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Sookie asked Eric for a wedding present before they left Bon Temps, to cure the vampires close to her. So at the wedding there was a "New Blood' punch which was laced with Sarah's real blood. Every vampire that had a drink that night was given the cure. Pamela didn't like it but, Eric told her to do it. The only thing that Pamela promised to for Sookie was that she would 'let go' of Sarah within 5 years. But that actually happened soon than intended. Pamela moved to L.A. a few months after the wedding and took Sarah with her. She would take her around to the homes of wealthy vampires, and they could "play with their food" before they ate for a hefty price (1 million dollars). One day while Pamela was at a LA mansion of a very old vampire, he got carried away and drained Sarah before he could stop himself. He wanted to turn Sarah and keep her for himself, but Pamela did not want Sarah to have the pleasure of being a vampire and live forever. She let Sarah die, and staked the vampire herself. A few days after that, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones was reported missing and never to be found again.

Andy and Holly: They finally got married and their children, Adilyn and Wade were also married. Holly help Arlene run the bar. Andy stayed sheriff. Adilyn and Wade moved to New Orleans, and he took a job at a New Blood factory.

Arlene and Keith: Sookie has sent her note not long after the wedding saying what was spiked in the punch. Arlene and Keith then consummated their relationship soon after. At Arlene's bar she got rid of the pool table, and replaced it with a stage, and Keith and James' band played there some nights.

Lafayette and James: They moved into Jason's house. James took the light tight space that was Violets. Lafayette also started his own business. He design and made clothes and open a shop and also help James with managing the band.

Willa and Ginger: They continue to run Fangtasia. Ginger went back to school and finished her degree. Willa helped change the look of Fangtasia and made it a nicer place for vampires and humans. She took out the dancing poles and added live music as well. Sometimes James's band would play there. Ginger took the throne back to her house.

Hoyt and Jessica: They stayed in Bill's house for a few years, and then move away from Bon Temps. He moved Jessica closer to New Orleans, so she could be close to Adilyn and he worked on the oil rigs in the gulf. Andy took the house back and gave it Rev. Daniels. Rev Daniels and his wife Lettie Mae made it a home for orphan children. He thought Bill would have appreciated that.

Sam and Nicole: They eventually came back to Bon Temps with their 2 children and he ran shelter for abused animals.

Jason and Bridgette: Jason stayed on as deputy at the sheriff's department, and Bridgette eventually became a school teacher. They had 5 children, four girls and one boy. They raised them in the farm house. Their children would often get gifts from Uncle Eric and Aunt Sookie from their travels around the world.

As for Eric and Sookie, they spent all of their time together. They were never apart . After a week at the cabin, they traveled the world together. Sookie got to see all the places she had only ever dreamed about. They lived most of the year in Stockholm, where Eric taught her about the business and she became his 'partner'. They hid their marriage from everyone because he did not want Sookie to be a target. He would occasionally get death threats from anit-vampire hate groups. To protect her, she was always referred to as his business partner. Of course most tabloid magazines would try to catch them acting as a couple. It was a running joke to them.

After 5 years, Eric sold his interest in New Blood to Pamela. He got more involved in vampire rights groups and often spoke at their functions. He had several attempts on his life. Once in Germany, where Sookie read the mind of the assassin and Eric stopped him before he could make his move. Then again in Russia, Sookie had to use her fae light to stop a killer. Once she had him knocked down, Eric vamped over and took care of the perpetrator. That night they were lucky that not many people witness that, and he glamour them into not remembering what they saw. It turns out Sookie was saving his life as much as he had saved hers over the years.

They would come home and visit Bon Temps a few times a year. They stayed in their cubby at Jason's and play with his children and told the stories about their adventures. But every Thanksgiving they would make an effort to come home for that day. And all their family and friends would come over and have a big party in the yard.

Eventually Eric did walk in the sun. Every year, he could stay out in the sun a little more than last. It took about 50 years, but then he could take walks with Sookie in the sun. And that was just about a normal of a couple as they were going to be... happily ever after...


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