A/N: Hello to everyone,

I just thought I would quickly publish this on here to clear up another issue that would come up with people. I should have realized this and I usually go over my writing more than I did with this so that's my mistake.

I would normally PM you guys when you review. Unfortunately FanFiction doesn't give me that option when it comes to guests for obvious reasons so I'm kinda stuck doing it this way.

I appreciate your review TriciA! Honestly I do and I actually really agree with you. I knew when I was writing it that the characters were going to be "out of character" and that was my fault for not putting up a better warning at the top. I should do that on all my stories just to be on the safe side.

For this scene however it's kind of important to remember that it's tied to a bigger scene and a much larger story. It wasn't something that I just wrote; it actually was a side note that someone asked for so I in turn tried to keep it as true to how the characters were acting in the other story as best I could.

So I guess the characters are more sappy in this story lol I wanted to put Fluff if I could have in the tags with Family but alas no such luck X)

So actually your review was very handy that from now on I'll remember to put OOC just in case on all my stories whether they turn out to be that way or not :p

Thank you for taking the time to review and for everyone else who may have had this same issue X) Just so everyone is aware that I am aware of the mistake and my apologies to you all for not putting up a proper warning *glares at myself* yea you all try doing that ;)

Celest ^i^