Forgotten Conscience Chapter 77

Going Under

Faith's POV


She throws me down on one of Giles' chairs.

That hurts.

I look up at her.

Not that she gives a damn anymore.

She looks down at me with a steely glare.

She definitely doesn't care. I'm sorry B, not that you would listen if I said it but I am sorry B. I'm sorry I couldn't save Riley for you. I'm sorry you walked in on that at exactly the wrong moment and jumped to exactly the wrong conclusions at exactly the wrong time. Most of all I'm sorry you couldn't trust me when I said I didn't kill him. I guess we weren't meant to be like we once both thought.


No one else is here they must've all gone home.


Giles comes out from the other room with a robe on, putting on his glasses.

"Buffy? Buffy what is it?"

He rubs his eyes and then catches a glimpse of me in the chair, hands tied behind my back.

"Dear lord what's going on?"


"SHUT UP! I told you to SHUT UP!"

All right fine, I'll shut up.

Giles seems put off by B's anger toward me.

"Buffy has something happened?"

There are tears in B's eyes.

"It's, it's Riley... he, he's been stabbed."

"Stabbed? Oh god Buffy, is he all right? Did, did you get him to a hospital?"

"He, he's dead."

Giles looks at Buffy for a few seconds with a look of reserved grief.

"I'm so sorry Buffy."

Giles would never look at me like that, especially not now.

She runs into his arms. He holds her tightly and I look away.

I don't wanna see what I'll never experience again. The warmth of her body against mine, the feel of those incredible arms holding me like only she can. I don't wanna see what I'll never feel.

Giles starts speaking again and I go back to watching them plan my doom.

"Do we know what killed him?"

B looks at me with that horrible glare.

"She did."

This is normally where I'd interject and talk about how I didn't kill Riley, but she told me to shut up and that's what I'm gonna do. I don't have to say a thing the evidence will speak for itself.

"What? Faith?"

"I found her over the body with his blood on her hands."

"That doesn't necessarily... are you certain?"

She pulls the knife out of her belt and shows it to Giles, handle first. Giles takes it from Buffy and examines it, the blood still on it.

"This is... Buffy where did you get this?"

"I found it next to Riley after his heart was stabbed repeatedly."

There's a moment of silence as Buffy and Giles look at each other.

"What do you want to do?"

She looks at me and that angry look turns to painful.

"I don't know. We can't turn her in to the police they'd never be able to hold her."

Oh that'd be fun, a punch of police men and convicted felons grabbing at me.

"Not unless she went willingly."

At this point I'd be willing to do just about anything.

My heart breaks as her look turns back from painful to angry.

"And we can't kill her."

I look down at my knees at the end of the chair.

I can't look her in the eyes right now. That look hurts me more than any knife in the gut or punch in the face.

"So what are we gonna do with her?"

"Well, I hesitate to bring this up but I may have an option we should consider."

I look up at Giles.

I don't like the way he said that.

"What is it?"

"A short time ago I was telephoned by some old friends."

"Old friends?"


Oh good, cause I've got such a good history with THEM. My first was slaughtered by a huge vampire, the second was evil and the last one got fired from the council cause he couldn't control me. This could only end well.

"They heard of the murders and of Faith's escape from the hospital and they came to investigate."

They're investigating? They didn't just jump to wrong conclusion like B did? I'm almost shocked.

"What did they find out?"

B's gonna be kicking herself when the truth comes out, then again I'll probably be the one doing the kicking if I have my way.

"Nothing yet, they came to me to inform me of their plans before they proceeded. They didn't want you getting in the way."

"Good call."

"They promised to contact you as soon as they have some conclusive evidence."

"That could take days."

Days, weeks, it won't matter all I care about is them telling B how wrong she was about me.

"Not necessarily."

"What's up?"

"According to them they are using a new technique which should allow them to determine what occurred in a matter of minutes."


This could be good.

"Wesley once told me about a new concept being pursued by the Watchers when he first came to Sunnydale. Apparently it was discovered that any demonic presence leaves 'trace elements' when coming into contact with things for a brief time. The council has apparently developed a reliable way to detect these 'trace elements'."

"So if they have these 'trace elements' then Faith did it?"

"No there wouldn't be."


"Buffy, slayers are more human than demonic she wouldn't leave 'traces'."

"So then if there are 'traces' then she didn't do it?'


"We should... we should... g-get them to t-test the knife. They should, should test the knife."

She isn't so sure anymore, I can see it in her eyes.

"We shall Buffy, we shall. They promised to call as soon as..."

The phone rings. They look at the phone and I look at Buffy.

She's worried, she's worried about what they're gonna say.

Giles walks over to the phone and picks it up.


I tune out Giles as Buffy looks me in the eyes, for a second I forget.

I forget that it never occurred to her that I was trying to save Riley's life. I forget everything and I just wanna kiss her. But then the world comes back around and all I can feel is anger toward her.

I look away from her and catch a glimpse of pain in her eyes as I do.

"Yes... okay then, we shall see you here soon."

Giles hangs up the phone and turns to Buffy.

"Was that them?'


"So? What did they say?"

"They said they found evidence of demonic influence in the deaths of those two girls we read about in the paper."

"What... what does that mean?"

What the fuck do you think it means? It means I DIDN'T DO IT.

"It means that Faith was clearly not involved in the deaths of those girls."

She starts panicking.

That's right B, you jumped to the wrong conclusions and now you have to live with them.

"Are you, I mean are they sure?"

"Yes, they were quite clear that the killer was of the demon variety."

She looks at me and I give her a cold stare before I look away.

"C-Call the guys I... I want them here for this."

Yeah I bet you do.

"I... I need to t-think."

Giles goes off into the other room to call the gang. She sits down on the couch in front of me so we're facing each other, not that she looks at me. She sits with her head in her hands looking at the floor, hair draped over her face.

So... Miss Know-It-All doesn't really know it all does she?

End of Chapter 77