This story is a continuation of my previous story Stuck on You. In this story it's been a few weeks and Gamora and Peter are now an actual couple. However neither actually knows what that really means. This is their journey to figure that out.

Each chapter will be like stages with small time gaps between. For example their first kiss will get a chapter on its own, dates get their own chapters, and more. If anyone has bonus ideas let me know in reviews. Unless it's too outrageous I just may include it. For example a previous reviewer or two on Stuck on You left a comment about a tickle fight, that would be too adorable not to include.

For now it is rated T just to be safe but later chapters may get a bit... steamy, if you catch my drift. We will work our way up to that though. For now we start out slow.


Peter was replaying the day a weeks ago in his mind again going over every detail as he stared out at the expanse of stars from his pilot's seat. From their individual confessions to their near kiss. The whole thing had been strange, the good kind of strange though.

Sure it was great at first. Unfortunately their relationship quickly hit a major snag. How to fix it was currently driving Peter's thoughts forward with the fury of an infinity stone.

If anyone knew Peter Quill their first instinct would be to think he had screwed up and done or said something stupid. Perhaps he had made some smart remark and pissed her off. Or maybe she finally got tired of his cockiness and gave him the boot.

On the other side of the spectrum those who knew Gamora would ask if Peter finally grew tired of her cold demeanor, got sick of her emotional baggage, or Gamora decided she just did not want him at all anymore.

The reality was none of these things. Gamora actually liked his confidence, and his sense of humor. She had called it "an acquired taste". In her eyes there was no screw up bad enough to make her run, yet. Peter of course had no problem with Gamora's attitude, it was all a front she instantly dropped for him. There was no emotional baggage bad enough Gamora could whip out that would make Peter turn away. He had matched each new story she told him with one of his own, something she was very grateful for. His of course were nowhere near as bad but to her it was the thought that counted.

Instead it was something so stupid Peter found it a little hilarious, not that he would ever admit it.

In the end it all boiled down to a simple fact- neither he nor Gamora knew how to act.

Like not at all.

Peter just assumed Gamora would at least understand something about being in a relationship but the ex ravager had overestimated his new girlfriend. From what he was able to tell she had been so focused on killing her targets when working for Thanos that she never took a second to observe other couples.

In his own defense, Peter thought what to do would all just come to him. That he would just knew when it came time. This was unfortunately not the case.

For example was he supposed to always hold her hand? Were they supposed to randomly give each other hugs or just under certain circumstances? What about kissing? Dates? Other more... intimate activities? What about gift giving? Did Gamora believe in anniversaries? Were they every month or every year?

Peter knew seduction, but that was it.

The only thing they seemed to have actually figured out was where they sleep. Ever since they had gotten their hands stuck together they never slept alone anymore. Peter was all too happy with this, not just because he got to sleep with a beautiful woman in his arms, but because she had explained to him that when they slept that close she never had nightmares anymore. His presence seemed to ward them away from her dreams. This was a two way street though, she had the same effect on him. He also never had a bad dream since.

Something the other guardians were appreciative of.

It had also been a somewhat unspoken agreement that they would sleep in Gamora's bunk instead of his. He still clearly remembered her words when they discussed it.

"I am not one of your conquests," Gamora had said it to him almost randomly one day. Peter's response of "duh that's why we're never sleeping in my old bunk, ever", had Gamora dumbfounded for a moment. After that they never even sat at Peter's old bunk.

Too many women had been there before, Gamora deserved better. Peter was also trying to make her as comfortable as possible as she got accustomed to physical affection. It helped they slept together in... well technically it was now their bunk. He was still trying to get that right in his mind.

They were making slow progress though. Now whenever they slept together she did not go ram rod straight anywhere near as bad as she used to. It probably helped that Peter did most of his movements to her slowly so as to not spook her.

Now Peter was sitting in the pilot's seat, like he always did when he needed to think, and staring out at the stars. He was racking his brain hard trying to figure out he and Gamora.

Maybe he should just go to some planet and watch the couples there. The more he thought about that though the more it seemed like a bad idea. Peter and Gamora were anything but ordinary people. Not to mention stubborn as all get out. They would figure this out on their own.

If all else failed Peter did have a nuclear option. Something so bat-crap crazy that would make a fist fight with Thanos himself look like a tea party with little girls. Something that terrified Peter to his very core.

He would go to Drax for relationship advice.

The thought alone actually sent a small shiver down Peter's spine. Desperate yes, horrifying yes, but if it was all he had Peter would take it. Drax had been married once with a daughter so he would be the only one who would be able to remotely help him out. If the dredged up bad memories did not make the destroyer want to kill him.

Peter let out a soft groan as he rubbed his temples. This much heavy thinking was giving him a headache the likes of which he had never encountered.

They took down Ronan and saved a whole planet, surely they could figure this out.

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