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Magnus pov

Tony's parents had died when he was just two years old. They went out to do something or the other for the Clave, and never returned. We got lucky that Maryse had the connections, but eventually the baby boy became ours. From the second I saw him, complete with dark brown hair, pale skin, and luminous green eyes, I knew I would love him more than anything in the world. Until Jazmyn.

I had only an old warlock friend to thank for this. A mortal woman had stumbled upon her house, carrying a child. She helped her birth her child, but the woman died. She, not wanting a child of her own, asked me if I was willing to raise her. Alec agreed. That was four years ago. Tony was four.

It was Alec's idea to name her after the girl from the Hawaiian beach, all those years ago. It seemed like a lifetime.

Jazmyn had beautiful light blue eyes, and her hair was made of silky black and white fur, like a kitten's. Her warlock's mark.

We weren't the only ones to have kids. Clary and Jace had had twins just three years ago. Max had inherited Jace's blond hair and Clary's green eyes, while Sophia had gotten Clary's red hair and Jace's golden eyes. Perfect opposites.

Simon and Isabelle had had one kid, a girl named Lily. She had inherited her mother's ink-black hair and dark brown eyes, and I could already tell she would be as beautiful as Isabelle. She was five. And Isabelle was pregnant with a second child. Another girl.

As for Alec, he looked exactly the same as he had eight years ago. A little older, sure, but not by much. I knew that each day added to the small amount of time he had left, and every time he went out for a hunt, I would remember the time at the hospital where I thought he was going to die.

Ever since our wedding, his leg has been getting better and better. Near the beginning, there were still days where he couldn't move at all. Even now, on occasion, he would be watching TV with me or studying demonology with Tony, and when he tried to stand up he would fall over before catching onto something and trying again. My biggest fear was that he would be out hunting one day, and his old injury would be the death of him.

"Jazmyn - Jazmyn get back here! No, no don't do that - Jazmyn put Daddy's seraph blade down right now!"

"That's my seraph blade! Daddy promised to teach me how to use it."

"Ok, ok, sorry Tony. Jazmyn, come on. Put down Tony's blade."

I snuck up behind the young warlock and lifted her up, catching her off guard. She dropped the blade in surprise and let off a shower of lavender sparks that shattered one of the ceiling bulbs.

"Papa!" she cried indignantly. Laughing, I fixed the bulb with a wave of my hand. Tony scurried in, picked up his blade, and ran back into his room.

Suddenly there was the sound of a key in a lock, and the front door opened.

"I'm home!" Alec called, walking into the house and closing the door. Jazmyn squirmed in my grasp and I put her down. She ran to Alec.

"Daddy!" she squealed, hugging his legs.

He laughed and leaned down to ruffle her hair. "Hey, baby. How was your day?"

Jazmyn launched into a narrative about how she fought a demon with her brother's seraph blade and her own magic.

I leaned forward and kissed Alec lightly. "Hello, darling," I said, a smile playing on my lips.

"Hey," he replied.

"Daddy look!" Jazmyn called, tugging on the Shadowhunter's pants. We both looked down. She scrunched up her forehead in concentration and lifted her hands up. A few sparks flew out, blowing out another bulb. She jumped in triumph, laughing.

"Good job, baby!" Alec said, while giving me a look that said what did you do now? I just shrugged, and his eyes sparkled.

"Now don't go blowing out any more lights. I'm going to go take a shower."

"Okay!" she yelled before scurrying off.

"How did the hunt go?" I asked, quiet settling over the room.

"Good. Not much activity, surprisingly."

"I'm glad. Now go shower, I'll get the kids ready."

"Thanks," Alec smiled. "I love you."

"And you," I replied, smirking and kissing him.

I turned around and headed to the kids' room.

"Jazmyn, Tony!" I called, opening their door. Tony was curled up on his bed, reading a weaponry book. Jasmine was jumping on his bed, trying to grab his attention.

"Tony! Tonyyyy, look at meeeee!" She screeched.

"Go away Jazmyn, I'm trying to read!" He groaned, not looking up.

Jazmyn stopped and slid off the bed in defeat, a pout on her face. She trudged towards her side of the room, little shoulders slumped forward. I started to walk forward to comfort her when she turned around to face Tony again, hands pointed menacingly towards the Shadowhunter. He didn't look up. I stopped, interested.

Jazmyn's brow furrowed in concentration, and the lavender sparks flew from her fingers again. The book flew out of Tony's grasp and landed on the floor in a heap.

I stifled a laugh.

"Jazmyn!" Tony cried, enraged. "What was that for!" He leaped off his bed and picked up the book. "You lost my page! Thanks!"

