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Chapter 14

As the day of the wedding approached Sakura become more and more nervous. Both Tomoyo and Mei Lin had to calm her down on the actual day, neither of them succeeding in it.

"Sakura, stop it! I can hardly do your makeup with you moving around like this!" Mei Lin sighed exasperated.

"I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's just… Oh, I don't know." Sakura fiddled with the lace of her wedding dress, then decided that it would ruin the dress if she fiddled some more with it and switched to tangling and untangling her fingers.

"Don't worry your head of, Sakura. If you do that, there's bound to be something to go wrong. Just take it as it comes." Tomoyo smiled warmly at Sakura, while rearranging the veil on Sakura's head.

A knock on the door and someone saying "fifteen minutes left," reminded them to speed things up a little bit.

Sakura took deep breaths and braced herself for what was to come: her marriage to Syaoran. She waited restlessly for the fifteen minutes to pass. And when the knock came again, she thought the fifteen minutes had passed all too soon.

The door opened and Rika popped her head through the opening. "It's time Sakura. Let's go."

Again Sakura took some deep breaths. She stood up, and staggered a bit when she took the first couple of steps, but managed no to fall.

"Okay, let's do it."

The wedding went smoothly. And before Sakura knew it, it was already over. Now, she was standing at the reception of her own wedding, with Syaoran next to her, accepting the congratulations of friends and family.

After all the congratulations, both started to mingle separately under the guests.

"So how does it feel to be married?" Naoko asked Sakura.

"Unreal," Sakura answered honestly. "It still hasn't really gotten through to me that I'm actually married." she laughed.

Sakura was beginning to relax. Being around her friends made it so much easier for her and she was fully enjoying her self. It surprised her that the time had passed so quickly. It was already nine in the evening when Syaoran was once again by her side.

"Let's go," his voice sounded tense en the hand that caressed her back seemed to burn through her dress. Sakura started to panick.

"We're going?" she repeated, her voice trembling a little.

He grabbed her wrist gently, but firm. "Yes, it's about time." He said looking at her meaningfully.

"Alright then." Sakura blushed and looked around her. "I wonder where Tomoyo is," she chattered, "She said she'd help me get changed and wrap my wedding dress up because…"

Syaoran touched the delicate lace around her neck. "Is this your mother's wedding dress?" he asked. His fingers caressed her neckline and she felt her desire for him grow.

"Yes," she whispered, "Tomoyo's mother kept it for my sake and made a few adjustments."

"She would've been proud of you today. You were a beautiful bride, Sakura."

People around them were talking and laughing. Sakura felt like she was on a whole different planet together with Syaoran. "Thank you." She mumbled, and as if her head had a will of its own, it turned to Syaoran.

"Sakura, did I hear it right? Are you planning to leave already?" Tomoyo's voice penetrated the haze Sakura was feeling.

Syaoran's warm hand slid off her neck, touching her arm lightly. "Yes, we're about ready." He confirmed.

The sapphire-coloured cocktail dress with a matching shawl as well as a necklace and bracelet were already laid out on the bed for Sakura. The weather was warm, so she wouldn't be needing a coat.

The rustling of paper and closet doors opening and closing brought Sakura back to reality: they were in the bedroom, the bedroom she'd be sharing with Syaoran. And she was busy changing her clothes.

There was a soft knock on the door before it opened. Tomoyo stepped into the bedroom. She looked Sakura over with an approving stare. "You look beautiful," she said satisfied. "Now, if you're done looking at your ring, let's go to that dashing husband of yours."

"He really is dashing isn't he?" She sighed.

"Yes he is, but you're not bad looking yourself either." It was a beautiful wedding. You guys really pulled off a good job in such a short time!"

"I couldn't have done it without your or Mei Lin's help though. You two really helped out with the catering and dresses. And Syaoran and I were lucky to buy this house with furniture."

An amiable silence fell between them as they slowly walked down the stairs. After some time, as they neared the end of the stairs, Tomoyo began to speak. "You know, you really do look pretty. I guess, you're about to leave."

Sakura nodded. "I dawdled a bit with changing my clothes," she confessed, "Syaoran is outside with Mei Lin I assume?"

They walked further along, but Tomoyo stood still halfway in the hallway. She looked at Sakura and grabbed her hands. "I'm glad to be able to talk to you about this in private," she said, "Eriol and I are glad you and Syaoran talked it out, about what really happened eight years ago at the cottage."

"Syaoran still doesn't know," Sakura confessed tonelessly.

Tomoyo looked at Sakura, surprise clearly written in her eyes. "What? Why didn't you tell Syaoran that it was Misha who was fooling around with Eriol? Is he still thinking you- " she silenced herself abruptly, and paled when she saw who was standing behind Sakura. "Syaoran," she choked out.

How long was he standing there? Apparantly he'd been waiting at the library for Sakura, so he was only a few feet away. It meant that he had heard everything…

Sakura felt as if a cold and imposing hand was laid on her back. She didn't want to turn around, but she had no choice.

"Syaoran," she whispered. All her strength left her. She staggered and sought support at the walls.

Syaoran's face was pale, his face was tense, but he didn't look at Sakura – his eyes were fixed on Tomoyo. His voice sounded like it came from far away. "You're saying it was Misha and not Sakura who had…" the words wouldn't come out of his mouth.

"Tomoyo looked at Sakura pleadingly, closed her eyes for one moment and then stared straight into Syaoran's eyes. "Yes" she answered. "It was Misha. She followed Eriol to the beach and forced herself on him. Sakura happened to be in the neighbourhood. She was taking a stroll on the beach because she couldn't sleep thanks to the heat." Tomoyo swallowed.

Syaoran rubbed his eyes tiredly with his hand. He looked at Sakura like he had never seen her before. As if she was a stranger he didn't wish to know. His voice sounded pained when he asked: "Why didn't you tell me before?"

Sakura had to swallow a few times, trying to get the lump out of her throat. "You never asked…" she whispered, trying to blink her tears away. It didn't help – the tears leaked out of her eyes, finding a way down her face.

"Sakura, I'm sorry… I know.." Tomoyo started.

But Sakura cut her off, "It's okay Tomoyo. It's not your fault."

Tomoyo let her breath escape and took a quick glance at Sakura's face as well as Syaoran's. Feeling the uncomfortable silence she hastily said: "Well… I'll be going then…" and walked away with quick steps, her heels echoing in the hallway with each step.

Sakura was the first to speak after Tomoyo left. " Syaoran, I-"

Syaoran didn't let Sakura finish. "Don't," he said and grabbed her by her arm. Sakura wasn't used to this rough treatment and practically got dragged along with him. This was the first time he didn't take her small steps into account.

"We'll talk about this later in private" he ground out. "First we're heading towards the cottage. It's still a damned long way from here."

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