14 Years Ago…

Genma sat atop a stump in the middle of a clearing, completely closed off by surrounding trees, making it the perfect place for him to contemplate his 'minor' error in judgment in training his son in the Neko-ken.

'Honestly how could my son be so weak' Genma muttered within his mind, his expression hard and unfeeling.

'Now because of his weakness Nodoka's going to force me to commit seppuku' tears began to stream down Genma's cheeks as he realized that the choice now before him was either never see his beloved wife again or go back and be with her, spend his last moments with her as they commit seppuku.

'Oh why me? First the master's demonic training methods then I am cursed with such a disgrace of a son…I have lost my poor excuse of an heir and now I'm going to lose my wife' Genma cried out within his mind.

It was then he felt it, a powerful presence, one that put his master to shame, his whole body stiffened and he slowly turned to look over his shoulder and was greeted by the sight of a very attractive woman, her hair darker than night, his skin a pale blue, her eyes containing a dark gleam, her clothing a purple silk toga, highlighting her curves, her stomach expanded.

"Perhaps I could be of some assistance?" she asked in a sultry tone.

"Who…who are you?" Genma stammered.

"I am known by many names and thousands of titles but by far my favourite would be Eris, Goddess of Chaos" the demonic goddess responded, her lower half dissolving into smoke as she began to surround him, the smoke spreading until they were contained in a bubble of darkness.

"An…and why…would you…help me?" Genma stammered.

"Foolish mortal, my reasons are none of your concern…all you need to worry about is the fact a Goddess such as myself is offering you help in your hour of need and you're asking stupid questions" Eris replied.

"And how can you help me?" Genma asked, growing in confidence.

"Simple fool I am a Goddess, you get a single wish like all mortals who have suffered greatly" Eris explained 'Although when I grant a wish chaos always ensues…glorious chaos' she mentally added.

"And I can wish for anything?" Genma questioned.

"Anything" Eris replied, now Genma contrary to popular wasn't stupid, he had learned from Happosai never to trust Deities, Demons or freaks of nature and that appearances could be very deceiving.

"How do I know I can trust you?" Genma questioned.

"When a Goddess forms any kind of contract she is bound by her word and no matter how powerful can not go back on it" Eris explained.

'Now come on wish for your son to return and when he does the chaos he reaps will be legendary' Eris inwardly moaned.

'I could use this to fix everything…to bring my son back…but…he will still be weak and how will that help, he'll only die again…then again the child of a goddess now that's another story' Genma mused, growing a cunning plan.

"I wish to have your son, he will be identical to mine, the same age, he will not question my methods and remember all the training I put my own son through like it was him and he will do whatever it takes to becoming the greatest martial artist this world has ever seen and you shan't intervene" Genma said before Eris could do anything to stop him, going so far as to make sure she couldn't intervene with his plans, his plans for his new son.

Eris's eyes widened in horror, she had been planning on the man, Genma to act like any other human and bring back their son, their son, their flesh and blood, the one they loved and cared for, not to take her unborn child…and to assume he was a boy, she knew the gender of her child and this human just went and changed it for his own selfish desires. But there was nothing she could do, she could already feel it happening the Ultimate Force intervening a force the other deities relied on to help humans…it was approving his wish…she could feel it.

"Wish…a…a…a…app…approved" Eris stammered, a small red haired head poked out of her stomach, eyes closed looking peaceful, so serene, the child floated out to reveal a baby girl and all Eris could do was watch as her daughter hovered in front of her, her hair turned as dark as her own, she grew something between her legs, her entire biology changed and soon the naked baby boy floated into Genma's arms, Genma looked over the child with a dark expression and a sinister smirk.

Lightning erupted in the distance, the smoke that surrounded them began to swirl like a storm.

"Know this Genma Saotome, listen and listen well, I will get my baby back even if I have to destroy the Heavens and Hell to do so…I will destroy anything and everything in my way until I can hold her in my arms" Eris roared.

"That chance, you may be powerful but my wish prevents you from getting involved, you will never take my son away from me, girl" Genma sneered, Eris snarled and letting out an inhuman scream, Genma squeezed his eyes shut and fought to stay on the ground as hurricane winds picked up.

