With the brief pause in the battle that followed the explosion of golden dust from Olympus, Harry sat down heavily. He saw a few of the monsters escape from the army of the undead and he knew that the hunt would be tasked with their eradication, but Harry couldn't bring himself to care. He was tired with his core being stretched to heights that he didn't know he could reach today. He watched as the demigods and hunters alike cheered from his vantage point on the sixth floor of the building. Harry had been tasked with watching Silena through the final battle and since he could shoot past his army, he was able to lay vast destruction. Granted, there was now going to be quite a few months of shovel babying, but that was beside the point and Harry was happy to discover that almost no monsters that he would be dealing with was magically resistant.

"It's done," Silena breathed from the nearby couch where she could see the battle just as easily as Harry could. "I can't believe this stupid war is finally over."

"You know you're going to be punished, right?" Harry asked, making sure the girl wasn't deluding herself. She may have shown up at the right time to save the day, but she was also a spy for the enemy and there was no way she could cover up her betrayal. He didn't want her punished to badly, but giving out free second chances was what led magical Britain in need of a thorough cleaning.

"Don't worry Harry," She answered, it looked like she was going to wave off the question, but her hands were bound at the moment. Harry trusted her and her change of heart for the most part, but he wasn't naïve and she was going to be bound if Harry was watching her. "I'm not like Percy and his group. I know I'll have to make up for my betrayal of the gods, but as long as I'm not giving some impossible task that can't be completed for a hundred years, I'll be good."

After a moment of silence, Harry spoke up, "You know as much as I would like to say that this is completely over, I don't think it is. It's just a feeling I have, but I think there's something coming that would make us wish for something as simple as fighting Kronos."

Silena had to snort at that, "Harry, we all love you even though you aren't a first generation demigod, but you keep up that pessimistic attitude and we will be likely to forget that. " A moment's pause as they listened to the cheers of the defenders and the wild parties the centaurs were planning on throwing. "I truly hope you're wrong about whatever is coming Harry, but I won't deny I feel dark clouds on the horizon. One can only hope that we've done our part and whatever is coming will be kind enough to stay away until the next generation."

"But we're demigods," Harry pointed out, "And our luck is historically unjust."

"But we're demigods," Silena echoed closing her eyes. She shook off the dark thoughts that threatened to consume her, "Now isn't the time to worry about it no matter what's going to happen. We just won and although I won't really be welcome at the party, I really want to!"

The two laughed lightly and that was how Artemis found her son, laughing with the traitor. "Well hello you two," She said gaining their attention. While Silena stopped laughing in an instant, Harry's smile grew wider as he calmly walked towards her and swept her in a bone crushing hug. It was a good thing that Artemis was immortal.

"I'm glad you're okay mum," He whispered. Harry wouldn't admit it to anyone, but the last few weeks had been nerve wracking for him and he had refused to look at the so called storm system that was moving through the country. Briefly, before the armies of Atlantis had managed to drag him down, Harry had felt the power of Typhon and he shuddered at how insignificant he felt. Harry knew that if he had faced the titan when they had recovered he would have felt like an ant against a boot, but it was in the back of his mind hidden under layers. He was forced to feel the power of Typhon and he couldn't believe it. It was no wonder that it took the Olympic council to even attempt to slow him down.

"I am too Harry, I am too," Artemis said as she returned the hug. "Now, there's a meeting planned for a few minutes on Olympus, and you and your prisoner are needed to be there."

"Alright, but can you vote for an easier punishment for her. I know how Lord Zeus is and although she did betray us, I'd be willing to fight with her again in a few years at least."

Artemis stared at her adopted son hard for a few moments, but Harry did not flinch. He told the truth that after a few years he would fight with Silena as she was just someone that you could trust, present situation notwithstanding. The fact that she had been influenced by the king of the titans actually kind of helped her as she was not the only one to ever fall for his manipulations.

"Very well. I don't know why you are asking me for this, but I will vote for a more lenient punishment." Silena let out a breath that she didn't realize she was holding as Lady Artemis agreed to give her a chance. She would have to do something for Harry because he was now her most favorite demigod sibling. Artemis took a hold of both of their shoulders and flashed them into the throne room where the rest of the gods were already seated. Artemis left the two in the middle next to the rest of the demigods.

"Demigods," Zeus' voice boomed out catching all of their attention, "You have done us a great service in defending Olympus and thus you need to be rewarded. But, before that we must deal with the traitor that you discovered amongst your own. Silena Beauregard step forward!"

"Wait a minute, why are you wanting to deal with Silena? She saved us!" Percy shouted.

The gods were about to weigh in on Percy's outburst when the girl in question snorted. "Good one Percy. I didn't save you as the Drakken was already taken care of. Plus, I was a spy. I need to be punished, although I really hope that they don't decide to kill me."

"Oh, and what do you wish to have done to you child of Aphrodite?" Athena asked while Aphrodite was near tears herself. To think one of her children could betray family, although if she really thought about it, it may be her fault. After all, she had rarely remained faithful.

