Carl held the photograph of his late adversary, murmuring, "I shall always regret all that wasted time when we could have been friends. I especially regret the times I tried to murder you... and the times I tried to murder Rachel. If anyone had told me then that Rachel and I would one day be married,"he added, "I would have questioned that person's sanity."

If only Mac had lived, perhaps they would have become friends. But then, Carl would not now be married to Rachel. Yet even her friendship
would have been something to cherish, just as Mac's would have been.

"I'd like to think," Carl said, "that you've forgiven me, as I know Rachel has."

Carl replaced to photograph on the mantlepiece and went to bed, where Rachel already waited.

"What were you doing?" Rachel asked.

"Talking to an old.. I wish I could say friend."




Rachel woke up with a sense that something was wrong, terribly wrong. She heard Carl give several great gasps and then...

"CARL!" she screamed. "NOOOOOO!"


St. Peter opened the Gate.

Carl saw them approaching.



And Mac.

Mac extended his hand.

"Hello, friend," he said.