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backstory- the entire pack has grown up, so originally the entire pack (during the show) is 17-20 so they have aged to 21-24 a side character that is introduced later will be 18 (don't want to ruin the spoilers!) but so far everyone is alive but malia, the alpha pack and jennifer do not exist in this storyline.

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Bound to us

"Isaac" Scott whispered silently. As his lips lingered at Isaac neck.

"Hm?" he asked looking over to his partner in the bed next to him stroking his chest daring to make his member stand tented again after just having sex less than an hour ago.

"Remember how I mentioned we should think about… adding to our pack" he gazed into the eyes of his partner who was still lucid from the last round of sex.

"Yea? What about it." He started to stroke his alphas chest but Scott grabbed his hand and held it stroking it gently.

"I think we should add to our pack. Officially." He holds Isaacs hand and looks to his partners face to see what he would say to the idea that had been in the air for about 4 months.

"Scott. I know you want to add to the pack but don't you think it's a bit too soon? I mean after all. Stiles and Derek just added to their pack and they have been together much longer than we have. " He stated looking into the soulful eyes that were now falling to the bed not wanting to look at Isaac.

"They weren't ready for a long time and you know that Isaac. Derek and stiles have been waiting because they couldn't afford to add to the pack. They were waiting on the rebuilding of their home remember? And they love the added member to their pack now-" Isaac sat up and walked over to the dresser opening the dark mahogany wood drawer he took out what looked like a dark black wooden box and held it for a brief moment. Once finally turning around to Scott with the box in hand.

"You know that I mean Scott. Derek and stiles… they don't do things the way we do. We are of a different life then theirs completely. And I don't want to ruin a fragile persons life and mind because of what we would be doing to them." Scott left the bed and held Isaacs hands tracing with one the two circles around the box. Something that Isaac picked out but Scott knew exactly what it was but decided to let his partner make that choice on his own trusting his judgement. while his chin rested on Isaacs shoulder his other hand grasped and traced the pure sterling silver wristlet that was on Isaacs right wrist. A present Scott got Isaac after they were together for 3 years and it was something Isaac never took off except to bathe as to not ruin the precious metal.

" You were able to change… it doesn't mean the person could be that way. We can help them if need be." And his lips ghosting over the sweet spot of Isaacs's neck. His bright yellow eyes shined and vanished within seconds.

"We can look… but not to buy unless we are completely ready to buy them." He stated as he went to the bathroom and ripped his boxers clean off his skin. "Now come join me for a nice shower." He trailed to the shower with Scott close behind full of life like a puppy and ripped his clothes off upon entering the shower room to have more shower sex before tomorrow.

2 days later.

"Welcome ladies and gentleman to the beta omega slave spectacular. " yelled an over the top man who clearly getting the thrill of obtaining money from the abandoned or orphaned omegas and betas.

"Ok, where would you like to look first Scott?" asked Isaac who was looking down the rows of what was for sale and what was in their minds of a good person for their needs.

"Lets look at the 50-25% off people first. Never know there could be some good ones in there.

"Sir?" asked an Asian girl walking along with Scott and Isaac.

"Yes Kira?" Scott looked over to the young bright girl wearing a skirt and long-sleeve shirt with a bright red collar on her neck along with a beautiful little silver bell on the metal tab where the collar identifications go. She walked diligently with the two masters who were watching over her for the day.

"What are both of you looking for? I could help you find one by sorting out the people here. I'm quite good at looking for what is needed." She looked at them both politely smiling.

"We would like a pleasure slave, but also one that could help around the house as well." Said Isaac who was looking in the 50% off slaves while Scott was on the other side looking at the 25% ones.

"Sirs, you wont find what your looking for in these sections. I know that pleasure slaves are usually found in new merchandise. Plus this market has no pleasure slaves that are discount price. " She stated. Scott smiled remembering how happy he was when Lydia and Jackson purchased her. She was just what they needed in their home.

"Alright Kira lead the way." Scott spoke lightly and they walked through to the new merchandise. Upon getting there they saw all these pleasure slaves and how unique or bland they all were. None of them were really making the cut for what they were looking for. But as Scott and Kira were looking down the row of new slaves that were all side by side. Isaac strayed away from the group and went to see what the commotion was towards the cages in the corner of the place. Upon getting there he knew what it was.

These wolves were rouge and needed to be in bars to protect buyers from harm, he saw a few when he went with Derek and stiles when they looked for their slaves Erica and Boyd. But one caught Isaacs's eyes immediately. One slave was sitting in the center of his cage; chains all around his body and wolfsbane laced collar and cuff-lets to prevent shifting to make sure he wouldn't get into trouble. A merchant came over once seeing what Isaac was looking at he made his move to persuade.

"He is a feisty one sir. But strong built" he saw Isaac had money and could probably buy the problem wolf easily. All they saw was this wolf next to him softly sitting there rubbing next to the young one in the cage.

"What's his story and why is there a wolf with him in there." He noticed Scott came up behind him after seeing the spark Isaac found with the one in the cage. Looking at the boy now crouched at eye level. The boy couldn't be less than 18, but he was small for his body and frame. Yet Scott now saw what and why Isaac was so intrigued by this boy.

" He is feisty and dangerous has given his instructors and my men a terrible time before. But with a collar of wolfs bane on him he is much less dangerous and he doesn't fight with it on. As far as the wolf next to him; its his caretaker. They are raised by the wolf to partially not lose roots of what they are animal wise. Our slaves are meant to live like a human but live and are raised by a wolf to learn the comfort and or well… ways of how to act for masters." The man says now seeing more money because of two men, he really was buttering up the two of them badly.

"How much." Scott asks once looking at Isaac knowing they had a certain amount when they got there of 50,000 hoping he could be lower but the price wasn't going to matter because the wolf boy would be theirs.

"35,000" the man says.

"Deal" they shook hands and the mans sly smile is what took them by not surprise but to remember this man.

"Pleasure doing business sirs." He bowed once the paperwork and money was filled out. "Alright boys. Load him up." The young boy in the cage sees the needle coming closer to him. He knew he had to be strong but his fear of these men was imminent he knew resisting was impossible now. He couldn't move because of the wolfsbane chains ,wrist cuff-lets and collar and their effects on him. But he knew fighting would mean a shocker. And when the needle was injected he looked at his new masters for a brief second before total darkness medication was working, and he was awaiting his new hell.