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I have been living large pretty quickly as news of my miraculous products spread though the grapevine and I was delivering a steady supply of it. Still, I have been neglecting myself as I was in need of a major overhaul and needed powerful techniques to defend myself aside from the academy three which was just useful if you plan on running away.

So I decided it was time for a training montage and made lots and lots of explosive tags as it was the only means of my attack arsenal that was really noteworthy. My fuinjutsu leveled up to level 7 and I maxed out the storage and explosive tags by the end of the week. Clearly money was no object, so I was able to procure the necessary materials and I even unlocked the paralysis seals by the end of the week which really nice addition to my repertoire.

With massive amounts of explosive tags I was now performing a massacre of slimes which in turn spawned a slime king.


Slime King

- The king of slimes, apparently size does matter.

Due to its size, the movement of the said boss was doable for a hit and run tactic with explosive notes as my means of attack.

Oh the slime was powerful all right, so it took an hour before it bursts it's bubble.

The slime dropped some royal jelly ectoplam, 50k ryo, 5 normal hp potions and a skill book.



-The power to move things with your mind

Do yo want to learn telekinesis? Yes/ No

"Yes." was my reply.

I had been training my telekinesis ever since, it was very handy around especially if I was feeling lazy. Everything was a weapon now, with enough push I can even move objects, large objects and the prospect of flying if given enough chance to level up, so I did just that and used telekinesis on everything. By the time the week was up, my telekinesis was now level 20 and I can now levitate a person without that much trouble and hurl them at opponents if need be, suffice to say that it was a productive week.

Business is booming so I decided to set myself a small fuinjutsu shop for my works as a hobby to pass the time. Ninja seems to value them now as fuinjutsu goods were always low on stock so I was able to score brownie points to the ninja higher ups. Aside from that?, I bought out the entire red light district. It wasn't much a fuss as I thought it would but money seems to talk to people, gee, imagine that.

I have now my own workforce and I hired localized gangs and they work for me now to keep things orderly. So far my ascension into the owner of the red light district went on without a hitch and I was quickly financing some renovations at my district that it isn't even recognizable, before it looks like, well, the red light district, but now it just said classy.

My district which I aptly renamed Zed District was actually garnering attention from shinobi and civilians alike like moth to a flame as I have been constantly funding it, our wares has been steadily increasing in variety and profits, not to mention that my fuinjutsu was now at an adept level as I can now use resistance seals, gravity seals, and the evil containment method as well as the fire sealing method. Not quite to sealing a Biju and using space time seals but I'm getting there.

It was now a few weeks away from the chunnin exam in Konoha, there was bound to be profit at said event so I had stocked a reasonable amount of wares to prepare. It didn't take long that ninja's from other country have arrived, as well as tourist but it was certainly welcome.

I'm just a wealthy businesses as far as Konoha and other ninjas villages from villages, but what they didn't tell you is that I have control of half the civilian council, a couple of bribes here and there and I have now a foothold in the village.

Immediately I supplied funds to raise for toursim and it hasn't backfired on me earning Konoha, especially me, great profits. My ever growing empire seems to be expanding, but I should slow down for now to avoid any more unwanted attention to myself than I already have. I did bribe my way into copying a kagebunsin. I explained that I needed a trophy or collection of some kind and upon hearing that jutsu originated from Uzu, I had to have one. Thankfully the council respected my wishes on some civilian eccentricities as I was a prominent figure in Konoha, so they chalked it up as a mere fascination from a civilian standpoint which will helped me gain my goals in the foreseeable future.

New tittle gained: The Boss + 300 fame wis+ 30, but + 30


Name: Zed

Profession: The Gamer

Tittle: The Boss

Level: 10

Hp: 540

Mp: 1,370

Str - 49

Vit - 54

Dex - 64

Int - 137

Wis - 137

Luk - 10

Fame- 350

Infamy- 0

Unused points: 45

Perks Points: 1

Money: 50,000,000 Ryo

«New Skills»

Gamers mind (PASSIVE) «LVL. (Max)»

Gamers body (PASSIVE) «Lv. (Max)»

Henge: Who needs make up «Max»

Kwarimi: Welcome to the cult of the log «Max»

Bunshin: Hey, clones are illegal, no they're not. «Max»

Leaf Academy Kata: Generic leaf fighting style «lv 9»

Leaf Sticking learned: Stick it like a tape, I'm so Impressed. «Max»

Tree walking excercise: Stick it like spiderman «Max»

Water walking, is the tension high enough? «Max»

Barter: wanna exchange this for that? «lvl 20»

Trading: Transaction Complete «lvl 20»

Haggling: I'll talk your price down «lvl 20»

ID Create (ACTIVE) : My life is a game, rpg style. «lvl 5»

ID Escape (ACTIVE) : Get out of dodge. «lvl 5»

Observe: Show me your secrets «lvl 8»

Fuinjutsu: I can seal your ass «lvl 15»

Telekenisis: Look mom, no hands «lvl 20»