Forgotten Conscience Chapter 114

Hell hath no fury like a woman with nothing left to lose

Faith's POV


She steps in front of me and the blast hits her.

Oh god...


I look into her eyes and she looks into mine, a look of pure love looking back at me.


I struggle to break free of the grip the vampires have on me as they disintegrate around me and B. The force of the blast dissipating throws her limp body into mine and I take her in my arms. Her breathing is slow and shallow as she tries to talk.


I can barely speak myself, the tears in my eyes choking me up.


"Are you... okay?"

I gotta lay her down so I can look at her.

I gently lay her down on the cold stone floor.

"I'm fine B, just fine... god Buffy what did you do?"

"What... what I had to Faith. The only thing I could do to save you."

"But why? I... I could've done something... gotten out of the way at the last second, I... Buffy..."

"Faith, it's all right."

"No, no it's not all right B. You're hurt, you have to stay still. I'll get you help."

"No, don't... it's too late for me. I'm dying."

"Don't say that B, I'll get help."

I look around at the battle going on around us and all I can think is I have to save B.


She's fighting the last of the vamps. She can't get to us.



I try and look down at her through my teary eyes.

"Ssh B, don't talk... it'll hurt less if you don't talk. You've gotta hang on."

"Faith please just... just kiss me."

I lean down and kiss her gently.


"Tell me you love me."

"I love you B, with all of my heart."

"Then it was all worth it, every last moment."

She reaches up and touches my tear soaked cheek.

"I'd die a thousand times as long as you love me."

"I do... I love you more than words could ever say."

She puts her other hand against my other cheek and I can't help but cry harder.


"Faith listen to me... please..."

"What, whatever it is you can tell me later."

"No, Faith I... I want you, you to know that I love you... that I'll never stop loving you."

I kiss her passionately.

"I know Buffy, I know."

"Remember me... please."

"I could never forget you Buffy... even if I lived forever I'd never forget you B."

"Protect my friends for me?"

"Of course B, I won't let anyone hurt them, I promise."

"Help them..."

"I will, I'll make the world a safer place for them, because it's what you want, I promise."

Oh god I'm gonna lose her.

Her breathing gets even shorter and her hands start to slip from my face.

"I love you Faith..."

"Don't leave me B... please."

She falls limp on the floor.


She doesn't move.

"Oh god Buffy?"

I put my hands on her shoulders and shake her lightly.


I shake her harder.

"Don't leave me Buffy!"

I take her in my arms and put her head against my shoulder.


I squeeze her tightly to me.


She's gone... she's gone and I couldn't save her.


A horrible looming laughter fills the room.

She's gone.

"That's it? That's what I've been afraid of for so long? How pathetic."

She's gone.

"Why was I afraid of THAT?"

She's gone and it's all his fault.

I rest her body peacefully on the floor and stand up to face Omega.

He took her from me.

Willow starts to come this way with Tara in tow.

He took her from me and now I have nothing. He made her leave me… and now he has to die.

Willow's POV

I rush to Buffy's side as Spike stakes the last vamp and Tara follows me.


I kneel down beside her to check her over.

"Faith what happened?"

She doesn't say a thing. She just stands there, staring at Omega.

"Faith, I need to know what happened so I can help her."

"Get her out of here..."

She doesn't even flinch.

"Is she okay?"

"Take Buffy and get out of here."

She hasn't moved and neither has Buffy.

"Faith if she's hurt I need to know so we can..."

She turns around and the look in her eyes TERRIFIES me.


Faith turns around and faces Omega again. I have to take a second to get over the fact that my blood just turned to ice before I do as she says.

"Tara, take her feet... carefully."

Faith starts to walk slowly toward Omega as we pick Buffy up and carry her carefully to the door.

"If I had known it was that easy to destroy her I probably never would've bothered."

"You're not dealing with her anymore asshole, you're dealing with me."

Faith hasn't even tried to run at him, she just keeps walking at a slow pace. The gang catches up to us as we get half way to the exit.

"Okay then little girl, let's go."

The light around Omega seems to super charge and the room fills with blue light. Faith still hasn't changed her slow and steady pace, her eyes never leaving Omega.

"Willow what's going on?"

"We're leaving, help me with Buffy."


"Don't argue with me, we're leaving. Now help me with Buffy, she's badly hurt and we don't wanna make it worse."

A worn out Xander and a tired Spike take over for Tara and me. Omega fires a super charged blast and Faith puts her hands out, deflecting it into a wall of blue energy.

She hasn't even lost a step she just keeps walking slowly toward Omega pushing the wall back at him.

How is she doing this?

We make it to the door as Faith and Omega are less than a foot from each other. We leave the throne room, taking us off the potential targets list.

Buffy hasn't moved voluntarily since we got to her. Something's wrong...

"Guys put her down. We need to check her out."

They put her down and I look her over.

She doesn't have any broken bones but... she's, she's not breathing.

"Oh my god..."

"What? What is it Will?"

She doesn't have a pulse. Oh god no...

I bury myself in Tara's arms as I start to cry.

"Is she...?"

Spike says the words none of us can bring ourselves to say.

"She's dead."

No she... she can't be...

I squeeze Tara a little harder as I feel her cry against my shoulder. And then like some horrible wake up call, something explodes inside the throne room and Faith comes crashing into the floor out here. She doesn't move.

Oh god not... not Faith too she...

She coughs up a lung full of dust before rolling over onto all fours to cough up more. Giles is the only one with enough composure to form half a thought.

"Faith are you...?"

"I'm fine..."

"What about...?"

"He's gone... I killed him..."

She crawls over to Buffy's body and puts her hand against her cheek.

"... For her..."

I should tell her.


"I know..."

She kisses Buffy's lips gently before she collapses on top of her and cries.




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