Hey guys! I am SO sorry to those of you who thought this was another chapter! It has been so long since I posted that last chapter, I'm sorry... Real talk here though. I didn't really think this story through, it just started with an idea i had and then this happened. I don't know where I am going to go with this, and I won't be putting out chapters because I am completely lost. I'm putting this story on hiatus, it may or may not be permanent.

I am going to write stories though. I am going to complete one, don't know the subject yet, and then add in the chapters when it's done. Because I know you guys deserve a completed, unrushed, steadily updated story. And this way, I'll be able to procrastinate and have writers block all I want. It's a win win situation that I've found here.

If someone out there wants to adopt this story, please PM me or something. And add a little sample of your writing abilities, so I know this story will be well taken care of. If you have any ideas for this story that you want me to write, please, PLEASE tell me them, and I'll add a chapter about it and maybe have a random bout of inspiration for continuing it!

So yeah. That's all I really needed to say to you guys. So um... Yeah. If you want this story, or have a prompt for the next chapter, please, PLEASE feel free to tell me! AND buh byee guys! I'll see you... I was gonna write the next chapter, but then remembered that I'm putting this on hiatus... So I'll just see you whenever.