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What is this... I don't even... ORZ

She watched them.

Rather intently in fact – for one specific reason, it had become something of a hobby of hers. Her vivid blue eyes moved back and forth between the two men who were conversing quietly with each other, seemingly forgetting she was in the room with them.

She didn't mind of course, since it gave her the opportunity to observe them more closely and she couldn't help but to smile as she compared the two very different male bodies to each other.

"Is there something on your mind, Higurashi?"

The deep voice had Kagome jumping in slight shock and she hurriedly looked to the tall blond man who was now looking at her with a thick brow raised.

"That smile is creepy as fuck, brat," Levi drawled in his usual tone and she threw him a small pout in return, "Wipe it off your face."

Well, just for that, she would finally say what was on her (and probably many of the soldiers') mind.

"Oh, I was just wondering if Commander and Lance Corporal like to get down and dirty on Commander's desk," Kagome said with an innocent voice and she had to forcibly hold back her laughter at the expressions on the faces of her superiors, "You know, half the Survey Corps thinks you're together."

Erwin was looking rather bemused by her statement and innocent smile while Levi was giving her a glare that would kill her a billions time over if looks could kill.

"You think I'm gay, brat?"

"There's nothing wrong with that!" Kagome suddenly panicked, looking rather flustered when Levi slowly began to stalk towards her with menacing steps, "I-I mean, you're even kind of cute together–!?"

"Shitty assumptions like that will earn you punishment, brat," Levi had the medic's hands tied tightly behind her back before she even knew what was happening, "What do you think, Erwin?"

"Try not to go too overboard, Levi," Erwin said lightly and his brow rose even higher when Kagome gaped at him, "One should always think before they speak, Higurashi." She saw a darkly amused gleam in his blue eyes and wilted under the two intent stares focused on her person.