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"Are monsters really real?" Castiel asks suddenly in a whisper. Choosing to briefly skim over what happened to his mother, deciding that that conversation could be saved for another time, Dean begins to tell him all about hunting and the hunters community. A chunk of time passes during Dean's story and he's thankful that Castiel doesn't ask any questions until he's finished.

"That must be a very hard way to live," Castiel says grievously, but when he looks into Dean's eyes, Dean can't see any pity. The tension drains from his shoulders.

"How'd you find out your could read minds? Aside from the obvious, Dean. Don't look at me with that tone of eyebrow. Stop laughing!" Castiel takes this as an excuse to touch Dean by leaning over their dirty dishes and punching him playfully in the chest.

Smoldering his laugh with a few coughs, Dean grins and shrugs. "As I said on Friday, I woke up with the ability the morning after the bitch cursed me. I could hear Sam in the kitchen, I thought that maybe he was talking to someone but dad was still totally out of it in the next room and I couldn't think of who he would even be talking to. So I ran out there prepared for the worst but he was just sitting there eating fucking fruit loops, the strangest look on his face, spoon still in his mouth but I could hear him say "what the hell?" clear as day. Didn't take us long to figure out what was wrong. It was freaky for a while."

"Does it hurt?" Castiel asks next and Dean smiles at the cliche, "nah, it's just like there's an extra voice in my head."

''How close do you have to be to someone to be able to read their thoughts?" "Sam and I calculated it to be around half a mile, depends on my mood and if I concentrate or not."

"You said that you can control it? So, the second voice in your head, what happens to it if you don't focus on it?" "I just focus on something else, like my surroundings or a song that's playing. I live at home with Sam, he's going through puberty, I learnt pretty quickly not to focus on him because it gets weird sometimes." Castiel leans on the table and giggles, he looks so damn happy and Dean wants to see Castiel laugh all the time, he wants to be the one to make Castiel laugh, too.

"Can I ask a question of my own?" Dean requests and Castiel nods, resting his elbow on the table and leaning his head in his palm, a prime position to look at Dean and not miss anything.

Dean draws his hand up to his mouth and chews on his thumb nail. "You're not going to call the FBI or something are you?"

Castiel sits in shocked silence.

"It's not even that big of a deal, but Sam said I should tell you anyway. After the initial freak out of 'oh shit, Dean's been cursed.' My dad told other hunters about my situation, to see if they had ever heard of it, to make a long story short the whole thing was messy and there was a lot of money involved and some scientists, trust was betrayed and a few people died trying to keep me from being locked up in a padded room and experimented on. It's in the past and I'm over it but I can't put Sam through that again."

Slowly closing the space between them, Castiel coaxes Dean's hands into his, ignoring the way his own pulse picked up and squeezed Dean's hands. "I promise, Dean, that I won't disclose this information to anyone."

Dean's eyes crinkled when he grinned and Castiel know's he's done for because he loves that grin and the way it sticks in his heart.

The diners been filling up around them, the casual stray customer or groups of two and three for late breakfasts or early lunches and Dean suggests they get their milkshakes to go. Castiel signals the waitress before Dean even has a chance and she scowls at the way Dean traces small circles with his thumb on the back of Castiel's hand.

"Do you have pie?" Dean cut in and slight confusion crossed Castiel's features. Dean shot Castiel a sheepish look.

"We have pecan, boysenberry, apple-" Bela listed in monotone from memory, but Dean cut her off with an enthusiastic nod. "Two slices of apple pie to go." Dean turned to Castiel and said "for lunch," like it answered all of his questions.

"And uh, two milk shakes please," Castiel added shyly, a little embarrassed for speaking up but his chest warmed when Dean gave him a smile. Bela replied with a bored, "sure thing," and she retreated back behind the counter. Dean insists on paying for their meal when their milkshakes, the pie and the cheque arrives at their table. "I'm the one that asked you out remember?" Castiel lets him, but only if he gets to pay for the next one and Dean agrees almost too quickly. "He's cute like this. I like this. I like Dean."

With Castiel holding their milkshakes, and Dean holding the pie, they walk shoulder to shoulder out of the diner and into the midday sunshine. The Impala's gleaming in her parking space and this time Dean opens her passenger side door for Castiel. Castiel kisses Dean's stubbly cheek as a thank you for his chivalrousness when he slips past him into the car and Dean touches the spot lightly when he climbs in behind the wheel.

Dean cleared his throat and put the pie on the seat separating them. "Where's your favorite place to go Cas?" Castiel stares out the windscreen and squints against the harsh light coming from the pavement, concentrated on answering Dean's question honestly.

"My favorite place to go? The library? The library doesn't allow food or drink within its walls and Dean would get bored quickly with the quiet. The art museum is only a short drive from here- Oh, so is the park by the water, with the playground and the ducks."

