Forgotten Conscience Chapter 71

Slayer bonding rituals that actually involve bondage

Faith's POV

"Is that it?"

It sounds like nothing much, but if it does what I think it does then I guess it can't be nothing.

"Yeah pretty much a little rope, a little incantation and the spell should be broken."

"And then you guys can stop worrying about Faith hurting people."

God... am I glad B and I worked things out. I was so sure that she was gonna hate me forever after what I did to her, but she doesn't seem to. Maybe she meant what she said last night about what happened wasn't about us. Maybe we really will have our night of beautiful passion the way we're meant to. I hope we will once this whole spell thing is over and done with. We could use a little happiness after everything I've put her through.

"All right then all we have to do is to wait for Xander to get back and we can begin..."

Someone comes in through the door.

Thank god I didn't have to wait too long.

I turn around to see Spike come through the door with a blanket over his head.

"You know most people need a good morning jog to get their juices going except of course, us slayer types we can get our juices flowing any time eh B?"

I punch her playfully in the arm and she looks at me with reserved panic, looking around to see if anyone else got the inside joke.

That's the great thing about inside jokes no one gets them except the people on the inside.

I sit back down as he loses the sheet and pats himself down to put out any possible fires, even though I doubt there are any fires on THAT body...


"But seeing as how you don't have any juices to get going you might wanna reconsider the whole morning jog thing."

"Hey I just came to see how the end of the world was coming along."

Buffy jumps in with her own insult.

"You couldn't find a less flammable time of day to worry about the apocalypse?"

She's so cute when she's punning.

"Wow, feeling the love in this room."

Buffy makes her punning known again.

"We don't love you Spike, in fact we don't even like you. Actually it'd be easier to say we hate you with a fiery passion."

Spike pulls a stool over to join us.

"Right then, bugger that."

He spots the headline from the paper on the table.

"Oh hey, I heard about that. So what big baddie are we gonna hunt now?"

I'm not sure how to answer that but lucky for me, in more ways than one, B steps in.

"Um first of all Spike, you should probably take the, we involving you and us out of your vocabulary. And second of all there's no big baddie to hunt, at least not that we know of."

"Really? Wow you Scoobies are really slipping. Usually by now you'd have the demons name, haunts and favorite TV shows figured out by now."

"There's no demon Spike."

"Right um... didn't the police say they were stabbed with a knife? Buffy didn't you say Faith used to stab people with a knife?"

Buffy glares at him.

"Shut up Spike before I shut you up."

I had the same thought.

Spike looks around the room before he sits back comfortably.

"Oh I see, we already think the little tart here is doing the deed."

He smiles at me and I'm already sick of him. I jump out of my seat and grab him by the throat. I look down at him choking in his seat, which is weird since vampires don't breath.

"You know Spike I'm starting to realize just why it is that everyone hates you."

I pull my arm back in a staking position putting my hand out flat.

"Someone hand me a stake and I'll put peroxide boy out of his misery."

"Ooh, can I do it?"

I look up to the door and Xander is standing at the door with donuts in his hands.

"Have I missed all the fun?"

"No I was just about to stake myself a useless vamp."

I feel someone take my staking hand in theirs and I don't even have to turn around to know who it is.

It's hers. I'd know those hands anywhere. Soft and gentle yet powerful and commanding, they're unmistakable.

"Faith, don't."


I finally decide to look back at her.

"Why? He's just some pathetic vampire."

"You're right Faith. He's a pathetic excuse for a vampire who couldn't scare anyone if his life depended on it. He's not worth the stake Faith."

The muscles in the arm she's touching starts to relax.

"Don't... for me."

I look over at Xander who had decided to get a closer look, and then down at Spike.

She asked me not to do it, so I won't.

I let go of Spike's neck and straighten up.


She lets go of my hand and goes to sit down. Spike straightens out his collar.

I should still give him a scare.

I grab him by the shirt collar and pull him up till his feet are a couple inches off the ground.

He's got a scared look on his face, good.

"Buffy asked me not to kill you so I'm not gonna, lucky you."

I shake him a bit to make sure he's paying attention.

"But if I find out you're responsible for those girls or you're helping whoever did, not even Buffy will stop me from hunting you down."

I throw him down on the couch.

"Got it?"

He looks up at me with an angry look.

"All right I get it and by the way I ain't working for anyone."

"You better not be."

I go back to my seat next to Buffy and sit down.

"So what's the word? Are you gonna do this counter spell or not?"

"Yes Xander, I'm gonna go through with it. We're gonna do the counter spell."

"Good, did we start yet?"

"We were waiting for you."

Xander puts the dozen donuts down on the coffee table in the middle of the room.

"Well I'm here now, let's get to it."

