Forgotten Conscience

Two roads, one path

Unknown POV #1

"Patient B12 has escaped sir."

"What? How could she have escaped?"

I don't know sir, I went in to check on her like I always do and she was gone."

"Coma patients do not just get up and walk away."

"I'm sorry sir, but this one did."

"Find her you fools, I want this whole hospital searched, find her or I'll nail your balls to the floor."

"Yes, sir"

Unknown POV #2

Where the hell am I, and why the hell am I so out of breath?

I'm running, but what am I running from?

I-I can't remember, why can't I remember?

Running seems to be working for me so I'll keep doing it.

I wish I knew what I was running from.

I hear a noise in the distance, it's a train.

Good I can get out of this fucking town. Wait a second I don't even know where it is I'm running from so how do I know I want out? Might as well, it's not like I have any family in this town.

Now how the fuck would I know that?

The train slowly gets faster as I run along side it and search for a car to hop on. Hmm, medical syringes? No, I don't think so, eww garbage; too stinky. Hey, pillow factory supplies, sounds promising. I can survive that long until I get to LA. When did I decide on LA? Oh well at least it's away from her.

Unknown POV #1

"Did you find her?"

"No sir, she's gone."

"The boss will have our asses if she's not returned. Go and find her, you have one week, if she's not returned don't ever show your face in this town again. Now go"

"B-But sir it's noon."

"So you'll get an extreme tan, so what? Find her or the boss will find you, and you know what that'll mean."

"Yes sir."

Unknown POV #2

Fuck I must have dosed off because I was so comfortable. The train comes to a stop and I look out to see where the fuck I've woken up in.

Los Angeles? Well at least my brain knows what its doing because I sure don't.

I take a moment to look around and jump off just as the train starts pulling away. I turn toward the city and start walking. Voices yell out.

"Hey you, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Uh-oh, it's time to start running again. Of course for me to run away my legs would actually have to move. Okay legs, MOVE. MOVE damn you. I turn around and face the two large men now heading my way.

This was not quite what I had in mind. I'd rather not deal with going to jail right now. Now I better stop fucking around and RUN THE OTHER WAY. Against my better judgement I start walking towards them and for some reason I feel like swaying my hips as I do.

What the hell am I doing? Maybe I can talk my way out of this.

"What's a pretty young thing like you train hopping for?"

God, why do men have to be such pigs?

"Well I needed a ride and I don't have any money."

I don't, do I? I stuff my hands in my pockets and fish around in the emptiness, nope, nothing. I pull my pockets inside out.

"See, broke doesn't really go over well with the ticket booth."

"Well train hopping is illegal, we're gonna have to turn you in."

"Hey now, maybe we can come to some sort of… agreement."

I'm sure if I wasn't eerily calm that I would have felt a shiver by now. Yet still I seem to be sauntering toward them. Even as they start circling me like a pair of hungry tigers the only thing that hits me is this sudden wave of adrenaline.

"Well what if I promised never to do it again."

Oh great, I don't think they'll accept your solemn oath. Circling like a pair of vultures they close the gap and I can smell the sweat of anticipation on them.

"Oh I dunno babe it's our civic duty to report anything illegal."

"You might have to promise us a little something… more."

I feel a sharp pinch on my ass and it's like I just snap. I do a 180, grabbing the hand on my ass as I do and I twist it hard bringing him to a bent over position.

"You fucking bitch, get her Manny!"

The other guy runs toward me but a swift kick in the gut sends him flying ten feet into a pile of wood. I guess this is why I wasn't afraid. I think it's time I opened negotiations.

"So what kind of…" I twist his arm a little harder. "… agreement did you have in mind?"

"N-Never mind"

"No really! I'd really like to know."

"I-I'm sorry I... please let me go."

He seems reluctant, I twist his arm a little more and he screams with pain.

"I'm not sure we're communicating properly, let's try this again."

I raise my leg, bend my knee and hover it over his shoulder.

"Don't please, don't."

I drop all my weight on his shoulder. I feel his shoulder break as it hits the gravel and he screams in pain. Surprisingly he didn't pass out from the pain. Surprisingly, Have I broken arms before? He starts crying like a baby.

