Forgotten Conscience Chapter 73

Changes you didn't see coming

Someone's POV

He rushes over to us.

"It's her."

I knew it.

"Are you certain? I do not wish to go anywhere near that hell hole unless we know for sure that it's her."

"We are sir. The Modus Operandi is too similar to be coincidence. And we have confirmed that she was able to give our operatives at the hospital the slip, we have also confirmed she is in town."

"Very well then, prepare the helicopter. We must go to Sunnydale California immediately."

"Aye sir."

He runs off toward the copter pad.

We have to stop the slayer before she does something WE'LL regret.

John's POV

"Adam, what is it?"

"He has returned."


I move over to the monitor Adam's watching. Riley's back from his patrol with a few less soldiers.

He looks upset, good.

"Can we get audio? I wanna know what they're saying."

Adam presses a few buttons and fiddles with a knob and the audio springs to life.

"I don't know Forrest I'm really worried about her."

"Look Finn, she broke up with you. If I were you I would say good riddance to bad women. That girl is trouble."

"You're not me Forrest. She was so distraught and the next day she broke up with me..."

Buffy broke up with Captain Cardboard? Damn it.

"I gotta go talk to her. Maybe I can get her to give us another chance."

"Riley, don't."

"I have to, I love her."

He leaves.

He's going to see Buffy, this is perfect. The best way to drive a wedge between the two of them is to kill someone close to them.

"Look um... Adam, I have to go report this to my master. I'll be back in a while and we can finish plotting the end of the world."

He ignores me as I start to leave.

Probably working on his master plan. It's probably best he doesn't know where I'm going. He'd probably tear my head off if he knew I'm about to screw up that little plan of his. That moron is all about his big plan he'd be lost without his big plan. Unlike me who can just go with the flow.

Faith's POV

I can't believe I just did that.

I nearly take the vamp's head off with a round house kick.

ME! Ms. Get some and get gone being all noble and doing the right thing and all that.

The vamp gets up and I come at him with a few lefts and rights, connecting happily with his face. I manage to block any he throws back.

I really must be in... I really must have fallen hard for B. I'm actually trying to be good.

I kick him in the stomach and he goes flying over two headstones and crashing into the third one, breaking it in half.

I passed up a chance to get into B's pants in favor of doing the right thing.

I watch the vamp try to get up and I decide to let him come to me this time.

She probably would've given it up to me too if I'd have asked for it.

He crawls over to one of the gravestones and pulls himself up to his feet.

But I didn't ask her. I didn't take her home and screw her brains out till she can't walk straight. That's not what she wants, she wants to take things slow and when I think about it that's what I want too. She was right. I want our first time... our real first time... to be different than any time I've had before, anything either of us has had before. Maybe I should buy some rose petals for the bed, and scented candles and stuff. It's not really my thing but I know B would like it. Who knows it may grow on me.

I pull a stake out of my jacket pocket as he comes at me. I try and stake him but he dodges the stake and grabs my arm under his armpit.

Umm, eww undead B.O.

I try and punch him with my other arm but he grabs that one too.

God damn it.

I try and pull my hands out but he's got me tight.

I knew this guy was gonna give me a headache.

I head butt him, he's dazed but doesn't let go. I hit him again with my head and again he doesn't let go.

This guy is really getting on my nerves.

I use what little room I have to grab his shirt with my hands. Before he can react I use my slayer strength to do a belly to belly suplex, forcing him to let go as he goes flying over my head. The move lands me on my back staring up at the sky.

I knew my professional wrestling fetish would come in handy someday.

I flip myself up to my feet and turn to look for him.

Where is he? Damn, where is he? If he ran away like a coward I'm gonna...

I start to feel that fun down low tickle followed by a hunger in my stomach I get when a vamp gets away...

Have to find the nearest burger place. Or maybe I should go see B. We are on speaking terms after all. Maybe I could get in a little make out time before bed. Just because we ain't sleeping together yet don't mean we can't have fun.

I catch a glimpse of something about 5 or 6 tombstones away.

Is that him?

I start moving toward him slowly to get a better look.

It is him. How the hell did he get over there? Did I really throw him that far? I've never been that strong before, I should report this to B. I probably don't see it but there's probably a bad side to this.

I'm so caught up in my own thoughts I don't notice the vamp regain his balance and run away.

For crap's sake.

I start to run after him but he's got too much of a head start, even with my slayer speed I'd never catch up. I slow down to a halt. That tingly/hungry feeling I'm used to gets deeper.

Damn, now what am I gonna do? Hmm, I'm only a few blocks from campus.

I start toward it.

I hope she's home.

End of Chapter 73