Helga's Homecoming Chapter 7 Cruel Revenge by Shadow D. X (ahem) Helga G. Pataki

Caution All characters are property of Mr. Bartlett and possibly Nickelodeon but that's a little in the gray right now for me. I'm using them simply for entertainment, not profit. Don't sue me - I'm just a misguided fan with a keyboard. And don't worry about me; I enjoy being hogtied by blonde women.

Arnold; Well, its day two of Helga's dictatorship of Shadow D. X's story and she's still going at it.

Helga; Trust me on this one Arnold. He needed to be stopped. I mean, no one in their right mind would read this if there wasn't some sort of controversial action. I'm doing him a favor by doing this.

Arnold; Can you at least do him a favor by untying him, I think he's beginning to dehydrate.

Helga; I'll take that under consideration. But now, chapter 7, enjoy everyone.

As 9 rolled around, Helga almost shrieked with joy as Arnold's mustang came to a stop across the street from the house. Phoebe giggled but was successful in calming Helga down back to reality. "Thanks Phebes," Helga sighed. "I'm just a little nervous about my first real date with Arnold."

Phoebe crossed her arms. "How can you be nervous about one simple date? You've already been married, wasn't that more nerve racking?"

"Actually I never really loved the guy, it was my first agent. I only married him cause he put up with me for so long, I figured he deserved it." The conversation was broken by a single honk from across the street. "I'll tell you how it went later Phebes."

"Good luck Helga."

After making a quick mirror check, Helga rushed out the front door and across the deserted street to where Arnold parked his mustang. After stealing a quick kiss, she ran across the front and slid into the passenger side seat. Arnold was wearing a half buttoned black shirt that showed off his sculpted, hairless chest and deep blue jeans with his new boots. "Hey handsome, give a girl a ride?" she asked with a grin.

Arnold smirked and shook his head. "Only if you share a beer with me at Park's, stranger." They both laughed and kissed sweetly on the lips. Arnold revved his engine and tore down the dark streets lit by the yellow tinted streetlight. "So Helga, how's your stay in town so far?"

"It's ok I guess. I'm really starting to bond with my niece Heidi whenever I have free time. She's really something; she plays the Stones like she's Jagger's daughter."

"Wow, that sounds pretty impressive. I hope I can meet her soon if she's even half the musician you claim she is."

"Don't worry, we have plenty of time to show you off to my family. But tonight it's time for us to have some fun," Helga said with a grin. As Arnold's faded from sigh and Phoebe exited the Pataki household, the vengeful Lila grinned ear to ear.

At Park's Place, Helga and Arnold strolled through the front door, making anyone with eyes turn heads to watch the two. The two sat at the bar and both ordered the same beer by accident, giggling that the two enjoy Rolling Rock. Arnold smiled softly and put his hand on her thigh. "You look really great tonight Helga. You're still the only girl I know that can pull of that pink bow look."

Helga blushes lightly and put her hand on his. "Well I remembered you telling me that you liked my bow so I thought it was just appropriate for tonight."

"Well I'm glad you did," Arnold said. They kissed and took a drink while they watched some of the other patrons dancing to the beat of the bar's recorded music. "Looks like fun, don't you think Helga?"

"I think it look ridiculous. So why not, let's go out there look stupid together." Helga and Arnold went out to join the group of dancers when Helga saw shadowy figure looking down from the rooftop window. She wanted to just ignore it but just then, it flashed a guitar and ran off. Helga somehow knew it was Heidi's guitar; this psycho did something to Heidi! Breaking her hold from Arnold, she rushed to the stairs and ran too top floor. The lock to the door was snapped; apparently this figure wanted her to come. With a deep breathe, Helga kicked the door open and saw Heidi tied to a ventilation tube and the psycho holding her guitar. She tried to make out whom it was but a mild rain had begun to pour and her visibility was compromised. "Who the hell are you? Let my niece go!"

The figure held up a razor blade, obviously the one Helga wedged into her Arnold shrine, and sliced the strings of the guitar. Helga tried to dash forward, but stopped when the razor blade threaten Heidi's neck. "I would be ever so careful if I was you."

Helga snarled and balled her hands into fists. "Lila.somehow I always knew you'd be the one to ruin my happiness."

Lila shoot an evil grin and kept her tight hold on Heidi's jugular. "Oh, don't worry. I won't be around much longer. I'm just here to tell you to get out of town and to leave my man alone."

"What! Are you insane? Arnold's not you're man; he's mine. We're in love so that mean your outta luck, country girl."

"Oh no Helga, you're the one out of luck. See, if you don't leave town and never talk to Arnold again, I'll make your lovely niece a fountain of blood."

