Forgotten Conscience Chapter 74

Wheels in motion

John's POV

"Dave, get a few of the men together."


"Damn it man, can't you just follow my orders without you questioning me?"

"I'm sorry John, but the last time I followed your orders I ended up tied to a chair and nearly staked. I'm not following your orders unless you tell me what we're doing."

"We're going to kill someone."

"So? You don't need our boys for that. You've killed hundreds if not thousands of people without help. What do you need us for?"

"This one is different. We're going after Buffy's ex."


"No you moron, Riley."

"She broke up with him?"


"But that means..."

"Yes... Yes I know. It means they're getting closer, which means we're one step closer to annihilation."

He gets this look of fear on his face I've seen way too many times.

"So umm, what do we do?"

"Well this is where you getting together a couple of the boys comes in handy."


He turns away to follow orders and then quickly turns back.

"But if she broke up with Riley then why does it matter if we kill him or not?"

"Because, by now Buffy and her band of mini-superheroes have heard of my handy work and are worried that Faith has returned to her old ways, whether she wants to or not. If someone close to them dies the slayerettes will be more convinced than ever that Faith is killing again."

"Okay... but won't Adam be pissed that we killed off one of his major players?"

"Yeah but you and I both knew this whole truce thing wasn't a permanent thing. Besides with Riley dead Adam will be forced to step up his plans. Not to mention his plans involve a whole mess of dead bodies and with any luck two of those dead bodies will belong to the slayers."


He starts to walk away but then turns back.


"Jesus man, just do what I tell you, I know what the fuck I'm doing."

"All right."

He heads off to round up the boys. I pull the knife out from my belt line and look at it glimmer against the overhead lights.

Buffy's never gonna forgive her when she finds this.

Buffy's POV

"Damn it."

I slam the book closed.

"This isn't getting us anywhere."

I can't concentrate. I haven't been able to concentrate since Faith left. I can't stop thinking about her. That hungry and horny feeling I sometimes get has been creeping up on me ever since that last incredible kiss she gave me before she left. These donuts aren't making any difference.

"What do you suggest we do Buffy?"

I look at Giles.

"I don't know I just... I feel like I should do something other than sit here and read books. I need to do something to help Faith."

"You are doing something Buff."

"What do you mean?"

"You're staying away from Faith, that's doing something to help."

"Not to mention helping us by being here without her so she can't murder us."


"Look guys I know you're worried about me being around Faith too much and I love ya for it. Especially since you're worried that spending time with her is gonna get me hurt..."

"Or killed..."

I glare at Anya for a second.

"Or killed, but I'm telling you she wouldn't hurt me, intentionally or otherwise."

"How can you be sure?"

I take a deep breath.

Faith told me she would never hurt me and on my love for her I trust her.

"I just know okay? I know she wouldn't hurt me. Now look, this research isn't getting us anywhere. I think I'm gonna go home and change, maybe I'll go beat up on Willy for some info on that vamp cult of ours."

I get up to leave.

"We'll keep working on a way to help Faith."

I smile at Tara.

"Thanks Tara, I appreciate that. I'll see you guys soon."

I turn and leave.

Watcher's POV

I step off the helicopter and move away crouched so as not to have the propeller take my head off. As I get far enough away I straighten up and stare out on the town.

So this is Sunnydale is it? A quaint little town. Who would've thought it would be home to such unspeakable evil?

I see my subordinates come up beside me. I yell orders at them over the engine.

"All right. We'll go check out the bodies and then we shall go see an old friend."

The three of us walk over to the rooftop stairwell.

End of Chapter 74