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Pairings: Liam/OC, Scott/Kira, Stiles/Malia.

Summary: This takes place after all the events of Season 4. My vision of what's yet to come in the next season. The Benefactor (Meredith) is defeated, Kate has surrendered for now, everyone's happy and everything's back to normal…for a while.

…. ….

Damaged By You

Liam's stepdad pulled up at the school and Liam sighed as he stared out the window, watching all the high school kids sauntering into the school.

It was the first day back at school and a whole new semester. After everything that happened months back with the whole 'Who's the Benefactor' situation and all those creepy assassins coming after them with the dead pool list and not forget about the unusual comeback of Kate Argent.

During all of this, Liam had a pretty rough time adjusting through the whole werewolf change. He recently just opened up to the change by learning control and testing his new abilities. But what really worried him was how he was going to cope with everything…

I guess that's what his alpha and new friends are there for…

It was going to be a strange moment entering BHHS…

"Thanks," Liam muttered lowly as he unbuckled his seatbelt and reached for the door handle.

He was immediately stopped by his dad.

"Are you okay son?" He asked.

"I'm fine,"

"You know. If you have something you need to tell someone, anything that's bothering you, you know I'm here for you right?" He assured him.

Liam nodded.

Liam knew how worried his stepdad was for him. With all these sudden changes happening in his life and all the weird things happening in Beacon Hills, he just wanted to make sure that his son was okay and safe.

"Yeah, I get it." He replied.

"Call me when you get out. Have a great day buddy." Mr. Dunbar said to him as he ruffled Liam's hair.

Liam sniggered lowly as he got out of the car and threw his backpack over his shoulders. He released a sigh.

"Here we go." He muttered to himself as he began walking up to the school.

When he entered through the school door, he was welcomed by the sounds of people chattering and loud voices echoing the school hallways.

Liam chuckled lowly as someone threw a paper airplane in the air…long story short, it was an epic fail. Everyone was suddenly so…jubilant.

Something was different here in BHHS. The energy was different. It was actually kind of scary.

Then if things couldn't get weirder, Liam had a sudden feeling like he was being watched by someone.

His thoughts were answered when he saw girls he passed by stopped and stared at him for a while. Staring at him in a way no girl has stared at him before.

"Look at him." One girl said to her friend.

"He's really cute."

"I thought he was cute but now he's just…wow."

He smiled nervously and started trotting over the locker as he spotted his best friend Mason standing by it and talking to a…guy?

"Dude," Liam said firmly. Mason spun around from talking to the really cute Lacrosse player and smiled at his friend.

"Hey what's up man?" Mason said. "I got dips on him." He whispered as he motioned to the lacrosse player.

"That's great but I really need to talk to you." Liam said.

"Yeah, man, shoot it." Mason said.

Liam gave him a look.

"Oh right." He replied in realization and turned his back informing the lacrosse dude they'll talk later.

"You know I was about to get his number." Mason said annoyed.

"Things have changed." He said.

"If you're talking about yourself, I think that ship sailed a long time ago." Mason half conjectured and half stated with an eye roll.

"I mean really changed like everyone's different."

"Yeah of course they would be I mean it's a new semester." Mason said.

"Am I hot?" Liam asked involuntarily.

Mason laughed.

"Whoa there… We may be best friends and I may be into the same sex but that doesn't justify that we're just…friends." Mason said. Liam stared at him for a long moment with his eyebrow raised.

"I like you but not like you, like you. You know what I mean?" Mason asked. "As in I'm not attracted to you in that way."

"No that's not it, it's just…people are staring."

"You're standing with a gay guy of course they would." Mason laughed and Liam rolled his eyes. "Why wouldn't they stare man? You've changed even though I've been aching to know why!"

Liam still hasn't confronted Mason about his secret on being a werewolf and that supernatural creatures actually do exist and even though he really is aching to tell him he still needs to obey to Scott's Alpha orders.

"Look. You look fine…just keep your hair in that direction." Mason said as he extended his hands to fix Liam's hair.

During this process, Liam drifted his eyes to the northern direction where he caught the sun shining through the window at one unique spot…an unusual spot.

He wouldn't recall it as unusual but it was certainly something he hasn't seen before.

A girl…

The most beautiful girl stood before him –however cliché that must have sounded. He wouldn't call himself a charmer boy or anything, heck he wasn't even a chick magnet. But he certainly wasn't afraid to talk to a girl like most teens his age –doubtful.

He didn't know what He was feeling until when their eyes met. Her beautiful luscious amber eyes glistened as they met his sparkling blue eyes. Her orchid and warm vanilla scented smell drew into his nostrils. Her long silky golden creamy hair falling gracefully down her shoulders oh and let me not forget her smooth skin…wait what?