Helga bit her lip. The threat was too great and she didn't want to see her niece harmed in anyway. She was already trembling while she looked into the fearful, tear-filled eyes of her frightened niece. Her heart sank, she almost felt that surrender was the only thing she could do now. But what was stronger, her life-long love with Arnold, or her kindred bond with Heidi? No matter what she chooses, heartache was bound to follow.

Helga; See folks, I told ya I'd give you want you all want.

Arnold; Can you just go on already? Everyone's waiting.

Helga; Alright, no more two cents. Here comes the big finale.

Before Helga could give her response, Arnold suddenly flew through the open door and looked around. "Helga, what's going on up here?" he asked in frenzy.

Arnold's sudden appearance made Lila lose her focus, allowing her grip on the razor to loosen and fall from his fingers. When Helga saw the rusted blade drop down to the surface of the roof, she rushed toward Lila in blind fury. The two locked hands, struggling for the advantage in this rooftop scuffle. Lila tried to fight dirty and throw a kick into Helga's gut but Helga raised her knee in time and pushed Lila back to the edge of the roof. Before Lila could recover, Helga made another dash toward her and tried to grab her by the wrists. Before another battle of holds could begin, Lila slipped on the slick roof and fell over. Helga clasped on to Lila's wrist, holding on as hard as she could to keep her from falling to her death. Lila weakly looked up and growled. "Like this changes anything. You pull me up and I'll just do whatever it takes to make you're life miserable, Helga. I'll do anything it takes to get my Arnold back."

Helga's heart was suddenly filled with hate. Thoughts of watching Lila fall hard to the concrete floor below danced wildly in her head. If she let her grip go, even for a moment, Lila would never trouble her or anyone she loved again.

Shadow D. X; I say nay! (Stands from the chair and forces the ropes off his body)

Helga; Hey, what are you doing? This is my story now!

Shadow D. X; No, no more. This ends now.

Helga; Let go of that keyboard! (The two struggle for control of the keyboard)

Ariel; Yes! I won! Ok, now to fix this mess.

(All right, let's recap and separate reality from fiction. Lila is not in the original story, not even Arnold's memory. She's still nice and she moved back to the country to be near, you guessed it, Arnie. But everything really did happen that didn't involve Lila. So we rejoin the story where it really does leave off, the two of the dancing at Park's.)

Arnold and Helga danced the night away, getting close to feel each other's body. As half past 10 came around, they stopped dancing and returned to the bar. "Hey Arnold, this is really fun but how about a change of scenery?" Helga asked.

Arnold shot a smile and held Helga's hand. "I can make that happen, come on." Helga happily agreed before they flew out of Park's and piled into Arnold's car. Helga pestered Arnold with questions but all Arnold only laughed and shook his head, refusing to reveal his plan. They soon parked outside the Sunset Arms and Arnold snuck into the back of the boarding house. "Come on Helga, we'll use the fire escape."

"I think I'm going to like this idea of yours," Helga said with a sly smile. They both climbed up the fire escape toward the top. As Arnold reached the skyline of his room, he clicked the latches loose and opened an entrance that lead right to his bed. He with quick move, he jumped down through the skyline, landing softly on his bed. Helga looked down and began to get cold feet about jumping down. "Maybe I'll just knock on the front door."

"Come on Helga, it's just a 4 foot drop. If you want, I'm right here to break your fall." With just that, Helga threw herself down and landed hard on Arnold. They both laughed or rather Helga laughed while Arnold gave out a mixture of coughing, gasping, and laughing. After they stopped laughing, they gazed into each other eyes and locked lips in a feverish make out session. Their tongues danced wildly inside their heads, probing the deepest recesses of their skulls. Arnold used one hand to unbutton his shirt and his other hand to hold Helga's head gently, gripping her hair lightly. Helga threw one arm around Arnold's shoulder and one hand behind his head. Arnold broke away for a moment to peel the black shirt off his back. In response, Helga gripped the bottom of her pink t-shirt and pulled it off in one stroke, leaving her torso covered by only a flimsy black bra. Arnold smiled. "You look beautiful."

Helga blushed and smiled back. "You're not to bad looking yourself. So this is what we came here for?"

"If you feel we're ready to do this."

"Oh.I'm ready. As long as it's with you.Arnold."

Shadow D. X; Actually, I'm going to not go into details.

Helga; What?! Come on, if anything, this is what people want to see.

Arnold; I have to agree with Helga. This is pretty much the best part.

Shadow D. X; Well this is my cruel revenge to you Helga. The story is postponed whenever I feel like finishing it. Oh and folks, we hope you're enjoying this.because I sure am. HA HA HA!