Caller Rydia's Search for ImpSpell
A Final Fantasy story by Jesse Shearer

A Warp Power Studios and Theaters production.


This story will be done perspective style, that is, from the viewpoints of the various characters involved in the events. The inspiration comes from what is hopefully the opening chapter of a Chrono Trigger story of the same nature. As I am trying to fit this story into the chronology of the actual game, the chapters will be dealing with the viewpoints of Cecil, Kain, Edge, Rydia and Rosa after they defeat the robotic Giant of Bab-Il and before they head for the core of the moon to take on Zemus.

Chapter One: Day One, Rydia

While we were on the moon with FuSoYa, we met Bahamut, the true king of the Summoned Monsters. After we defeated him, he promised to come whenever I called for him and suggested that I visit Castle Baron to seek out Odin and also that I find Sylph Cave in the Underground to meet the Sylph Fairies. While we were seeking Odin and the Sylphs, it occurred to me that I should seek out other Summoned Monsters as well. The Sylphs suggested that Imps could easily be called and that the sands north of Damcyan Castle were a good place to search for an Imp willing to allow me to call it to battles.
As we returned to the Surface World on Cid's airship Enterprise, I suggested the idea to Cecil and the others. Cecil was interested and willing to give the idea a try. Edge also seemed eager. Although I doubt he'll ever admit it, I think Edge likes me and is eager to help me with any endeavor I undertake. Rosa said she had her doubts but would come along anyway, as her duty as a White Wizard would allow little else. Kain was dead set against it until Cecil explained that it was a good chance to hone some fighting skills.
During our trip to the Northern Sands of Damcyan, I explained that the library in the Village of Summoned Monsters had a book explaining that the easiest way to find an Imp willing to heed a Caller's summon was to battle a party of eight Imps, but it was also possible to find a submissive Imp in other parties as well.
While we searched for large groups of Imps to fight for their summon spell, we also encountered large numbers of Sand Worms, which are also possible to summon. Everyone was willing to fight Sand Worms as well, for the variety.
Many of the Imps we encountered were traveling with Sword Rats and Tiny Mages. Cecil and Kain fought off the Sword Rats first while Edge seemed to take delight in stealing Rods from the Tiny Mages before Rosa shot them with her bow. I guess Edge was trying to impress me with his stealth skills. The first few times were impressive, but after a while, it got old.
Once the other monsters were beaten, I would cast a level one ice spell on the two remaining Imps. Although the spell only costs five magic points to cast, it adds up over time, and before long, my magic points grew low.
As the day grew old, Cecil suggested that we make camp in Damcyan Castle, where we could make use of the Restorative Pots and be safe from battles as we sleep. As we were all growing weary, we agreed and headed for the castle to rest for the night.
If all goes well, I will have my Imp Spell shortly and we can move onto searching for a more powerful creature that I can summon. In the end, it will be worth the effort.