"I am not sure my lords and ladies, but I ask for leniency as I did not affect the final battle much and I realized my mistakes. I would have fought in the final battle once we arrived as well, but the other demigods bound me in what was perhaps a smart decision." Percy had of course argued that Silena should have fought, but he was almost unanimously overruled in a rare show of unity. While Percy's fatal flaw was his loyalty that was simply the fatal flaw of Poseidon's children and not one of Aphrodite's children. Right before another wave in the battle was not the time to allow the young woman a chance to prove herself.

Zeus hummed for a moment, before looking towards the other demigods in a rare show of humility for him and asked, "You have fought with her and more importantly, the betrayal hit closer to you than us. What do you think should happen?" Percy opened his mouth, but Zeus beat him to the punch, "Someone speak that isn't related to my brothers directly."

Casting a subtle glance to the others and seeing that no one else really wanted to speak up, Harry took the initiative. "My lord, although Silena did betray us, she originally fell to Kronos' and his servants' silver tongues. She also proved herself as she broke through their machinations and came to fight as one of the few Aphrodite's campers that do. I ask for leniency and perhaps, she could help out the Satyrs for a handful of years until their numbers return to what they once were."

"Yes," Athena said thoughtfully, "She can prove herself to us once again while bolstering the camp's numbers. Of course, she will have to be told exactly where they are, but it is possible. I am in agreement with this punishment."

"Very well, is there anybody that thinks this punishment is unjust? Aphrodite?" Zeus asked, giving the girl's mother a chance to argue. "Very well, if we are all in agreement, Silena Beauregard you are sentenced to no more than five years of collecting and protecting those demigods that have not been informed of their heritage."

Silena let out a sigh of relief as her sentence was passed. Even though she had been guaranteed of support from at least Artemis and most likely her mother, there was still a chance that she could have just been tossed into Tarturus. Perhaps, Zeus was in a good mood today. "Thank you my lords and ladies," She said as she bowed low and then returned to the side of Harry who had Zoe and Thalia around him now. Sending a silent thank you towards the emerald eyed boy she let herself relax for the first time in hours.

"Now that that is taken care of," Zeus said, "It is now time for the rewards."

Harry honestly tuned Zeus out at that point as he wasn't really interested in the rewards and he doubted the hunters would be rewarded too much. It wasn't like they really needed anything anyways as the hunters had come out of the defense of Olympus relatively unscathed. Magic was a wonderful thing. Harry had focused a little more when Percy was offered godhood, but he was impressed with the concessions that the younger man had gotten instead. He couldn't blame Percy's reasoning either as leaving Zoe would have been unbearable.

"And now, we come to those of the hunt," Zeus' voice boomed, "Those that provided needed support for the defense. Harry Potter, Thalia Grace, and Zoe Nightshade step forward." Before anything more could be said, three new presences entered the throne room and just as he was about to bellow about being interrupted, he noticed just who had entered and bowed low to the newcomers. "Fates, what do we owe for this honor?"

"There are two new gods that shall be introduced today…"

"Ones that will not be bound by the ancient laws…"

"But welcome all the same." The three ladies said. This shocked many of those present as godhood was offered rarely and to have it offered three times was something unbelievable. Although Harry found that it was rather amusing and had been too long since he heard twin speak.

"Zoe Nightshade…"

"And Harry Potter…"

"Step forward so we may carry out Lord Chaos' will." Seeing as they had no choice, Harry and Zoe stepped forward and were instantly enveloped in a bright light. Harry gasped at the rush of power and knowledge that entered him and he was dimly aware of Zoe doing the same. Zoe was the first for the light to leave and the Fates launched into their introduction.

"All hail Zoe Nightshade, daughter of Atlas and Lieutenant of the Hunt…"

"Goddess of Perseverance and Loyalty, a guiding light to women everywhere…"

"And now minor Goddess of the hunt. May she serve Lady Artemis well." Artemis had a blinding smile on her face that was mirrored by Thalia. Now, Zoe would forever be a permanent fixture in the hunt and they would have their best friend with them always. Artemis also thought of how Zoe was now free from her vows and had immortality still. Perhaps she could get grandkids in a few years. Just as Artemis thought this, Harry's bright light disappeared.

"All Hail Lord Potter, adopted son of Artemis…"

"God of Fate's Chosen Ones and Charisma, Death's right hand and his extension…"

"Minor god of Magic."

"So basically, I'm in charge of your playthings?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow as he got used to the power now coursing through him. Many of the gods and demigods had flinched slightly when he had been introduced as Death's right hand.

The fates simply smiled and vanished before any other questions could be asked and the next thing anyone knew, Artemis was out of her seat and crushing the two that she saw as her own in a massive hug. "I am so happy!" Apollo's draw dropped at seeing his sister actually act like a female before smiling softly. He was happy that his sister was so happy and he wouldn't hold this against her for a few years at least.

"This sounds like a good time for a party!" Hermes yelled and everybody cheered.

As the mass of gods and demigods made their way out of the throne room, the four that wer hugging held back. "So," Harry said as he was released from the hug, "Does this mean that we're both immortal and you are no longer bound by your oath?" With a nod, Harry smiled. "Good, then that means I can finally do something that I've been wanting to do for years now." As he said that, his face grew closer and closer to Zoe's and although her eyes grew wider, she made no move to avoid what was coming. As their lips connected, Harry's only thought was that this was well worth the wait.

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