Ranma-chan awoke to the sensation of her body submerging into the koi pond. Her shirt and boxer shorts briefly floated inches above her flesh as if trying to peel themselves free as the water filled the gap. Her gaze hardened. She allowed her bare feet to land on the base of the pond before standing to her full height. Water running freely down her body as she emerged from the pond. Her clothing clung to her body. Her boxer shorts had started to ride up the inside of her legs, revealing the near intimate flesh to all onlookers. Her white top acting as a second skin and allowing none of the redhead's modesty or what was left of it to remain.

Ranma-chan's glare fixed on Genma as landed a few paces away from the pond in his usual stance, well within striking range of the redhead. The anger bubbling within Ranma-chan's gut erupted into an inferno as she stepped out of the pool with unnatural grace. Steam began to rise in wisps from her flesh as the temperature of her body rose and slowly began to evaporate the water that clung to her.

Genma gained an expression of surprise as he saw his 'son's' body start to illuminate with a pale blue glow, it was dim but her noticed. He felt his heart skip a beat as a familiar image flashed before his memory. An image of a goddess with pale blue unmarred flesh, ebony hair and a glare that could pierce steel. For a second her image replaced that of Ranma's but as quickly as it appeared it vanished. It unnerved the bald martial artist just how perfectly they had overlapped despite the difference in height and for a second Genma actually felt a twinge of fear as he looked upon the redhead.

The Tendos looked on with a mixture of reactions. Soun was intrigued by Ranma's sudden change in reaction. Akane wore an expression akin to shock, her eyes considerably wider than they ought to be, the power she felt coming off of Ranma in waves, it was unlike anything she'd felt before.

'Ranma? What's happening to you?' The question echoed throughout the young Tendo's mind, she felt her hand rise of its own accord and rest over her chest.

Nabiki's expression remained the same as it always. Her expression was one of calculation, her critical gaze analysing the redhead, this sudden change unnerved her, sure Ranma had always being cocky, an open book who regularly showed off just how good he was. But now…this was beyond what she had grown to suspect and she actually felt wary. Wary of someone couldn't even pluck up the courage to hold a girl's hand without blushing furiously.

Kasumi found she was only able to watch the display of power. She was neither cautious nor intrigued by it. She just simply watched on like she always did when Ranma-chan and Genma fought only now her interests were sparked and in more ways than one. She raised her cup of green tea and wet her dry lips, briefly savouring its taste.

As for Happosai he sat with the Tendos too watching on. His expression analytical with a hint of fear; he knew what this was and he knew what it meant.

'Her power is finally starting to emerge…the only question is; what can she do?' Happosai mused; he took a puff of his pipe and watched on as the sparring session began. That is if you could call it sparring.

One second Ranma-chan and Genma stood opposed one another, each readying themselves for their opponent's move. Genma moved first, shooting forward with impressive speed, his fist thrusting out. The redhead's arm was raised and the attack was blocked so Genma tried again, his other fist going for Ranma's gut. She blocked it with her forearm. Genma retracted his fists and shot his leg up, all in a single motion, Ranma-chan raised her knee and intercepted the attack, briefly losing her balance. Genma took advantage the opportunity and charged forward his fist once again.

Ranma-chan's back arched as she threatened to fall back into the pond. Her eyes briefly widening, she saw the next attack heading for her chest. He was too close. She couldn't block it without falling and leaving herself open to a follow up attack and she couldn't dodge. She mentally braced herself, her eyes closing, only the hit never came.

Genma drove his fist forward. It struck through the image of the unbalanced redhead. The image vanished reappeared behind Genma, still bracing for the coming attack. Genma continued to drive forward, his momentum no longer having anything to delay it. He fell forward and found himself submerged in the pond. The newly turned panda leapt back out of the pond, landing on the opposing side to Ranma-chan.

Happosai's eyes widened. It wasn't possible. It was impossible. That phrase was on repeat in his mind as he replayed what he saw in his head. Genma had been moving forward with a strike the was nearly impossible to dodge given Ranma-chan's state of balance and yet just as his fist was about to connect with the youth her body separated into a several black shard shaped shadows that darted round Genma before reforming into the redhead. Now staring at the panda; confused as ever.

'How is it possible? Ranma shouldn't have her powers yet…then again the new moon is only four days away, perhaps the fact alone it's so close is allowing her godly abilities to manifest more strongly.' Happosai mused. Ranma-chan's instinctive escape had caught off guard and if he hadn't been looking closely, analysing the redhead he too would have missed it. Such speed. Then again speed always was Ranma's strong suit.

Blink. Blink. Ranma-chan turned her gaze to her hands, her breathing heavy, beads of sweat decorating her forearms, face and forehead. She was unsure what had happened. One minute Genma was about to slam her into the pond and the next she's standing a metre or two from the pond and Genma is the one submerged.

'What the hell…?' Her thought process was abruptly interrupted when the soaked panda leapt over the pond and launched into a flurry of punches and kicks, faster than before. Ranma-chan couldn't help but crinkle her nose at the scent of wet fur as she set about blocking the attacks with either her forearm or her shins. She got in a blow here and there but his attacks kept coming.

