Forgotten Conscience Chapter 65

Sometimes you gotta take the risk

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Tara's POV

"So what do we do?"


I look up at the people in the room.

I should be paying more attention but no one's saying anything, and I can't stop thinking about when Buffy and Faith were here. They may have put on a brave front, right up until Faith nearly pushed Buffy out the door, but inside they were scared. I could almost feel it resonating off them. They're worried about what countering the spell will do to them. I don't think either of them realize that they're worried about the same thing. I dunno how this is gonna hurt them but I get the impression this is gonna get worse before it gets better.

"I don't know I mean, it sounds like she means it but how much of what she says is real and how much is fake?"

"Well I bet we'll find out after I counter the spell on Faith."

I guess Willow's my one saving grace. Besides Buffy, Willow's the one person who's trying to really help Faith. She's still angry with Faith but she's willing to put that aside to help Faith. That's something at least.

"How long do you suspect it'll take for you to counter the spell Willow?"

"Well now that I um... that we um... now that we know what Faith's trigger is it's just a matter of incorporating the trigger into the spell. I should have a way to break the spell by tomorrow."

"All right, with that out of the way perhaps we can concentrate on WHY they did this instead of what Faith will do next."

"Can we?"

We look at Xander.

He's still a little iffy about the whole having Faith around thing.

"I mean Faith isn't really the most trust worthy person in the world. Even if Willow can break the spell, are we sure we can trust Faith? For all we know when the spell wears off she could decide that everything she said a few minutes ago was a lie and goes back to her homicidal ways?"

"I suppose that's a risk we shall have to take."

I should say something.

"It's a risk that could get us all killed."

I should do something to calm them down.

"In a worst case scenario perhaps but..."

"Even in a best case scenario do you think we can trust Faith?"

"I do."

Everyone looks at me.

Okay I expected this just... just try and explain yourself without stuttering.

"You do?"

"You do what exactly?"

"I... I um... I believe h-her... I mean I... I believe w-we can t-trust her."

"Honey, what do you mean?"

Willow takes my hand in hers and I look up at her. She smiles at me but behind it I can see concern in her eyes.

Okay try with a few less stutters this time.

"F-Faith, I think we can trust h-her."

"How does she know that?"

Willow pulls my hand to her chest.

"Tara, are you sure?"

I look her in the eyes.


The concern in her eyes fades slightly.

"Okay, then we can trust Faith not to go psycho on us."

"What? Um, I gotta say... I don't think Tara's word is enough to go on."

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with Xander. With all due respect to you Tara, you've had the least amount of contact with her. I can not see how you could know that we can trust Faith."

"I um... I know things."

"Perhaps you could elaborate on what it is you know."

"W-Well I um... I-I..."

Willow steps in to save me from myself.

"Tara's sorta clairvoyant."

It's hard for me to talk to people in general, and it's even harder about myself.

"She looks pretty solid to me."

"Clair-VOIANT Xander, Willow do you mean to tell us that Tara is able to see the future?"

"No it's... it's different than that. See Tara can read auras, and doing that gives her an instinct about what people are feeling and thinking. It's sorta like a mix of clairvoyance and telepathy. Does that make any sense?"

"Well if it's true then I suppose it would be something to build on. Never the less I think caution is preferable."

"Yeah, lots of caution."

"Right then, Willow, you and Tara work on the counter spell and Xander and I will continue to try and find something on this prophecy. With any luck it might even tell us why this has been done to Faith."

"Yeah that would make our lives easier."

I hope this'll make things better.

John's POV

Where is she? I had her a second ago. Damn college parties, when will humans learn that getting together, getting drunk and passing out is not real fun.

I shove some drunk moron out of the way to get a better look at the crowd.

There she is my next victim. She hasn't left the party yet, but then again why would she? She lives here at Stevenson. She can go home any time she wants all she needs to do is go up a few floors. Not that she's gonna get the chance.

I feel my belt line to make sure it's still there as I get closer to her.

I can still smell the dried blood on it.

I come up to her and put on my best shy boy face.

"Um, excuse me..."

She turns around, her blonde hair nearly hitting me in the face as she spins.


"Um, hi..."

I scratch the back of my head like I'm trying to work up the courage to say what I have to say next.


"Um, I'm not really good at this kinda thing so um..."

I stick out my hand.

"I'm John, J-John Markette."

She takes my hand and shakes it.

"Brenda Spencer."

All right you gotta play this cute.

"Okay now, I hadn't really planned beyond this point so um... what's your major?"

She laughs at me.

Got her.

End of Chapter 65