"Who the hell is that?" Liam hushed to Mason as he moved his gaze from her and adjusted his bag strap. Mason spun around following his gaze then turned back again.

"Oh her, yeah she's the new girl…" Mason said.

Liam stared back at the new girl who bit her nails lightly with her books in her right arm as she skimmed through her surroundings…she looked lost and she reeked of nervousness.

"I mean I know that but who is she?" Liam hissed.

"She moved down here from Santa Barbara a few months, I don't know why exactly but something about her mother finding a new job here."

It's funny how she was similar to when Liam moved here…

"Her name's Sierra Hastings."

Liam mentally tasted the name. Sierra Hastings. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like her. Again! Cliché!

Liam so wanted to get to know this girl but what will he say other than hi and a friend-zone goodbye?

"Oh god here she comes." Liam whispered as he tried hiding his gaze as the girl came closer.

"Yeah, you should go talk to her." Mason said. Liam glared at him as if he was an idiot and shook his head.

"No way,"

Sierra and Liam stared at each other slightly as she walked past them and moved their gaze away almost immediately.

Liam glared at him once more but this time it was stern and Mason gulped at the terrifying glare and he immediately stopped teasing him.

The bell for the next class went off…

"You know what. I think I hear my lacrosse player calling me." Mason said.

"Ha-ha. Very funny, let's go." Liam said as they began walking to their next class together.

.… ….


Liam was pulled out of his Biology class when the bell went off for Lunch period and rushed to the cafeteria knowing that the line there would be endlessly long.

After getting his meal, Liam began walking out of the school cafeteria to the outside eating lounge. The moment he walked out of doors, he caught the sight of Sierra walking vaguely fast. Liam furrowed his eyebrow slightly but ceased it when he saw her luscious golden locks lifting with the breeze…

"Liam!" He heard a voice call after him.

Liam realized who had awakened him from his trance and shifted his eyes to see Scott sitting by the further table with his arm around his girlfriend, motioning for him to come over.

It's weird to see Scott back to normal again, after defeating Kate –but sparing her mercy – stopping Peter from his evil plan on killing Scott in retaining his title as Alpha male –no shocker there – and Scott wasn't a Berserker anymore so you'd call it a win-win.

It was still a little strange to see him and everybody back to normal. He still couldn't fathom how they were all still alive.

And especially how Scott and Kira are together after Berserker Scott tried killing his own girlfriend but something triggered him not to as Kira said something to him…he guessed that was love.

Liam walked up to the gang and took a seat by the table with them.

"How are you man?" Scott asked his Beta with a dimpled smile. Kira smiled at him.

"Fine," Liam simply replied as he took a bite out of his French fry.

"We won't get into trouble." The gang heard a rough voice coming their way.

"I'm just saying that I don't want to be expelled for breaking into the janitor's closet. I have enough problems in my hands." Another voice reached their voice; it was also rough yet more feminine.

"We'll be fine Malia. You sound just like my dad right now." Stiles replied. You would be certain Malia rolled her eyes at the comment.

Stiles and Malia reached the gang and took their place by the seats,

"Hey guys!" Stiles said casually whilst a very frustrated Malia stabbed her fork into her burger.

"You guys okay?" Scott asked taking a sip of his milkshake.

"Yeah why wouldn't we be? We're totally fine isn't it Malia?" Stiles asked his girlfriend who stabbed the fork harder into her cheeseburger then looked up at the gang with a forced smile.

"Yes. We're totally…" She stopped and dug harder in the burger. "Perfect." She finished it off.

"Malia's just angry we almost got caught in the janitor's closet." Stiles said with an eye roll.

"Almost?" questioned Malia. "We almost got galvanized by him when he saw us in there!" She argued.

"What were you guys doing in there?" Kira asked.

Malia and Stiles stared at each other before answering simultaneously.

"You don't wanna know,"

Liam laughed slightly and moved his gaze from the group to Sierra who was sat on the further table reading a novel. He watched as her fingers caressed the pages, her soft cheekbones increasing when she pulled out a smile. He watched as she flipped her shoulder length hair to the side.

"You should go talk to her." Liam heard Scott's voice awakening him from his trance yet again.

"What?" Liam asked obliviously.

"You should really walk up to her Liam." Scott said to him as his other friends were busy in their own little conversation.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Liam shook his head in denial. Scott sniggered.

"Trust me. I know." Scott said.

Liam slowly shifted his eyes back to the girl who was staring right back at him. She flashed a small smile at him as their eyes interlocked and he managed to return it with a crooked smile.

This is going to be interesting…

… …

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