'I need to get in one good shot and then I can end this.' She internally muttered as she weaved to the side, dodging a clawed right hook. Her movements becoming more and more sluggish as the morning spar wore on. She didn't know what had happened, all she did know was that she couldn't keep this up much longer.

'I just need one hit.' She internally moaned, 'Just one hit.'

Something within the redhead seemed to click. Her determination and focus magnifying as the statement internally echoed. She felt something flash behind her eyes. The strikes slowed. Everything slowed. She watched as Genma's fist slowly extended towards her while the other pulled back for the next strike, his stance altering for a follow up kick. Each motion occurring at the same time, Ranma-chan lowered herself. Watching as the fist glided over. Her gaze narrowed on the panda's hip.

'An opening!' She internally cried before shooting forward and driving her fist straight into the exposed area. Time resumed. Genma released a roar of pain, his body arching around the strike before being sent flying back. His fallen form skidded across the ground, clouds of dirt, dust and grass erupting in his wake.

All eyes followed the panda until his head struck one of the rocks surrounding the koi pond, knocking him unconscious. Ranma-chan felt her stance waver. Her vision blurred. She took a single step forward only to find herself falling. She hit the ground and too fell unconscious.

"Oh my?! Ranma-chan!" Kasumi cried out as she rose from her seated position at the family table and rushed to her side, soon followed by Happosai, Akane, her father and then finally Nabiki.

Ranma-chan awoke some time later. She was laid upon her futon, her blanket covering her form, a wet folded towel resting atop her forehead. She allowed her eyes to open, her vision blurred at first. She blinked and blinked again and soon her vision was clear. She was met with the sight of Kasumi, sat beside her, looking her over. A small smile appeared on the brunette's face when she saw Ranma-chan was awake.

"How are you feeling?" She asked, her voice filled with concern as she took the washcloth from Ranma-chan's forehead and placed it in a bowl of water beside her.

"Tired." She admitted.

"Then you stay here and rest…I'll go get you some tea." Kasumi replied, briefly leaning forward to stand up, taking the bowl with her. Her cheeks tinged with a light blush when she realised the momentum of her movements had caused her dress to glide forward, allowing Ranma-chan a brief glimpse of what was beneath her dress. She pushed it back down with her spare hand, taking note of Ranma-chan's blush and averted gaze. Her tinge deepened, she proceeded to then briskly walk around the futon and out of the room with renewed vigour. Her face slowly growing redder and redder. Her mind lingering on the events that had occurred just moments prior.

Once she reached the kitchen she placed the bowl and washcloth by the sink to be washed later and set about the task of making the tea. Her mind still replaying what had transpired.

'Oh, I've never been so embarrassed.' She mentally moaned, pressing her palms against her cheeks as she put the kettle on to boil, hoping the glow would dim, but her hopes were for naught.

'I can't believe it. Ranma saw my panties.' She internally cried 'I swear someone up there's out to get me.' Her thoughts continued, recalling the time she walked in on Ranma-chan in the bathroom

Eris was currently lounging in her domain. She was sat upon a mahogany throne with gold furnishings and lined with purple velvet. Her gaze captivated by a circular object in her palm, the outer ring golden and glowing in the darkness of her realm, a face of white diamond decorated with lunar symbols around its edges with a pointer crafted of ruby drawing near the new moon symbol at the top of the dial.

"It won't be long now my child…I just hope you make the right choice." She sighed to herself; she felt a twitch of her nose. She raised her index finger and caught the sneeze before it marred the relic in her hand.

"Wonder who's talking about me this time." She chuckled to herself.

Kasumi proceeded to poor the boiled water into the two cups, deciding she too could use a cup of tea after what occurred when Ranma-chan had finally woken up. Her cheeks still tinged with a light blush but it was finally starting to fade.

'I don't know why I'm making such a big deal about it…she turns into a girl after all and…she's probably seen my underwear on the line loads of times.' She argued with herself.

'And who knows…maybe she liked them.' She giggled. She stopped, her eyes widening, her cheeks briefly illuminating once again with a scarlet tinge 'Where did that come from?'

'Control yourself Kasumi…it's not proper to think such things.' She chided herself.

Once finished she placed the two cups onto a small tray. She took the tray and headed back up to the guestroom where a still blushing redhead was lying in her futon. Her blanket pulled a little higher than it had been when Kasumi was last in the room.

"I brought the tea." Kasumi said softly as she set down the tray beside the futon as she reclaimed her seat on the floor

"Thanks Kasumi." Ranma-chan replied in a small tone as she took her cup and lightly sipped at the hot liquid.

"It's no problem Ranma." She replied in the same tone, offering Ranma-chan a small smile which the redhead returned with a light blush.

Silence reigned between them.

"How long was I out?" Ranma-chan asked.

"Only a few hours…I called in sick for you when you wouldn't wake up." The elder Tendo explained.

"Thanks…don't know why I'm so tired…that spar took out far more than it should." She muttered, mostly to herself.

"Well, you were a lot faster today than normal." The brunette volunteered.

"I was?" Ranma-chan mused aloud.

"Oh yes, I couldn't even see you move half the time." She praised, Ranma-chan felt her cheeks deepen another shade at the praise, her small smile steadily growing.

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