How rude!"

Syaoran softly sighed then smiled.

The woman was his cousin Mei-ling Li. She had long black hair died in two buns on the sides of her head, she had golden eyes that were filled with excitement to see her cousin, and she wore a beautiful blue and white colored dress with a butterfly mask to match it.

He loves his cousin dearly, but at the moment he wants to find the beautiful Kinomoto girl he was chatting with earlier. There was something about her that confused Syaoran. He wants answers.

"Hello dear Mei-ling."

She giggled and released his arm. "That's better. I was looking all over for you. Eriol told me you went outside."

"No matter how good of a hiding place I have, you always find me." He placed a hand on her head and she smiled.

"I hate to cut our reunion short but I have something to do," he said. "Will you sit with me during dinner?"

"I'd be delighted."

"Good, behave yourself around the young men here."

Syaoran shook his finger playfully at his cousin and she puffed up her cheeks at him. He laughed softly as he took off towards his estate.

"I hope she didn't go home. I want to talk to her again."

Ideas for his poetry filled his mind as he though of the beautiful girl with eyes like emeralds. Tonight seemed to be a lot different then the other nights; his writer's block was cured.

Was it because of her?

It's not possible......she is a woman. Women mean nothing to him.

......Or is this one different? She had to be because he was now searching for her.

But at the moment, he just wanted to get answers from her and find out more about her.

To be continued.

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