Then it stopped, he slowly and hesitantly opened his eyes to see the goddess gone, he quickly turned and headed to where his son was buried in a shallow grave before digging him up, stripping the ripped clothes from the corpse of the small child of only three years of age and placed them upon the new child before pushing his son's body back into the hole, not even noticing his wrist bend backwards, he proceeded to rebury the child and set to work training his new son, not even caring that today was his son's third birthday, not feeling any remorse, he had what he wanted, a god for heir and under his power.

The Present…

Today was Ranma's seventeenth birthday, fourteen years ago to this day he was taken from his mother, his true mother and he didn't even know. When Ranma awoke he had hoped for a somewhat good day, either that or as he expected a rather chaotic day with all of his fiancés.

But no, nothing happened, nothing, they all forgot.

'I can't believe it…they all forgot, I expected pop to forget…he always forgets…but…mom didn't even bother showing up, Akane…I mentioned it last month that my birthday was coming up so she wouldn't forget…she didn't even let me sleep in, the normal bucket cold water only this time there was ice…Nabiki, no surprise she didn't do anything…Kasumi, I told everyone and yet nothing…I've been here a year and nothing' Ranma mused to himself.

He currently sat at the table eating dinner with the other, just three more hours and the day would be over and so far he hadn't even gotten a 'Happy Birthday' even his stalker fiancés neglected to remember.

"Ranma is something wrong?" Kasumi asked, everyone looked at her as if she grew a second head, excluding Ranma who didn't look up from the bowl of rice in his knee.

"No" Ranma replied quietly, it was too late to do anything now and so figured he'd just let it pass and try to get some alone time.

"Oh, are you sure, you've been rather quiet and you're…eating less" Kasumi pointed out and it was true and easy to see once it was brought to the attention of the others, Ranma was only half into his first bowl of rice and hadn't started on his fish or pickle while everyone else was nearly done.

"Nothing's wrong" Ranma replied.

"Come on Ranma you shouldn't keep things bottled up" Kasumi continued, Ranma slammed his bowl on the table, shattering it, he rose to his feet.

"Today was my birthday ok and it bothers me that I've been here a year and I know you all know what today is and yet not even a Happy Birthday…now if you excuse me I need some air" Ranma stated before taking his leave.

"Ranma you're acting like a girl real men don't care about birthdays" Genma declared, launching at the turned back of his son, Ranma span on his heel and delivered a bone crushing punch to his gut, sickly cracks echoed from the strike and the obese martial artist stumbled back.

"Really? Pop if I remember correctly for your birthday you had us dragged to an all you can eat buffet" Ranma spat before leaping onto the rooftops and heading off towards the bridge, knowing that there he would be able to finally get some peace, completely unaware that the eyes of his true mother were watching over him.


Mousse was taking out the trash like he always did when he felt the familiar presence of his hated rival, Ranma Saotome, his gaze shot up just in time to see the shadowy figure leap over him, he grew a dark smirk and took chase.

"Ranma prepare to die" Mousse wailed, Ranma turned in mid-air to face his opponent.

"Not in the mood" Ranma spat, venom lacing his tone.

"Like I care" Mousse roared, firing dozens of chains, daggers attached at Ranma who simply weaved out of each one them.

"Last warning, back off Mousse" Ranma hissed.

"Never" Mousse roared firing off a new array of his deadly chains while pulling the originals back in order to strike Ranma from behind while he dodged the ones from the front, once against Ranma weaved in and out of the attacks when it happened.

Pain. Red. Blood.

Ranma took in a sharp gasp, his gaze bolting to see one of Mousse's chains had severed his wrist, blood now pouring out, he was stunned and so Mousse took his chance and fired several more chains, one going through his leg, another through his shoulder, through his gut and one through his heart, with a hard pull the chains were removed.

Ranma just stood there, blood pouring out, the metallic stench thickening the air, Mousse just watched Ranma, wearing a dark smirk, just waiting for him to drop down dead before running off to tell Shampoo so she would finally see his superiority.

What happened though wasn't something Mousse ever expected, the blood began to dissolve as it poured out of Ranma, turning into a black energy before been reabsorbed into his body, as this continued his wounds closed up, his hand lying on the rooftop dissolved and was absorbed into his body, soon a new one took its place and then his body became that of his cursed form.

"What the hell?" Mousse gasped through grit teeth.

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