Corbin pulled up outside his million dollar mansion with a smile on his face. He never really had many girls round with the exception of his mother.

"Wow that's one cool mansion. It looks big for just one man!" Britney gasped as she got out of the car and lay her high heeled foot onto the gravel of Corbin's driveway.

"Thanks, and actually I live with someone" replied Corbin, emerging from the drivers seat of his car and locking it.

As he said that, Britney's face fell. She really hoped they could have the mansion to themselves.

"You'd know my housemate, actually. He's a... costar of mine." continued Corbin, beginning to make his way over to the door.

Britney's spirit rose once again. Could it be Zac Efron!? She hoped so.

"Please let it be Zac Efron, please let it be Zac Efron..." she muttered to herself under her breath so Corbin couldn't hear.

Corbin took his keys out of his jeans pocket and unlocked the door before opening it smoothly to reveal his front hallway.

"After you." Corbin said politely as he gestured to the hallway.

"Thanks!" replied Britney as she stepped into Corbin's house for the first time.

The hall was surprisingly modern compared to the old fashioned exterior of the mansion. The floor was of a smooth, dark wood and the cream-painted walls were decorated with photos of Corbin and his family and pretty paintings of flowers.

"The flower paintings are my housemates. He's very... feminine." explained Corbin befote shutting the door behind him.

Feminine? thought Britney, maybe it isn't Zac Efron then. Unless...

"Let me take your coat." Corbin said as he removed Britney's dark green jacket.

Britney smiled at the hallway she was in. To her right was a wooden spiral staircase that she instantly adored, and to her left was a closed door. In fact there were multiple closed doors going up the hall. Britney wondered how there could possibly be that many rooms in one house.

"This place is huge!" exclaimed Britney in admiration.

"Thanks. It cost plenty, too." joked Corbin, smiling. "Why don't we hang out in the living room?"

"I'd love to!"

"Great, well let me lead the way."

Corbin lead Britney down the hallway to a white door near the end.

"Ladies first..." Corbin said, opening the door and gesturing into the room in a gentlemanly manner. Britney usually hated the whole gentleman act but she was so lost in her new love's eyes that she just nodded faintly and stepped into the room.

Corbin's living room was extraordinary in Britney's eyes. It was fairly big, with cream paint on the walls and dark wooden floors. A long red leather couch sat in the middle of the floor facing the right wall, and on that wall hung a 65 inch 3d smart tv. A playstation 4, the Wii U, and the Xbox One sat underneath the tv along with some other classics such as the Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo. Elabourate paintings lined the walls and a few photos of the house's residents. When Britney examined these photos closer she saw a familiar blonde boy standing with Corbin in almost every photo.

"Lucas Grabeel!? Your housemate is Lucas Grabeel!?" exclaimed Britney in shock.

"Well, yeah. We're best friends. We've been living here for years now. It's great." Corbin replied with a grin.

"Go on, make youself comfortable. I'll get us some refreshments." continued the curly haired boy before exiting the room.

Britney couldn't help but laugh. She was in Corbin Bleu and Lucas Grabeel's house! What a bizarre experience...