Humanity as we know it had died out. Four decades ago, scientists began to experiment, to design. Everyone was trying to create the perfect human. They worked for years on it, until one day, they found out they had made a drastic mistake. Somewhere, along the line of 'breeding', genes had gone wrong. Human kind had been changed into omegas and alphas. The scientists didn't know where they had gone wrong or how to change it. And so, the human race changed. Alphas searched for years for their omegas; some died without knowing who they were supposed to be with.

Humanity was going downhill. Alphas whose omegas died often went to criminal lengths to find a new mate. They even went as far to kidnap omegas that had not yet experienced their first heat. Many of these omegas died during child birth, sometimes even pregnancy. Alphas often found their omegas had miscarried from a forced pregnancy, meaning they would not be able to get pregnant again. Humanity was starting to die out. And so alphas offered high prices for prime omegas.

Omegas were kidnapped off the streets. Families chose to lock away their children; teenagers that were close to first heat. Even those who had suffered a heat, even those who had already bore a child were taken. Even the police would arrest teenagers with no good cause to sell off later. Husbands were losing their wives; families were losing their teens on their way home after school.

So, one family decided that pulling their fifteen year old son out of school and having him move in with his Aunt and Uncle in New York would be the safest bet. The name of that boy was Peter Parker. This is his story.