Jazmyn was giggling, the bubbly noise turning into peals of laughter. I strode into the room, snickering as well.

"Papa! She lost my page!" Tony exclaimed.

"He was ignoring me!" Jazmyn retorted.

I picked up the young warlock, and put her on my shoulders. Tony scowled at me.

"Where did you learn that, darling?" I asked Jazmyn.

"I don't know!"

Tony's scowl deepened.

"C'mon Tony, she's four. Ok, we have to get ready now. We're going to meet Uncle Jace and Aunt Isabelle and their families at the Institute. What do you want to wear?"

I put Jazmyn down, and she scurried to the closet. Tony just shrugged and continued reading. I waked over to his closet and pulled out a green T-shirt and blue jeans.

"Papa!" Jazmyn tugged on my pants. "Is this ok?" She had black tights and a sparkly black shirt in her hands. I nodded.

"Good one. Change into it now. Tony here, wear this." I handed him the clothes. He carefully closed his book before grabbing them and stomping over to his bathroom. Jazmyn started undressing where she stood, and I helped her into the sparkly top.

Alec walked into the room at that moment, followed by Tony. He was wearing his usual faded black jeans and sweater. I smiled fondly in his direction.

"Ok, are we all set?" Alec asked.

"Yes! Let's go!" Jazmyn shrieked. "Are we gonna portal? Papa can you teach me how to make portals?"

"Yes, we are. And not yet. When you're older, I'll teach you. You'll learn everything eventually." After all, we have eternity, I thought bitterly.

I quickly created the portal, and Alec stepped through, Jamzyn's hand in his. Tony followed, and I walked through last, closing the portal behind me.

We ended up in the alley next to the Institute. After making sure there were no mundanes around, we headed out and up the Institute's steps. I rang the bell, and not a second later, a very pregnant Isabelle stood in the doorway.

"Auntie!" Jazmyn squealed, before anyone de could make a sound.

"Hey, sweetheart! How are you?" Isabelle grinned at the young warlock.

"Good! I learned some new stuff. With my magic." She wiggled her fingers for emphasis.

Isabelle laughed. "That sounds great. Lily, Max, and Sophia are waiting inside, they've been super excited to see you!"

Without another word, Jazmyn dashed off to find her cousin.

"Don't break anything!" Alex called after her, but she was already gone.

"Hey, Aunt Izzy," Tony said, a smile playing on his features.

"Hi, Tony!" Izzy smiled back. "The library is open for you, as always."

Tony's face lit up at the thought of the library, and he ran inside. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alec's face soften into something else - a mix of sadness and love. I knew he was thinking of his little brother, Max. I grabbed his hand and squeezed, and he squeezed back, grateful.

"You look great, Iz," he said, stepping forward to give her a hug. "Is everything coming along ok?" He nodded at her round stomach.

"Yeah. It's been just over four months now, so it's still manageable." She smiled.

Isabelle called the elevator, and it opened for us. We waited as it creaked up to the upper floor.

It opened to Jace, Simon, and Clary sitting around the kitchen munching on chips and salsa, and four kids running around. Max and Sophia ran towards Alec and I. Max ran up and wrapped his arms around my legs, and Alec picked Sophia up.

"You're getting so big!" He exclaimed. "And heavy! I can't pick you up anymore!" He pretended to grunt and almost drop her. She screamed, and then laughed. I smiled, my heart filling with love for my Shadowhunter.

"Don't do that!" Sophia pounded her little fist on his arm.

"Uncle Magnus, look!" Max tugged on my jeans.

"Show me," I said. From behind his back, he pulled out a seraph blade. A plastic one.

"See?" He swished it around, stabbing at the air. "Take that, you ugly demon! Take that and that and that!" I laughed and looked up at Clary. She shrugged and pointed at Jace.

"His idea," she mouthed. I smirked.

Lily and Jazmyn had disappeared, probably to the former's room. Alec had already wandered over to Jace, and they were discussing the demon activity from their patrol earlier. I joined in on Isabelle and Clary.

"The twins are a handful," Clary was saying.

"I can tell," I laughed. "But they're adorable. And don't get me started on handfuls. Jazmyn..." I didn't have to finish my sentence.

"At least you don't have two," Clary grumbled, before sighing. "But despite everything though, I love them to death."

I nodded in agreement. I scanned the room again, and saw that Simon had appeared out of no where, and were talking to Alec and Jace.

I med my husband's eye from where I stood. His ocean blue eyes sparkled with happiness. They said everything I needed to know: I love you. I was sure mine said it back.

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