Dean brought the Impala to life and reversed out of the diners parking lot. "The park it is," Dean tapped his fingers on the steering wheel and seemed to bounce in his seat. A smile never really left Castiel's face as Dean drove, and he seemed to keep forgetting what milkshake was his since he drank from both straws but if Dean knew what Castiel was doing, he didn't call him out on it. Dean had a tape in the player and he was singling along loudly and badly to all his favorites and Castiel joined in for one or two when he recognized them from his mix tape. "I really like you, but I'm no good with words." The thought made him feel giddy.

The Impala's engine cut off mid rumble when Dean pulled his keys from the ignition. "C'mon," he said, opening his door and standing. Castiel ogles the way his jeans make his ass look good and Dean turns and bends back down with raised eyebrows. "You're such a pervert." Flushing, Castiel looked away and extracted himself from the Impala and shut the door behind him with his hip.

Dean swung himself up onto the hood of the Impala and scooted himself over to the middle, patting the space beside him, indicating for Castiel to join him. The pie was carefully placed on his lap.

"I don't think this is safe, Dean." Dean rolled his eyes.

"We have a perfect view of the pond from here." "That does sound appealing," Castiel thought and he held on for one more stubborn minute before sizing up his options for joining Dean on the hood safely.

"Go to the front of the car and sit. Yes, just like that. Now, pull up your knees and carefully place your feet on her bumper. Uh-huh you got it. Now all you gotta do is push backwards and the shimmy until you're right here." Dean patted the space beside him again and Castiel chewed his lips before following Dean's instructions.

Shimmying was a lot harder than Castiel anticipated and Dean must of thought he was taking too long because he reached forward and hooked his hands under Castiel's armpits and pulled him the rest of the way up the hood until they were hip to hip. Castiel giggled when Dean tickled his armpits and Dean was delighted to discover that Castiel was ticklish and stored that information away for later.

"Thank you, Dean." Castiel said and handed Dean his milkshake. Castiel relaxed his position next to Dean and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on his face as he sipped his drink. The view of the water really was spectacular and families seemed to be enjoying the sunny Sunday just like he was. Castiel watched as a younger boy fed the ducks and another got chased by an angry looking swan. Dean snorted next to him and grumbled something about Lucifer in disguise.

"Your hot and in control," Dean reminds himself even though he doesn't feel like either is true when he looks at Castiel sitting right next next to him, sucking on his straw and watching everything. But Dean's wanted this ever since he first heard Castiel's inner monologue and he's waited long enough for this. The pies forgotten on his lap and his milkshakes hardly even been touched by him but Dean feels like this is the right time for this so he turns to Castiel, bringing a hand up to touch his face.

Castiel turns into his palm and blinks at Dean, a question on his lips and his breathing's fast all of a sudden, eyes wide and impossibly blue. "Dean?" He says, voice rougher than before and uncertain.

"Don't freak out, okay?" Dean instructs and before Dean can talk himself out of it, he leans forwards and presses his lips against Castiel's. Castiel's eyes fall closed and all of a sudden he's kissing Dean back. It's warm and wonderful, setting fire under Dean's skin. Castiel is making little breathy noises when they mold their lips together, pulling apart and teasing each other before diving back in at different angles.

When the need for air becomes too much, Dean only pulls back a fraction so they're swapping breaths between them. Up this close his can count all of Dean's freckles and the flicks of gold in Dean's green eyes, and Castiel grins and captures Dean's lips in his own one more time.

"That was my first kiss," his pulse is soaring and he doesn't think he's ever smiled this much before in his life. Dean's looking at him like he hung the moon and a blush paints his cheeks.

"I must be pretty special if you let me be your first kiss, Cas." Dean smirks as his cockiness returns. Leaning in once more to kiss Castiel and run his fingers through his hair, tugging slightly so he can deepen the kiss.

"You're certainly something," he agrees.

On Monday morning, Dean picks Castiel up from his home so he can drive him to school and kicks Sam to the back seat. They kiss and make doe eyes at each other and Sam makes gagging noises in the background. No ones really surprised when Dean slips his hand into Castiel's when they exit the Impala and Dean offers Castiel his leather jacket to ward of the chill of the morning. Castiel accepts it with a nose crinkling smile and he laughs when the sleeves slip past his hands. The jacket swallows Castiel, but he doesn't mind, it smells like Dean and "shit, I think I have a kink." Dean winks at him and slings his back pack over his shoulder.

It doesn't take long for word to get to Jo and Charlie and soon their group of friends are surrounding them. There's a chorus of 'fucking finally,' and a few 'I knew its.' Chuck's laughing and telling Jo and Ash to cough up their money and he gets a half-hearted punch in the shoulder from Ash and there's some grumbling from Jo but everyone seems happy for them and Castiel squeezes Dean's hand and Dean squeezes right back.