A/N: This is set between the DS9 episodes 'Ties of Blood and Water' and 'Call to Arms'.

My eyes flickered open; the bright, dotted lights of the far fling stars streaming in through the windows. Blinking several times to let my eyes adjust to the newfound light of morning. As I turned over in bed, I let my eyes close for longer than usual. Something woke me, then. What was it? I had no idea. It sounded like... someone else. Snoring? No, surely not...

Finally having the need to give into my feelings of intense curiosity and dread, I focused my attentions forward.

"Good morning."

My mind flew into overdrive at the sound of the voice. The unknown, yet somehow familiar sounding voice. I looked at the figure in the bed beside me. Oh, no, I didn't.

The bright, purple orbs for eyes; the thick, jet black hair; the pale skin; the elongated ears. I didn't. I sat upright in the bed and simply stared. So did he, except, he was smiling. He looked very, very smug.

"We didn't..." I murmured, horror creasing my usually calm features. My hand, almost absent mindlessly, came up to my face and I rubbed my temples with weary vigour.

The smug smile still drawn on his lips, he answered, as innocent as ever, "We didn't what?"

Distressed and partly disgusted with myself, I crawled out of the bed and wanted to scream when I looked down to see that I had nothing on. I was stark naked. I put on the essentials.

I exclaimed, "How drunk was I?"

I didn't want him to answer; it was a rhetorical question. But, obviously, he wouldn't adhere to my wishes. I wasn't one of his precious Founders. "You did seen quite incapacitated, if its any consolation."

"Oh, God," I muttered, almost breathlessly.

"God?" Weyoun enquired curiously... innocently. "You said that word a lot last night." My face screwed up in a painful, reminiscing grimace. You weren't referring to the Founders, of that I'm sure."

"No I was not referring to the Founders!" I quipped angrily, starting to get my bearings and sort out my mad, almost static hair.

"Going so soon?" he asked, almost sounding... disappointed at the prospect, with an empty, encompassing gesture of his hands.

I ignored him at first, but then found the courage and the need somewhere to snap, "Yes." I snatched up my clothes that were strewn across all parts of the floor and then hurriedly, messily threw them on.

I stormed out of the quarters and found myself in one of the dark, Cardassian-style corridors of Deep Space Nine. At least I hadn't left the station, I thought, kind of thankful for it. I hid my face with a hand as I slipped past a pair of Bajoran security officers. Oh Lord, I thought, they'd seen me hurrying out of Weyoun's quarters. Early in what I assumed was morning. My appearance all bedraggled and rushed. I could do nothing but grimace at that realisation.

I ambled down the winding, dark passages to the Promenade. Perhaps I could find some sort of hopeful solace there, amongst the rowdy Tongo and Dabo games that were no doubt taking place.

Keeping my head low, I took a seat on one of the stools that were dotted around the edge of the Ferengi owned bar. I almost jumped when I became aware of someone sitting beside me. I looked up to be met with a strange sight. Eye ridges. Slender, ridged neck. Blue lagoon eyes. Definitely not a Vorta. And, definitely not Weyoun.

"Can I buy you a drink?" he offered, smiling.

Wearily, I nodded. "Please." I considered. "A Raktajino."

Dutifully, he called over Quark. The bartender came over and carried out the orders, whilst offering a few snide comments, as per usual.

Quark shifted the cup of Klingon coffee in my direction and I held it, offering a small smile as I did so. The stranger beside me was drinking some god awful black, tar-like substance. It stank worse than any other alcohol I knew of, and I imagined that its taste probably matched the smell it had. However, he seemed to be quite happy with it. In fact, he seemed more than happy with it.

"You should try Kanar," he said to me, holding up his glass slightly.

I frowned and then my expression somehow managed to morph into a wry smile. "I think I'll stay odd the alcohol for the time being, considering what it made me do last night."

"What happened?" he asked, all of a sudden incredibly interested in what I had to say.

But, before I had the chance to even start to explain, someone at at the bar on the other side of me. Needing to satisfy my curiosity, I turned my head and instantly buried my head in my hands when I saw who it was. "Oh, no," I murmured into my hands.

"Damar," he said jovially. Too jovially. "How are you today?"

I could tell... Damar was thinking something. Something deep. I assumed that he and Weyoun weren't on the friendliest of terms. "Weyoun," Damar said gruffly. "Don't pretend to like me. That feeling will never be mutual."

The Vorta seemed to let that comment slide past.

Rolling his aquamarine eyes, Damar muttered, "I am fine." He downed the rest of his Kanar.

Looking at him... disapprovingly?, Weyoun asked, a glint of humour and silliness in his eyes, "Have you any interesting news?"

Damar stiffened and frowned. He didn't reply verbally, only leaving Weyoun to be content with a prompt shake of the head.

"I have some interesting news," Weyoun declared proudly, looking at me. I slumped back and tried to hide my embarrassed face with my cup. "I was fortunate to be able to expand my interest in interspecies mating rituals." He smiled. Uncomfortably. "To the point where I could implement it."

Again, I buried my face in my hands and moaned. I could leave, of course, but then I wouldn't be able to somewhat police what it was that Weyoun was revealing to the Cardassian.

Damar, also, appeared to be quite uncomfortable with the topic. After all, who could blame him? Weyoun, however, seemed to be perfectly comfortable with the topic. How had the Founders not considered that an important enough aspect of life to keep? Sighing, I managed to haul my head up as I braced myself for why was to come.

Before Weyoun had gotten down to explaining the event in full, I managed to stop him. God knows how I did it, it just happened.

"Weyoun," Damar growled. "You shouldn't have taken advantage of her like that."

The clone started back slightly. He almost looked taken aback. Alarmed. "I thought it better that I do so, other than have her picked up by either you or that insatiable Gul Dukat."

Damar's hands clenched into solid fists and I thought for one moment that he might actually break the glass. "You owe Dukat more respect," he said through gritted teeth.

All I could do was watch. "Gentlemen," I said firmly. It was weird; calling the leader of the Cardassian Union's right hand man, and the foremost diplomat of the Dominion 'gentlemen'. I sighed and waited expectantly for their respective reactions to my stepping back. "What's done is done." I turned to Damar. "Please don't tell anyone what Weyoun told you."

He nodded. I knew he probably wouldn't tell. Weyoun, though, as a completely different thing. To him, I was an achievement. An accomplishment. And, he has always come across as being a particularly proud individual, even if there was really no need for his attitude. I knew he would tell.

However, what I didn't know was whether or not it was a mistake. Was it bad to be somewhat... intrigued? Was that bad or good? I didn't have an answer that... yet.