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I spent most of my teenage years and early adult life auditioning for commercials, TV shows, movies—you name it, I did it. It was tedious in the beginning until it all panned out when I landed a supporting role in a summer blockbuster. After that, things started to roll toward the path I'm now on.

Once the auditions began to work out, life became about memorizing scripts, finding my characters, and doing everything the directors requested. I lived out of suitcases and hotel rooms. Room service became easier than going out once I landed the Starry Night saga and the paparazzi and fans stalked out the places I was staying.

And at the start, everything else took a back seat to the job, and it was all worth it because I loved what I did. As I got older, much as I still loved what I did, I realized that something valuable was missing from my life: someone to share all my success with.

I dated, but all I seemed to attract were money-hungry social climbers and, to put it bluntly, whores. They weren't they types I imagined settling down with, and they certainly wouldn't meet my mother Esme's high standards for her baby boy. Hell, I wouldn't even invite them home, and that's why I never let anything develop beyond first meetings. I'd given up on ever finding the girl meant for me when she literally fell into my life.

My coffee girl.

Bella Swan—now Cullen, thanks to the masterful skills taught to me by my father, Carlisle—quickly became my reason for everything, including breathing. I chased her, wooed her the way Dad wooed Mom, and then I made her fall in love with me. It was the best thing I've ever done and will always be one of the things I got right.

I did quickly learn I wasn't always going to be right. I learned many other things during our first three years of our marriage. It was true, my life had new meaning when she agreed to marry me, and that hadn't changed.

But it had changed in one way, for the best reason I could ever come up with: I was a dad.

It was the greatest title I'd ever been given since I became Bella's husband. Though life was even crazier now, I wouldn't have it any other way. I should start at the beginning, however, share with you how life altering our children—our little coffee beans—truly were in the best possible way.

Honestly...it couldn't get better than this.

Surprise bonus: The first full length chapter will post on Monday followed by chapter two on Friday… I couldn't leave you all with just this for that long since you all have been so patient while I dealt with finding Eddie's voice.