I don't usually agree with Xander but that sounds like...

"Music to my ears, do we have everything we need, Will?"

My thoughts exactly B.

"Yeah we do, and Giles here has graciously offered his floor for the spell."

Buffy and I get up and so does Willow.

"The floor?"

"Yeah we need to make a circle on the floor to keep the magic focused on you guys and not spread out and stuff."

"Okay so where do you want us to stand?"

"Well here..."

Willow comes over and starts moving the table.

"Lets move the table and we'll do it right here."

"Good show, you'll do it where I put my coffee table so you can cover it up later rather than buying a new rug."

Willow rolls her eyes before turning to Giles.

"It's just salt Giles, don't freak out."

"I shall remind you of that when we go buy a new carpet."

The table is finally moved far enough away and Willow comes back over.

"Okay I need you guys to come over and stand facing each other."

B and I move away from the couch together and face each other.

"A little closer please..."

Willow moves to push us together but looks at me and decides not to touch me.

I have no problem with Red not touching me as long as B doesn't stop touching me.

Willow shoves Buffy a little closer to me and I smile at her. She smiles at me as we get about a foot and a half from each other.

We've been closer, much closer, and if I have my way we'll get closer when this is all done.

Willow starts pouring salt around us in a circle.

I'm glad we're okay again, well as okay as B and I can be right now.

The circle is finished and Willow stands beside us.

"Okay now Faith, I need you to hold out your hands out face up like you're accepting a gift."

I put my hands out like Willow asks.

"Thank you."

Wow, Willow's being all courteous to me and stuff. It's kinda weird.

"All right, Buffy? I need you to hold out your hands too and I need you two to hold each other's wrists while I tie them together."

Buffy does as Willow asks and we grab each other's wrists as Willow goes to get the pieces of rope to use in the spell. I run my fingers along the underside of her arms and I swear I almost hear her giggle as she smiles at me playfully. She runs her fingers against my wrists and it makes me twitch. We smile at each other as Willow comes back with a pair of silky ropes.

"Okay I'm gonna go ahead and tie you together. Are you sure you wanna do this?"

"Yeah we're sure Will."

"Yeah Red, go ahead and get your Wicca on girl."

She looks at me for a second before starting to tie B and me together. She wraps the rope around my left wrist and B's right several times before tying the loose ends together then does the same to my right and B's left. I keep staring at Buffy and she keeps staring back with those incredible eyes of hers. I have to use all my strength not to just pull her to me and make out with her here and now.

She wouldn't be able to get away what with our spell time bondage.

"Okay so I think we're ready to start. Where'd I put the book?"

She looks around for a second before Tara hands it to her.

"Oh, thanks Tara."

She opens the book and finds the right page.

"All right, we're ready."

She stands to my left between us and starts to read from the book.

"Hear my pleas Diana let this woman be unburdened of that which plagues her. Let her heart be uncaged, let her be bonded to her obsession and let her soul be cleansed and her thoughts be unfettered. Diana, hear me bond these two minds and let them be free."

I close my eyes, expecting something to happen, but nothing did.

At least I don't think anything happened. I don't feel any different.

"Is it over? Do you feel any different B?"

"Um, not really."

I open my eyes and Buffy is looking at Willow.

"Did it work Will?"

Willow looks through the book for a second.

"I don't think so."

"What happened?"

"I dunno... there should've been a magical energy transfer of some kind."

"Well I didn't feel anything, did you B?"

"No, should we... should we try again?"

Willow starts scanning through the book.

"I don't understand, it should've worked. Why didn't it work?"

"I dunno Red, did you screw something up?"

She flashes me an angry look before going back to the book.

"No I followed everything to the letter. It should've worked."

Buffy starts to move her hands to loosen the rope so I help her.

"It's okay Will, I'm sure you'll figure out what went wrong."

"But it shouldn't have gone wrong that's the thing."

We get out of our little bondage situation and B moves to reassure her, stepping out of the circle.

"It'll be okay Will, you'll find out what went wrong and then we'll try again."

If the counter spell didn't work... then I'm still a threat.

"What if I can't find the answer?"

"You will find it. You've got Giles and the gang to help, and most of all you've got Tara. You're both very powerful witches, if you can't find a way in the research you'll make one up, either way it'll all work out."

I'm still a threat to Buffy. I shouldn't be around her while the spell still works, she could get hurt.

"Well while you guys go deal with that I'm gonna go deal with some demon types."

I step out of the circle and head to the door.

"Faith, wait..."

I turn around and keep walking backwards. I point at B suggestively with a wink.

"Hey no worries, you guys are better at the whole research thing anyway. Give me a call when you figure it out."

I turn around as I reach the door and leave.

We're okay, that's all that really matters.

End of Chapter 71