Forgotten Conscience Chapter 72

The good within

Buffy's POV

"Faith, wait..."

We should talk alone.

She turns and gives me a buddy Christ look as she heads out the door.

"Hey no worries, you guys are better at the whole research thing anyway. Give me a call when you figure it out."

She walks out the door.

I should go after her. I need an excuse though. I gotta think of an excuse.

I start to move slowly toward the door.

"I'm um... I'll be right um, right back."

Oh bravo.

I get up to the door and leave.

I should give myself an Emmy for such a great excuse.

I hit the top of Giles' outside staircase and she's standing a few feet from the bottom, looking out on the street.


I stop myself from calling out to her.

The gang might hear me and I'm not sure I could explain it.

I start down the stairs and Faith doesn't turn around.

Her slayer hearing should have heard me coming by now, unless she's ignoring me on purpose.

I glide down the last few steps and the momentum makes it hard to stop. At the last second Faith turns and grabs me, using my momentum to dip me into a scorcher of a kiss. I reach up and wrap my arms around her neck to hold myself up. After a few incredible seconds we finally break our kiss but she doesn't let me up. She just smiles down at me with that sexy smile of hers.

"Were you waiting for me?"

I caress her cheek and she finally lets me up.

"What gave you that idea?"

I chuckle at her.

"Yeah, as soon as I left I had this feeling you might follow me."

"Well why did you leave in the first place? I was hoping we could talk after the meeting."

"The meeting's over for me B. I was only there to do the counter spell and it didn't work. Besides, it's better for everyone if I leave."

Better for everyone?

"For everyone? It's not better for me I want us to spend every waking moment together."

I take a few steps back.

"I want that too Buffy but until the spell is broken I'm a threat to you."

She closes the gap between us.

A threat?

"You don't feel like a threat to me."

"But I am."

She wraps her arms around me, my head against her shoulder. I close my eyes and feel the warmth of her body against mine.

"I promise B, the second Red finds a way to break the spell we'll have everything. We'll have that first date you wanted. We'll have everything we deserve just like you wanted."

We stand there locked in each other's warm embrace.

What about what she wants?

I pull back a bit to look her in the eyes. I brush the hair out of her face and kiss her lightly.

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Well I mean what about what you want? You deserve to be just as happy."

"I am happy B. Making you happy IS what makes me happy."


She quiets me with a kiss.

"B, I've spent my whole life trying to make myself happy. I went from person to person to person trying to find someone who could make me happy."

She runs her thumb along my cheekbone and it makes my whole face tingle.

"It wasn't until last night that I realized I wasn't looking for someone to make me happy, I was looking for someone who I can make happy. And that's you B."

God she can be so sweet when she wants to be.

I kiss her deeply, pushing my tongue between her lips as I do. I suck on her bottom lip gently as I break the kiss. She gasps audibly as she revels in the taste of our lips.

"And that's why I have to stay away from you."

What? Why?

"But what about..."

"At least until I can be sure you won't get hurt."

She runs her fingers through my hair.

"I would never forgive myself if I hurt you, or one of your friends."

She's trying to do what's right for everyone I can't hate her for that.

I run my hands over her back.

"You're right Faith. We have to do the right thing to make sure we don't end up hurting each other."

She cradles my head in her hands.

"I promise. The second you guys find a way to break the spell I'll come running straight to you B."

"You promise?"

I look into her eyes and I could swear she's staring into my soul.

"I promise."

"Okay then, go... before I can't stop myself."

She shoots me a sexy smile and kisses me before breaking our embrace and heads away from Giles' place. I watch her leave.

I knew there was a good person in there somewhere, a person who wants to do the right thing. She was just buried under years of pain and mistrust. I saw it in her when she had no memory and ever since then I've tried to reach that part of her and I think I finally did.

I start back up the stairs as I see her wave at me as she turns the corner.

We're gonna be happy I just know it. As long as I can trust in her and what we have then we can be happy.

I reach the top of the stairs and stare at Giles' open door.

We will be happy soon, but for now I have to concentrate. I have to concentrate on making sure we can be together without either of us being hurt.

I walk through the door and into Giles' living room. Everyone's already looking through books. I go over and pick up a book on the table. I sit down on the couch and join them.

It's time to help do the right thing.

End of Chapter 72