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Previously, in "Lit Major Shoots Lightning"...

My name is Christen Warden, but I prefer "Chris."

I'm an American English literature major from a small community college in Colorado, studying abroad for a semester in London—or I was until a couple weeks ago. It sounds crazy when I say it, but I swallowed a bee one night and began manifesting supernatural powers. These weren't bee-themed powers like in comic books; these were destructive powers like fire, wind, and lightning. I never wanted them and I didn't know how to control them at all. I destroyed my apartment, scared off my roommate and her boyfriend, and pretty much ruined my life all within the course of a week.

That was when I found the Templars, or rather, they found me. They weren't the Knights Templar from history: these Templars were a modern-day secret organization dedicated to hunting monsters the rest of us only meet in nightmares, if even there. The Templars knew about my "bee problem" and they weren't afraid. They invited me to their headquarters in Ealdwic, a secret part of London, and they offered me a deal: join their crusade against monsters and evil, and they would teach me how to use and control my powers safely. I accepted.

They taught me how to channel my magic, my anima, using empty guns, firing magic instead of bullets. I'm still getting used to the fact that my shots can do things normal gunshots can't—like going exactly where I want them, exploding inside things, and giving me the ability to leach health off of targets—but I'm in control of my powers. For the first time since I got them, I'm not a danger to myself or others…unless I mean to be. I can be plenty dangerous then.

The Templars even provided me with a place to stay, new clothes and replacements for some of the things I'd lost. They even gave me a specialized cell phone to let me talk to my family without being traced by the Illuminati—who are apparently well-established in America and a pretty raunchy crowd. They gave me permission to confide in my conspiracy-theory-enthusiast little brother, Micah, and I have. They've more than upheld their end of the bargain.

Now it's time for me to uphold mine…

Author's Note: The second story of the Lit Major series is finally here!

This is just a quick reminder of the events of Lit Major Shoots Lightning, since it's been a while. This story's beginning is set immediately after the close of the last one.