"Please stop, PLEASE I'm sorry."

I hear the other get up and head this way. What the fuck am I doing? I should have run by now, why haven't I run away?

"Maybe your buddy will be a little more receptive."

The other guy inches toward me in a boxing stance, he throws the first punch and I dodge it like avoiding a fly. In a blur, I bend his arm back at the elbow and sweep his legs out from under him. In moments I'm sitting on his stomach and leaning on his shoulder with my full weight.

"I guess not."

What the fuck am I saying? Leave! Just go and they won't bother you ever again.

I see a piece of wood next to his head. I get this urge to pick it up and break a piece off. My arm is shaking as I lord the stake over him. He looks up at me with fear and disbelief but for some reason it fills me with joy. I feel this weird vibe as I thrust the stake into his heart, it's like this energy starts flowing through my veins as the life seems to drain from his eyes.

I roll off him and sit in the dirt. What the fuck am I doing? H-He's dead, I-I killed him. Oh my god I just killed a man.

Please someone tell me I didn't just kill a man, someone? I have to do something, I have to get away from here.

I hear footsteps edging towards me.

"Please go away, I-I don't wanna have to hurt you."

I look up at him and he takes a few steps back.

"Run, please, before I have to kill you too."

He starts backing away slowly like avoiding a snake on alert. I get up to square off with him and he bolts out of here like a dog off his leash. I stand watching him run until he becomes a blur. As soon as I see he's out of range I look down at the dead body beside me.

What have I done? What am I doing? What am I going to do? I feel the tears in my eyes and my head drop into my hands. Oh my god, I just killed a man. I feel the tears start pouring like a flood. Oh my god, I just killed a man. That thought just keeps running through my head. I just killed a man. I killed a man. Dear god I just killed someone.

I hear people coming this way. I-I have to get out of here… B-Before someone sees me. I get up to run and wipe the tears from my eyes with my shirt. I look down at my shirt and realize none of my make up came off, I feel my face. It's probably because I don't have any make-up on.

I hear people getting closer and I decide whether or not I put on make up this morning is NOT my biggest problem right now.

Two men and a woman come around the corner. I think it's time I make a hasty retreat.

"Hey you, what are you doing?"

So much for a hasty retreat, I bolt out of there in the opposite direction, I hear two people coming after me which stops as I hear one of them trip over the dead body. Wait, I don't actually know that he's dead, he could still be alive.

Okay I think that's what's known as grasping at straws. You stabbed him in the fucking heart, and you think he's still alive? Where the fuck's your head at? Well I guess if you knew where your head was you wouldn't have amnesia would you? I hope I wasn't this stupid when I had a memory. Then again I probably went around KILLING people for no particular reason so I didn't have time to think. I gotta find a place to hide before someone recognizes me.

I finally get out of the train station and into the city. People disappear in LA all the time I won't be any different. I turn down an alley and shift into high gear.

Angel's POV

He hits me with a flurry of punches. For fuck's sake Angel, you're 300 years old, you've faced Armageddon more times than you can count and you let a little punk get the best of you. Okay stop complaining about it and FIGHT BACK! I grab his right arm and twist it forward. He flips out of it and runs toward the girl.

Christ man, you're SUPPOSED to be a protector of the innocent, START PROTECTING! I run after him and manage to tackle him before he gets to her. I look up at her and she's shaking in fear.


She runs down the alley to freedom, good, now I can concentrate on… FUCK. I fall backwards as he elbows me in the head. There's a loud noise from down the alley, I think its two people colliding. Damn, the stupid punk has friends. I get up to square off and prepare for a two on one situation. I hear the innocent and the vamp talking.

"The-the-there is a-a, there's a…"

"There's a what?"

I know that voice.

"It's a…"

There's a what? Come on lady, I haven't got all night."

She can't be here she's… I block a jab and return the favour with three of my own which connect with his face. He's thrown against a dumpster and he has to take a moment to regroup.

"There's a… there's a…"

"See the problem with 20 questions is that I'm not allowed to ask the same question twice."

Why didn't someone tell me she was here?

"To hell with you, I'll go find out for myself."

I see her come into view. It is, it's, it's…


End of Chapter 1